Our shampoos for the sun protection of hair

Your hair is precious. So are our shampoos.

When you go out in the sun, you think about protecting your skin with sunscreen, but have you ever thought about protecting your hair? UV rays can cause damage to your hair fiber making it dry, porous and brittle. If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny even after prolonged exposure to the sun, shampoos for hair protection are a must. At Biocoiff, we have developed a range of organic shampoos specially designed to prevent and repair and repair the damage caused by the sun, sea or pool water, and chlorine. You can choose between a liquid or solid shampoodepending on your preference.


Among our products, we recommend the Organic Calendula Shampoo for dry dry hairwhich will limit the alterations caused by dryness and restore their softness and suppleness. For hair that is brittle or damaged hair exposed to the sun, the certified organic shampoo with Aloe Vera is the ideal solution thanks to itsmoisturizing action that prevents the straw effect. With our organic shampoos for the sun protection of hair, enjoy the sun in all serenity and preserve your hair from external aggressions.

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You dread the effects of the sun on your hair? To protect them from dehydration, Biocoiff' organic shampoos for sun protection are an effective answer. Full of natural agents, they will wash and nourish in depth lengths and tips.

Your hair exposed to the sun deserves Biocoiff'.

Lying on your mattress in the sun, you remember to apply a protective spray to avoid getting sunburned. You must also be vigilant with your hair. UV rays will dehydrate and weaken your hair fiber . The dehydration opens the hair scales, making it porous and rough. At the end of the vacations, if you are not careful, the straw effect will become a reality, not to mention your color which can become dull. Even more so if you combine the effects of sun, sea water or pool water. Chlorine, iodine and UV rays are three elements that can be very harmful to hair. If you don't want your hair to become damaged, dry and brittleIf you don't want your hair to become damaged, dry and brittle, it is recommended to use shampoos for the protection of your hair from the sun.

Our shampoos for the sun protection of your hair 100% organic

The organic shampoos for sun protection formulated by Biocoiff will both prevent and repair the damage of prolonged exposure. You can opt for a liquid shampoo or a solid shampoo, so convenient to carry in your suitcase.


  • Certified Organic Calendula Shampoo recommended for washing dry hair, is the perfect shampoo to preserve your hair from malnutrition. The calendula extracts will limit the alterations caused by dryness. Your hair regains its softness and suppleness.


  • Certified Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera is also a shampoo for brittle or damaged hair, recommended to take care of hair exposed to the sun. The aloe vera will slow down the dehydration caused by the heat and prevent the straw effect so unsightly.


Test the qualities of solid shampoo for soil protection

We are all the same. On vacation, we try not to overload our luggage. For those of you who like to camp or pack in your luggage, Biocoiff' solid shampoos are a godsend. The wide range allows to treat all the types of hair. You slip your solid shampoo in a pocket of your toilet bag and you are ready. To protect your hair from the sun, we recommend :

  • Lhe certified organic solid shampoo with Hibiscus will wash and repair the hair abused by the UV of the sun. The moisturizing virtues of hibiscus will treat and purify the fiber. Your hair is clean and regenerated.
  • The certified organic solid shampoo with Lemon and Jojoba is very effective in protecting the hair from sun exposure. The combined properties of jojoba and lemon provide everything the fiber hair needs to restore tone, shine and suppleness.
  • The certified organic solid shampoo with Horsetail and Jojoba repairs and protects the hair from UV rays, but also from chlorine and iodine. The good thing about solid shampoos is that you don't have to use a lot of them to make them effective. Your organic solid shampoo will last the duration of your vacation and you can slip it into your beach bag.
  • Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Shea Butter and Jojoba is a nutri-repair shampoo that will protect and regenerate your hair from the first use. It cleans deeply and its complex of fats plant-based will repair the damage of the sun on your lengths. You won't be able to do without it in the summer to wash your hair on vacation.

To complete your routine, our professionals recommend that you also pack a solid conditioner and a spray of rose mist to rehydrate your lengths during the day. You'll appreciate this delicately scented veil of freshness.

Frequently asked questions


  • Why does the sun damage hair?

    UV rays do more than just dehydrate the hair. It prevents the evacuation of fatty acids contained in the sebum. Gradually, this imbalance affects the scalp and the roots. The hair becomes more fragile, fine and brittle.

  • How not to damage your hair in the sun?

    There's nothing like protecting your hair by wearing a hat or scarf if you haven't packed heat-protective hair care. Geisha oil or aloe vera moisturizing gel will protect your hair from the sun. You can complement their action by misting with a refreshing rose mist from time to time.

  • Is the sun good for your hair?

    The sun boosts blood circulation in the scalp. This increases its vitality and facilitates hair growth.