Nutricosmetics for hair: beautiful hair also comes from within

Biocoiff hair nutricosmetics offers organic and vegan food supplements to take care of your hair from the inside. The gummies and pastilles stimulate hair growth, give it tone and shine, and protect it against external aggressions. They are guaranteed without GMO, without additives, without preservatives and without chemical coloring.
Nutritional supplements for hair are complementary to hair care products that act over a shorter period. They are recommended as a treatment to regain supple and abundant hair, and can be programmed at each change of season to fight against seasonal hair loss.
Biocoiff's nutricosmetic products offer a global answer for a healthy and radiant hair from the inside.

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If the hair care products used to take care of hair have a real effect on its quality and shine, we can also improve its health and hold by adding to its routine the intake of nutritional supplements. Biocoiff's researchers have targeted the ingredients present in the products of the nutricosmetic range to guarantee a visible result on the hair. They have selected the most effective active ingredients and created effective formulations that are safe for your health. 


The benefits of nutricosmetics for hair

Lack of shine, tips split ends and damaged lengths, don't let your hair down Nutritional supplements for hair are recommended to take care of tired, malnourished and thinning hair. The formulas of nutricosmetics for hair meet all these problems. At Biocoiff, we offer gummies and capsules to be taken as a course of treatment according to the needs of your hair. We recommend that you combine them with treatment shampoos and other organic hair care products. Together, they provide a global response and can accelerate the regeneration of the hair fiber so that it regains its beauty.


Organic and vegan hair supplements

Biocoiff, true to its philosophy, has developed organic and vegan hair supplements formulated exclusively from active ingredients 100 % natural active ingredients. Chosen to treat the hair naturally. Biocoiff nutricosmetic products combine the properties of rosemary, Keranat® (a patented ingredient based on millet and wheat extracts), wheat germ and sunflower oil to treat hair naturally. The properties of these different elements will stimulate hair growth and restore tone and shine. The organic products of the Biocoiff' nutricosmetic range are guaranteed without GMO, without additive, without conservative, nor chemical dye. Like all products developed by Biocoiff, these organic and vegan food supplements are environmentally responsible.


Food supplements for hair growth

Our N°1 treatment is formulated to treat hair that is tired, thinned and slow to grow back. It comes in the form of gummies that act as hair reconstructors. Their actions on the hair are multiple: 

  • regeneration of the fiber capillary
  • fight against dandruff 
  • anti-fungus
  • protection against oxidizing agents 
  • increased shine and brightness
  • densification and volume
  • activation of the shoot

A course of treatment with nutricosmetic products allows you to regain a more supple and abundant hair when you have thinning, limp and dull hair. It limits the consequences of hormonal changes that affect women and men. They occur at certain times of life and have repercussions on the hair, which tends to lose density and quality. A cure of food supplements can also be programmed at each change of season to fight against seasonal hair loss.



Nutritional supplements for hair beauty

A dream hair is earned and often requires patience. To boost fiber, Biocoiff laboratories have also developed capsules to be taken during the day. They boost the hair process and help the hair to fight against external aggressions. The results are visible after a few weeks. The hair is less dry, denser and more toned. This nutritional supplement is also recommended to fight against dandruff and lashes. The little extra Biocoiff ? The pastilles to find a splendid mane have a taste of peach which makes them more pleasant to take. They would become almost addictive!


Do nutritional hair supplements replace hair care products?

Nutritional supplements for hair are complementary to hair care which act over a shorter period of time. It can be considered as a basic treatment for the hair. Professionals often recommend them following cancer treatments, alopecia following a traumatic shock or hormonal changes that affect the metabolism (pregnancy, menopause, etc.).


They can be combined with hair care products that act directly on the hair. A mask, a thermo-protective care give an immediate result. Biocoiff nutricosmetic supplements can also reinforce the action of shampoos. All of these products are part of a hair routine that meets all the needs of the hair, whatever its nature or type. Now it's your turn to try them out and if you don't know which one to choose, ask our organic hair care specialists hair care specialists.


Frequently asked questions 

Who is nutricosmetics for?

Nutricosmetics is for all people who are concerned about their health and the beauty of their hair, nails and skin. It is complementary to a balanced diet and cannot replace a healthy and varied diet. 


Are the results of a nutricosmetic cure visible quickly?

Thanks to their formulation and their active ingredients, these products claim visible results. At Biocoiff, people who have taken a course of capsules have noted an increase in their growth and a reduction in dandruff. This observation was made possible by rebalancing the elements that make up fiber capillary. Studies showing the influence of nutricosmetic products are becoming more and more numerous. Great progress has been made in their formulation, making their results evolve positively.


What is the origin of nutricosmetics?

Nutricosmetics is a contraction of "nutrition" and "cosmetics", like alicaments, a contraction of "food" and "medicine". Nutricosmetic products come in the form of capsules or gummies for cosmetic purposes.


Can I take more than one hair supplement at a time? 

The human metabolism is a wonderful machine. If you take in too much of a vitamin, it will eliminate what it doesn't need. There are no contraindications or undesirable side effects from taking nutritional products for hair. However, we advise you to make a diagnosis with a Biocoiff' hairdresser before starting a treatment or setting up a hair routine that includes nutricosmetic products.


When is the best time to start a hair nutricosmetic treatment?

We recommend taking nutricosmetics at certain times of the year (end of winter, change of season) or after a pregnancy or pathologies that have had an impact on the health of the hair. More generally, we recommend two three-month cures per year to anyone who wants to keep their hair lush and shiny.


My hair is falling out, what food supplements should I take?

When hair falls out abnormally, it is a sign that it is weakened and cannot regenerate. Food supplements help compensate for the deficiencies that have set in to boost hair growth. However, dietary supplements for hair are not a substitute for a balanced diet or specific hair care. Hair supplements containing vitamin B, Kerantat or brewer's yeast will improve the shine and beauty of the hair.