Organic shampoo for color-treated hair

Your color is precious. So are our shampoos.

At Biocoiff, we understand how important color is to your hair. That's why we've designed organic shampoos that are true beauty secrets for your hair. Infused with natural ingredients, our shampoos deeply nourish and moisturize, reviving your hair's shine color and suppleness of your hair.

Take care of your color-treated hair with natural shampoos from Biocoiff. The organic calendula shampoo is a treasure for dry hair, while our organic shampoo with aloe vera is a shield against undernutrition. They protect your hair from damage caused by chemical agents at colorings. For complete detoxification before coloring or sweeping, our Three Clays shampoo is a must.


Are you looking for a shampoo for color-treated hair that will care of your highlights ? Discover our organic and vegan cleansing products that will preserve the shine of your hair and prevent excessive bleaching. Biocoiff' shampoos for color-treated hair are recommended to preserve the shine of your highlight and the depth of your coloring.


Your colored hair deserves Biocoiff


Have you opted for a bright new color , enhanced your look with a subtle highlight or bold strands ? After these transformations, your hair deserves special care and attention. Biocoiff' is here to guide you through this process of hair revitalization.

Conventional chemical products act brutally, opening the scales of your hair and drying it out. With repeated colorings without proper care, your strands can become brittle, dull, and even start to fall out. Whether you choose colorings natural or traditional, your hair care routine must imperatively include a quality shampoo for color-treated hair. Our Biocoiff' shampoos are designed to restore moisture, regenerate your lengths and preserve the shine of your color. They protect your hair from external aggressions, maintaining the beauty and shine of your color.

To maintain this, you need to plan a suitable routine, starting with the use of a shampoo for color-treated hair.


Which shampoos for colored hair to protect my color ?


Enhance your color-treated hair with the excellence of Biocoiff' shampoos. Imagine that each wash enriches your hair's color while deeply nourishing and moisturizing every strand . That's exactly what Biocoiff' offers with its range of 100% natural cleansing products. Meticulously crafted from plants, essential oils, plant-based oils and mineral powders selected for their regenerating properties. By using them regularly, you preserve the vibrant shades of your color, while restoring tone and suppleness to your hair, from roots to tips. Depending on your needs, you can choose :

  • Organic calendula shampoo, effective in protecting your hair from malnutrition thanks to the properties of calendula, also recommended for the treatment of dry hair.
  • Organic shampoo with aloe vera is recommended to protect your hair from the undernutrition that can result from contact with the chemical agents contained in conventional colorings products, chlorinated swimming pool water or iodized water.
  • Certified organic shampoo with three clays widely used by our professional hairdressers to detoxify hair before a highlight, a coloring or a deep treatment. These mineral powders will purify the scalp and fiber capillary.

Properties of the solid shampoo for colored hair


The solid shampoos for colored hair formulated by Biocoiff' are recommended for their treatment. They contain oils plant-based known for their capillary qualities. They wash your hair gently and have less impact on our environment.

All shampoos for colored hair can be used alternately with other shampoos adapted to your hair type. Don't hesitate to ask advice from a hair care professional to find out exactly what your hair needs.

You can complete your cleansing session by applying marshmallow conditioner and geisha hair oil to moisturize and protect your lengths before blow-drying or any other styling technique.




How to maintain naturally colored hair?

Be sure to wash your color-treated hair with shampoos offering moisturizing and nourishing formulas. Organic shampoos for color-treated hair contain no chemicals or sulfates. They won't aggress your hair or strip your lengths and scalp excessively. Make sure you also regularly apply deep treatments such as masks to nourish your hair, as it needs it.


How often should I wash colored hair?

To avoid color fading and rapidly dulling your color or highlights, wash your hair no more than twice a week. Similarly, we recommend waiting at least 72 hours before shampooing after a highlight or coloring.


Why is it better to use organic shampoos to wash color-treated hair?

The absence of sulfates, sodium and synthetic fragrances in organic shampoos for color-treated hair avoids the harmful action of these elements on the scalp and on our health. Sulfates make the shampoo lather better, but they don't guarantee effectiveness, whereas the other components of conventional shampoos will just dry out and damage your hair.


What shampoo to use after coloring henna?

As experts in coloring , our shampoos are formulated to work perfectly with an organic hair routine. After henna coloring , we recommend using a gentle, natural shampoo. Biocoiff' organic shampoos are ideal in this case, as they are formulated without sulfates or harsh chemicals, preserving the hair's color and health.