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Brittle hair is a common problem that leads to other hair defects such as lack of volume or difficult styling. Our organic hair care products are formulated to help strengthen and repair brittle hair in a natural and gentle way.

Among the recommended products, the aloe vera gel known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, helps to strengthen brittle hair and reduce split ends tips . L'ylang-ylang conditioner is a gentle and nourishing formula that helps to protect the hair while providing a relaxing fragrance. Finally, the rosewood balm is a rich mask that is particularly effective in nourish brittle tips hair while giving them a natural shine.

Discover our care and advice to regain strong and healthy hair.

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Hair breakage is linked to a weakening of the fiber often linked to the regular use of heating appliances or frequent chemical treatments (bleaching, coloring, highlight, etc.). To limit hair breakage, give your hair the care it deserves with 100% organic hair care products. The plant extracts chosen by Biocoiff' laboratories restore strength and resistance to hair that has been overworked by heating appliances or inappropriate styling products. Integrated into your hair beauty ritual, they allow you to regain a healthy and vigorous hair.


Specific care for brittle, fragile, fine or thick hair

A brittle hair can be recognized by its lack of elasticity. Apart from the causes mentioned above, the appearance of this condition can also be linked to a poor diet, chlorine or iodine which tend to dry out the hair, too tight hairstyles (buns, ponytails, braids, etc.). As soon as you notice that your hair is becoming fragile, you can start by washing it with a specific shampoo for brittle hair Biocoiff' shampoo and complete it with :


  • Aloe Vera Gel which will moisturize the hair in depth. It facilitates styling and protects your lengths against the heat of the hair dryer or straightener.
  • Ylang-ylang Conditioner which takes advantage of the plant's benefits to protect hair from external aggressions and make it less prone to breakage. Your hair is silky and shiny and less prone to split ends.
  • Marshmallow Solid Conditioner, formulated without essential oil, benefits from a complex combining marshmallow, castor and jojoba to moisturize and nourish the hair. Very soft for the hair, it is advised to the pregnant women, often touched by the brittleness of the hair during this period of their life and a temporary alopecia.
  • Rose mist is a moisturizing spray that you can use whenever you feel the need to moisturize the hair. It is sprayed on the lengths and tips.
  • Geisha oil is a leave-in treatment that treats and protects the hair's natural defenses. This concentrated care acts on the lengths. You no longer have rough, dull and porous hair. The dry oil applied regularly repairs brittle hair and promotes healthy regrowth.


Masks rich in plant extracts to fortify the hair

For a more pronounced revitalizing effect, complete your routine by applying balms with plant extracts. They allow you to fight even more effectively against hair weakening and breakage. Over the weeks, your hair becomes more resistant and solid to the touch. They are repaired and less sensitive to daily aggressions.


  • The Rosewood Balm is particularly recommended for the treatment of brittle and damaged tips . The repairing complex of this deep hair care will strengthen and consolidate the fiber. Combined with leave-in care products, it will protect the hair.
  • Jasmine Balm is designed to treat all types of brittle, fragile and fine hair. It boosts hair growth and allows you to obtain beautiful lengths thanks to its complex based on rosemary, coconut and jasmine. These plant extracts will act at the heart of the fiber capillary. The effects are quickly visible on your hair which is softer, suppler and shinier.
  • Rose Balm targets more specifically the curly and frizzy hair which are much more fragile than the other hair. Thicker in mass, they break more easily because of their structure. The rose balm, thanks to the repairing properties of the mango and shea butters associated with the coconut oil, will regenerate and rebuild the fiber capillary. The hair is coated upon application. The scales are closed, the tips and the lengths are repaired.


Frequently asked questions

Why does my hair become brittle?

Brushing, straightening and repeated straightening weaken the hair and promote dryness. tips Split ends add to the lack of shine. Frequently, hair also tends to thin out and look like a rat's tail when it is long.


How to promote the regrowth of brittle and fragile hair?

The best solution is to put the use of blow dryers and other straighteners on hold. Then, take care of brittle hair by taking oil baths to repair damaged hair that has been weakened by chemicals and overly vigorous brushing.


How to get healthy and strong hair?

A beautiful body of hair requires constant care. Start by eliminating split ends at tips to even out the lengths. Include vitamins 6 and 8 in your diet. They are as essential as proteins, vitamin C and trace elements contained in fats plant-based. Improve your hair routine by personalizing it as much as possible. To do this, don't hesitate to have a diagnosis of your hair by a professional.