Organic shampoo for damaged hair

Your repaired hair is precious. So are our shampoos.

The damaged hair needs special attention to revitalize it and restore its natural beauty. Signs such as dryness, breakage, loss of shine and split ends tips are hair crises, often caused by excessive chemical or thermal treatments. The right treatment with lipid- and nutrient-rich rich in lipids and nutrientsincluding shampoo, conditioner, mask and hair carecan help compensate for the lack of keratin and regenerate fiber hair. Organic shampoos for damaged hairbased on plant-based oils and natural ingredients, are the ideal solution for protecting and revitalizing hair.

Le organic calendula shampoo is soothing and revitalizing, helping to regenerate fiber for softer, shinier hair. The organic shampoo with aloe veraorganic shampoo, rich in nutrients, repairs hair dehydrated by excessive use of heated appliances, while repairing strands. With Biocoiff' range of organic shampoos for damaged hair, your hair will regain its natural health and beauty. beauty.


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Is your hair looking dull and you're looking for a product to restore its strength and shine? The vegan formulation of Biocoiff® shampoos for damaged hair shampoos for damaged hair are ideal for regenerating fiber and adding volume to your hair. Integrate our organic liquid cleansers or solid shampoos into your hair routine and pamper your lengths.


Your damaged hair deserves Biocoiff'.


If your hair is brittle, fine, fragile, dull or has tips split ends, it's time to give it the best possible care. it's time to give it the best possible care. The right treatment will restore vitality to your lengths and compensate for the lack of keratin, which strengthens the inner structure of the hair shaft. Whether the cause is chemical aggression (colorings, balayage, bleaching) or thermal aggression (blow-drying, straightening, heated brushes), you need to choose gentle hair care products, rich in lipids and nutrients. You should also plan a hair routine that includes shampoo, conditioner and hair care.


Which shampoos for damaged hair should I use?


To protect and invigorate damaged hair, there's nothing like the right shampoo based on botanical ingredients and natural components.


  • Organic calendula shampoo is recommended to protect against undernutrition. Calendula extract is both soothing and revitalizing. It helps to regenerate fiber capillary tissue and soften hair, making it less rough and dull.
  • Organic shampoo with aloe vera is ideal for protecting against dehydration caused by frequent use of heated appliances to dry and shape hair. Aloe vera repairs damaged strands and prevents dryness.


Discover the solid shampoo for damaged hair


Biocoiff' solid shampoos for damaged hair are also formulated with ingredients renowned for their moisturizing, protective and regenerative properties.

  • Organic solid shampoo with hibiscus will stimulate hair growth and prevent split ends. What's more, if you dye your hair, it will slow down the release of color and add shine.
  • Organic solid shampoo with lemon and jojoba is also recommended for the treatment of damaged hair. Jojoba's composition is similar to that of sebum. It naturally moisturizes the fiber capillary layer and reduces hair brittleness. Lemon boosts vitality and closes the scales. Little by little, your hair will regain its suppleness and look its best.
  • Organic horsetail and jojoba solid shampoo combines the fortifying properties of horsetail with those of jojoba. Its silica content also activates hair growth.
  • Organic solid shampoo with shea and jojoba is a concentrate of fats plant-based to repair anemic and dehydrated hair. Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids, deeply penetrates fiber to leave hair silky soft.

To complete your treatment for damaged hair, our professionals recommend adding a marshmallow or ylang-ylang conditioner and performing a hair care with a suitable balm, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes.



Why is my hair damaged?

The chemical active ingredients in classic colorings products or over-use of the hair dryer will alter the structure of fiber capillary. Likewise, iodized or chlorinated swimming pool water dries out the hair and fades the color. All these sources of aggression gradually alter your hair.


How often should I wash damaged hair?

It all depends on the nature of your hair. If your hair is dry, one or two shampoos per week are sufficient. For oily hair at the roots and dry hair at tips, we recommend spacing out the shampoos, sometimes using tricks to avoid looking neglected.


How to get rid of damaged hair?

Simply avoid anything that could damage them, such as tying them up too often or holding them in a tight bun. Protect them from the sun in summer by spraying them with rose mist orgeisha oil.


What's the best product for brittle hair?

For this type of hair, it's generally advisable to invest in an intensive treatment, such as a protein- or keratin-rich hair mask. These treatments penetrate deep into fiber to repair and strengthen hair. Regular use of nourishing elements such as argan, coconut or aloe vera helps improve hair texture and resilience. Finally, a gentle, moisturizing shampoo is recommended for daily cleansing without further damage.