Personalized organic hair treatment


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We offer several types of hair care in the salon, which we adapt to your hair and scalp in a personalized way.

Your hair lacks moisture, volume or shine?

Opt for Biocoiff' hair care.

Your hair is weakened by various actions


Chemical action

Coloring, highlighting, unsuitable shampoo, overly cosmetic and occlusive styling...

Mechanical action

Brushing, hands in the hair, rubbing on clothes, pillow...

Climate & External Action

Sun (UV), sea (salt), dry cold (static electricity), pollution...

Thermal action

For example, using the hair dryer and straightener too often...

The virtues of our hair care products


For the hair

Moisturizing (closes the scales)

Nourishing (strengthens or even regenerates the hair structure)

Gaining (protects the fiber capillary)


For the scalp

Moisturizing (avoids squams)

Nourishing (soothes tension)

Stimulating (anti-fall and promotes growth)

Purifying (exfoliating / sebum regulating / anti-dandruff)

Look at my hair, it's flying!


The products used for our hair care

Ylang-Ylang Flower

Provides hydration and care.

Rose or Jasmine Balm

Provides intense nutrition.

Neutral Henna

Sheathing and protective effect.


Anti-fall and helps regrowth.

Frequently Asked Questions about our hair care products

Let our color experts accompany you. A hair diagnosis on the spot will allow us to advise you on the best care for your hair and scalp.
No problem at all. Whether your hair is chemically or plant-colored, our treatments are perfectly compatible. Depending on the condition of your hair, our experts will give you the best advice.
Our plant-based colorings are also care! However, if your hair lacks nutrition, you can opt for a nutritive care in addition to color.

Your hair's about to come alive...