Biocoiff styling products: long-lasting hold and optimal protection

For everyone!

Biocoiff is a hair care brand that produces styling products without harmful chemicals, dyes or silicones. The brand formulates its products with 100% natural ingredients, including antioxidants that protect and nourish the hair. Biocoiff products are used by its hairdressers to finish hairstyles and create different looks for all hair types. Biocoiff products are not only beneficial to the health of the hair, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. The products are vegan, certified organic and formulated with ingredients that dissolve without polluting the water or air. Biocoiff offers a range of styling products to suit different hair types and styling needs. From gels to sprays and waxes, Biocoiff products can be used to texturize and set strands, define curls, add volume to roots and create movement.


Biocoiff styling products are the essential complement to your hair routine. Formulated without chemicals, dyes or silicones, they allow you to sculpt your hair and achieve a wide variety of styles on short, medium or long hair. Just like our hair care products and shampoosthey are used by our hairdressers to finish a bun or to model pretty curls. Moisturizing, nourishing and protective, they combine advanced techniques with carefully selected ingredients. Find our selection of organic and vegan hair styling products for a remarkable subtle natural finish.


Why choose organic styling products?

Our philosophy at Biocoiff' has not changed since its creation. We want to create products that allow you to style, change your look, and maintain your hair without damaging its health. As with our shampoo and care line, our styling products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Our team selects the most relevant elements to develop chemical-free formulations that have all the benefits for your hair. They moisturize hair, contain antioxidants and reduce product residue build-up on the lengths. Our certified organic and vegan styling products are also safe for the planet. We take special care to ensure that it washes away without polluting the water or the air we breathe. 


Are organic styling products suitable for everyone?

Our styling products are designed for all hair types and are intended to achieve all kinds of hairstyles for women and men. They can be used to texturize and fix strands, define curls, add volume to the roots or model notches to create movement. With them, you can tame stubborn strands , frizz or fickle waves and get a perfect finish. let your creativity run wild and create the hairstyles that are on your mind. Whether you want a sleek, shiny finish or a full, voluminous look, our styling products are here to help you achieve your hair's potential.


Which styling product should I use for my hair?

There is a plethora of styling products on the market, but there are fewer that are both organic and vegan like those offered by Biocoiff'. The use of Biocoiff' styling products depends on both the nature and length of the hair and the desired effect. Creating a hairstyle is to stage the hair. You may want to sculpt a strand, give volume to your blow-dry, set a movement. Depending on the effect you are looking for, you will use a product that is more or less fixing and structuring.  

Organic styling gel: for softly fixed hair without cardboard effect or undesirable residue.

The styling gel with aloe vera is for the whole family, regardless of hair type. Its high aloe vera content allows it to provide all the benefits of this cactus. It is used on dry hair. Its fixing power allows you to realize a brushing or a smoothing which remain natural of appearance. The aloe vera brings the shine and the hydration necessary to the good health of the hair. It also prevents hair from becoming electric and difficult to style.

The styling spray: real 100% natural hairspray

The Biocoiff' styling spray is a product with an original formulation. To obtain the same fixing power as a traditional hairspray, our specialists have chosen the gum elemi which they associate with geranium for its pleasant perfume. You can use it every day to fix a blow-dry or to create a welcome volume when your hair is thin hair or thinned out. Like the aloe vera gel, it has moisturizing properties that prevent hair from drying out.


Organic and vegan hair wax: sculpt your look with style

The Biocoiff' styling wax styling wax can also be used on dry hair. It has a more important fixing power than the spray or the gel. Moreover, it brings a shine and a "wet" effect to the hair that we want for certain hairstyles. Men and women can use it every day. It does not dry out the hair and it does not obstruct the fiber capillary.

Our advice Even if our professional styling products are full of quality, don't overuse them! Pour the gel or wax into the palm of your hand to work it in with your finger and distribute it better. The result will be even more beautiful.


Frequently asked questions 

What styling product can replace hairspray?

Biocoiff' aloe vera gel allows you to fix your strands hair without the need to spray hairspray. It is recommended after blow-drying or putting your hair in a bun. 


Are organic hairsprays effective in holding hair?

To fix your hairstyle, you can choose between styling spray, gel or wax. The spray is as effective as a traditional hairspray with the addition of vegetable gum. It fixes your hair all day long for a natural style without a "helmet effect" and can be brushed out. 


Why is it recommended to use hair wax?

The hair wax makes it easy to shape the hair. It also adds shine to the hair. You can create notches, movement without drying out the hair and continue to care for your hair by shaping it.


How to apply Biocoiff' hair wax ? 

We advise you to warm a dab of wax in the palm of your hand before applying it with your finger on dry hair. 


Does the hair wax damage the fiber hair?

No, absolutely not. The organic hair wax does not damage the hair. Its formulation based on natural ingredients does not dehydrate the fiber. It does not grease the hair either. Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, it nourishes the fiber. 


Is it better to use hair gel or wax?

These two hair products help to fix the hair. Both do not stick or suffocate the hair. The gel has a lighter hold than the wax and gives the hair a wet look. Both can be applied to short or long hair. It all depends on the effect you want for your style. The aloe vera styling gel is suitable for shaping strands when blow-drying or straightening. 


Does the styling spray make the hair fall out?

The use of gels or traditional styling waxes does not cause hair loss, but it can contribute to the drying out of the hair fiber . On the other hand, if you use Biocoiff' hair wax you will not risk dehydrating your hair.


Can all hair types be waxed?

Yes, Biocoiff styling wax is suitable for all types of natural or colored hair. 


Which gel to use for hair?

If you are looking for a natural styling product, aloe vera gel is particularly recommended. It moisturizes and nourishes hair, including naturally dry curly and frizzy hair. It can be applied in addition to a moisturizing conditioner or a heat-protective treatment such as geisha oil.


Can we combine styling products?

Yes, this is possible when you want to achieve a more pronounced effect. You can use the gel and the spray simultaneously or the styling wax and the spray when you only want to structure a few strands. However, be careful not to overload your hair and don't forget to brush your hair well to remove the products using our bamboo brush.