Our organic and vegan greasy hair care products

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Greasy hair is often the result of excessive sebum production by the scalp. This sebum can make hair look greasy and weighed down, as well as causing dandruff and itching. To control sebum overproduction and keep hair clean and freshBetween shampooing and conditioning oily hair, it's important to use the right appropriate products.

Our organic oily hair care products contain no harsh synthetic ingredients that can irritate the scalp and aggravate sebum problems. Formulated with natural ingredients such as rose which which helps regulate sebum productionBiocoiff products leave your hair healthy and shiny. Combined with our organic greasy hair shampoos for spectacular results.



Is your hair shiny and heavy 24 hours after shampooing? You have greasy hair. Admittedly, this isn't always pleasant to live with, but you can improve your hair condition by applying the right organic hair care products. Biocoiff' offers several products for effective, personalized treatment of greasy hair. Adopt a good routine to care for your roots and pamper your scalp.


Oily and heavy hair: when sebum goes crazy


Greasy hair often has a hard time of it, as it requires frequent and sometimes burdensome maintenance. An imbalance in seborrhea is at the root of shiny hair. The sebaceous glands responsible for secreting this protective lipidic film produce far too much, eventually suffocating the roots. Hair becomes oily, shiny and greasy a few hours after the last shampoo. Sometimes, only your roots are oily and your tips hair remains dry and brittle. In all cases, your hair needs a specific treatment to control seborrhea and avoid irritating the scalp. This starts with the application of of a treatment shampoo for oily hair and continues with periodic treatments accompanied by the right gestures. For example: price avoid rinsing masks or shampoos with hot water, as this may stimulate the sebaceous glands which will immediately start producing sebum.


Choose our Biocoiff organic greasy hair care products


When you have oily hair, it's essential to avoid using care products containing silicones. They will further weigh down the hair, which is in great need of lightness. Silicones will also prevent the roots from breathing and interfere with blood microcirculation. Similarly, you shouldn't use shampoos with sulfates or hair balms too rich in lipidic agents. If you have oily roots and dry tips hair, you should apply a hair balm exclusively to the lengths concerned. Biocoiff' has formulated a range of treatments for oily hair.

  • Ylang-ylang conditioner closes scales and rebalances scalp pH. It regulates seborrhea and facilitates detangling. Recommended for all hair types.
  • Aloe vera gel is perfect for sheathing and moisturizing hair without suffocating it. It protects hair lengths and fiber from external aggressions, and can also be used as a thermoprotector.
  • Rose mist is a leave-in treatment that's a must-have in every bathroom. It rehydrates hair and closes the scales. It also facilitates detangling and styling.


Organic hair mask for oily hair 


If you want to take care of your scalp by purifying it to avoid excess sebum, we recommend that you seek professional advice. Our hairdressers will be happy to do this in their salons, but you can also get it online. For a perfect hair beauty routine, you can wash your hair with a three-clay shampoo or make a clay mask. If your tips hair is dry and split, you can apply the rosewood balm specially designed for this purpose.

  • Rosewood Balm : Rose essential oil combined with mango butter, shea butter and plant-based coconut and castor oils will nourish and rehydrate tips. Hair is softer, lighter and shinier. Its rose-infused fragrance also brings an immediate sensation of freshness and purity. Start your routine by washing your hair with Bicoiff' shampoo for oily hair.




Leaf  Why does my hair get greasy?

Your hair tends to get greasy faster for various reasons (pollution, bad diet, stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, overly aggressive shampoos...). Start by eliminating or changing the causes that are easiest to modify.

Leaf  Why is clay effective against oily hair?

Clay is a mineral powder that balances the scalp's sebum production. Haircare professionals use it in shampoos and organic skincare products to eliminate impurities such as shampoo residue, dandruff and pollution particles. A green clay mask is therefore highly effective for purifying oily scalps and leaving hair soft and clean.

Leaf  How to avoid greasy hair after 24 hours?

To avoid greasy hair after 24 hours, it's essential to adopt a skincare routine suited to your hair type. First of all, try to space out shampoos to avoid overtaxing the sebaceous glands. Also, opt for beauty products specifically designed to regulate sebum production and maintain scalp balance. In addition, limit the use of heating equipment such as straightening irons or blow-dryers, as they can aggravate excess sebum. By following these simple tips, you'll be able to keep your hair looking fresh longer between washes.

Leaf  Is it necessary to moisturize oily hair? 

To maintain the balance of oily hair, it's important to use beauty products specially formulated to intensely moisturize without weighing it down. Opt for light, non-greasy hair care products that deeply moisturize without stimulating excessive sebum production. Depriving oily hair of moisture will cause the scalp to react and produce even more sebum to compensate, aggravating the problem. What's more, dehydrated hair can become dull, brittle and difficult to style.