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In order to provide complete care after washing your hair, it's a good idea to use a conditioner. The Organic Ylang Ylang Conditioner from the Biocoiff' range will give your hair everything it needs. It will be deeply nourished and extremely easy to untangle.

Thanks to its color-setting power, it's also used after a color (plant-based of course). It's Biocoiff's ultimate untangling and color-setting care.

It's an essential beauty treatment for your hair and is suitable for all types. But how does it work? It has the particularity of closing the scales and rebalancing the scalp's pH, which makes untangling very easy. It wraps around the hair to maintain the color pigment in the hair cuticles.

It's therefore the care to adopt after a color, it will allow you to prolong it and preserve its radiance. Your hair will then be soft and shiny much longer. It also brings tonicity to the scalp, promotes hair growth, regulates sebum and avoids static electricity.

Organic Ylang Ylang Conditioner is a must have conditioner.

In stock


Ylang Ylang Conditionervegan and organic shampoo


  • Dehydrated and dull hair, coloured or natural
  • For hair that is electric and/or easily tangled
  • For itchy and peeling scalps



  • Adds moisture to dehydrated hair
  • Brings shine to hair and revives its color
  • Makes detangling easier 
  • Fights against hair loss
  • Re-forms the curls
  • Soothes itching and dry dandruff.


Organic Ylang Ylang Conditioner is ideal for dehydrated hair

Hair is dehydrated following various treatments: chemical (colors, bleaching, straightening, perms, unsuitable shampoos), or natural aggressions (sea, sun, wind, heat, friction ...).

Thanks to its composition of lemon peel, sunflower, rosemary, horsetail extract, coconut vegetal oil, sunflower, ylang ylang essential oil, lemon, sweet almond protein, this conditioner is the perfect moisturizerand essential to do after each shampoo !


It is effective against itching and dry dandruff

Unlike oily dandruff, dry dandruff is the result of a dry scal(lack of nutrition) from which its protective hydrolipidic film has been removed.

The absence of this film causes dehydration of the scalp(water loss).

Lack ofhydration of the scalp causes itching, mild dandruff and hair loss.

Applying the Ylang-Ylang care directly on the roots provides the necessary moisture to the scalp.

Not greasy, it does not weigh down.


It is a remedy for hair loss

We are all confronted with hair loss to a greater or lesser extent .

It's normal to lose hair up to a hundred a day.

What is less normal is to lose much more and to see the amount of hair diminish at a glance.

This loss is caused by various factors: fragile body health, stress, a drop in the microcirculation,dehydration, dewatering or on the contrary sebum hypersecretion on the scalp due to inappropriate or overly aggressive products...

Frequent use of Organic Ylang Ylang Conditioner will providehydration necessary to slow down this phenomenon.


Organic Conditioner with Ylang Ylang: an effective detangler!

Hair that tangles easily is due to theopening of the hair scales .

Once hydrated, all these problems disappear.

Capacity : 200mL

Additional Information

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Instructions for use

How to use Ylang Ylang Moisturising Conditioner?

  1. After each shampoo, on towel-dried hair, apply the care starting at the tips and gradually working up to the roots.
  2. Gently massage the scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips.
  3. Untangle with a comb and let set while washing your body.
  4. For a deeper care, leave on for 15 to 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse and style as usual

With which products should the conditioner be used?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine Ylang Ylang Moisturizing Conditioner with the following products

The Story

The sulphur contained in horsetail hydrolate strengthens the hair's keratin.

Silica acts on the cement that binds the scales of the cuticle together.


INCI : Aqua, Equisetum arvense plant (organic horsetail hydrolate), Glycerin, Coco nucifera seed oil (organic coconut oil), Cetearyl alcohol, Panthenol (pro vitamin B5), Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Coco glucoside, Glyceryl oleate, Cananga odorata flower oil (ylang ylang), Citrus limon fruit oil (lemon), Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Hydrolyzed Almond Protein, Rosmarinus officinalis extract (rosemary), Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower), Lactic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid. Natural components of essential oils: limonene, farnesol, linalool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is the ylang-ylang conditioner recommended for children?

Biocoiff conditioner, as well as all the other products in the range, can be used by anyone, under the following conditions

Subject to allergies or sensitivities, specific to the adult or child using them.

Just as we can be allergic to strawberries, we can be allergic or develop a sensitivity to a cosmetic product, even if it is of natural origin.

In case of doubt about any of the ingredients, we advise you to consult your doctor, dermatologist or naturopath.

On average, a child can stop using specific baby products from the age of 3 :-)

2- Can I use Ylang-Ylang Conditioner after a classic highlight (not plant-based)?

YES, the conditioner, as well as the entire Biocoiff range, can be used on chemically treated hair, whether it be by a color, a straightening, a perm, a highlight, or any other technique.

3- I am interested in a product from the Biocoiff range but it does not have the organic certification logo on the label, unlike the other Biocoiff products I already use and which are certified. It is the detangler (after shampoo) with ylang ylang. Could you tell me if it is organic?

Yes, indeed this product of our range is not certified cosébio.
It will be certified in the next few weeks, based on the new organic product standard: cosmos .

4- Is it possible to use your products other than the colorings during pregnancy, some of them contain essential oils. I would like to use the ylang ylang treatment.

The concentration of essential oils in the products of the Biocoiff range is well below 10%; the maximum threshold allowed for "rinsed" products such as shampoos and care products, to allow pregnant women to use them without danger :-)

In case of doubt about any of the ingredients, we advise you to consult your doctor, dermatologist or naturopath.

5- I would like to know how long the Ylang Ylang conditioner takes to work and is it applied to wet hair?

Biocoiff Conditioner should be used on wet hair, after EVERY shampoo, and ideally on towel-dried hair (if the hair is too full of water, this dilutes the treatment, its properties and therefore its effectiveness). The application is done by starting with the tips, then going up to the roots by massaging the scalp (because it also needs care).

The product will not be greasy as it does not contain any silicone or film-forming agents. Untangle with a large comb and leave on for at least 5 minutes.
For a deeper treatment, leave for 30 minutes and then rinse :-)

6- I wanted to know if ylang ylang detangler is safe for use by a pregnant woman (3rd trimester) because of the composition which contains essential oils?

There are no contraindications to using our products even during pregnancy, otherwise they would be indicated on the product, in accordance with the laws in force.

Many of our pregnant clients come to us because their doctor has recommended it.
Shampoos and conditioners do contain essential oils, but in low doses.

However, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to confirm the use of these products by showing the composition of the products, all of which can be found on our site, to your doctor.

7- I would like to know how to apply the ylang ylang conditioner? Only on the lengths? Or on the whole scalp and the lengths?

The application is done by starting with the tips, then going up to the roots by massaging the scalp (because it also needs care).

It will not grease because it does not contain silicone or film-forming agents.

107 reviews of Ylang Ylang Conditioner

  1. Sophie (confirmed customer) -

    The ylang ylang conditioner is really magical! I have thin hair and "tired" hair, which tangles a lot and this product, coupled with the nettle shampoo is perfect. My hair is moisturised without being weighed down. I've tried a lot of organic products, but this is the only one that makes my hair so soft and easy to detangle! It's economical because you don't have to use much. I also use it as a treatment, with a break of at least 1 hour after shampooing. As a routine I spread it on the lengths, as a treatment on the whole hair. In short, I can't do without it anymore....

  2. Van -

    I have curly hair that is always dry. With this conditioner my hair is soft and the curls are well defined!

  3. Vicky -

    The ylang ylang conditioner is really amazing. My hair is fine and dry right now and tends to get tangled. After application it is detangled, soft and it smells really good. So why 4 stars?! The only problem is that the bottle is not practical when you get halfway through the product. Too stiff to get it out properly. Otherwise nothing to complain about :)

  4. Nathy (confirmed customer) -

    For me the best organic conditioner! I have thin hair and sensitized by strands and so far I have not found anything better. The hair is soft, smells good, is hydrated without being weighed down. The only downside is the container. A jar would be better adapted to the thick formula and would allow not to waste the last doses

  5. Corinne Legeay -

    I have known these products for a long time and I highly recommend them

  6. samia.g (confirmed customer) -

    This conditioner is just amazing! I can't get enough of it. Good smell, good texture and great results. Hair is soft, moisturized, and the detangling power is just crazy! It doesn't weigh down the hair or grease the scalp. For me the best of all those already tested!

  7. Midoo (confirmed customer) -

    It is an excellent product. The conditioning power seems more important to me than the detangling power, but I don't leave it on for long due to time constraints. Perfect for natural drying, no weighing down.

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