Our Organic Solid Shampoos

Discover all our certified organic solid shampoos made in France.

You are concerned about the environment and the health of your hair ? At Biocoiff', we have designed organic solid shampoos composed only of natural and organic ingredientswithout palm oil or sulfate. Our solid shampoos with saponified olive oil and vegetable glycerin are the perfect choice for people looking for ecological products.


Our solid shampoos are available in two varieties: the natural solid shampooideal for all hair typesand the Nettle Solid Shampoo, which helps revive dry, brittle hair. With their convenient size and long shelf life, our solid shampoos are also a convenient solution for travelers. practical solution for travelers and people who want to reduce their ecological footprint. Make the choice of excellence for your hair and for the planet with Biocoiff' organic solid shampoos.

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Consumption patterns are changing, and today we want to take care of our hair with natural, effective products, with a transparent composition and especially products that are non-polluting. 


The first solid shampoo certified BIO Biocoiff".

Composed only of saponified organic olive oil, vegetable glycerin obtained during the saponification reaction, and a surplus of organic olive oil to moisturize the scalp, Biocoiff' solid shampoos will perfectly meet the expectations of this demanding and caring clientele.

These solid shampoos are available in 2 products:

  • Natural solid shampoo, suitable for all hair types
  • The solid nettle shampoo, which will give life to dry and brittle hair.


Today: a range of 7 solid shampoos and a solid conditioner

Biocoiff' has decided to expand its range of solid shampoos while remaining true to its commitment: the saponification is done cold to keep all the properties of the essential oils.

Moreover, they are also certified Nature et Progrès, Vegan & Cruelty free and made in France.

organic solid shampoos

This is the range:

  • Solid shampoo with Fenugreek to strengthen and promote hair growth
  • Hibiscus solid shampoo for coloured hair
  • Basil and Neem Solid Shampoo to soothe dandruff and itching
  • Horsetail and Jojoba solid shampoo to nourish your hair in depth
  • Shea and Jojoba solid shampoo for the whole family (without essential oils)
  • Solid shampoo with Sulphur, Cedar and Lavender for flaky scalps
  • Lemon and jojoba solid shampoo for dry hair
  • Hibiscus solid conditioner without essential oils


The advantages of organic solid shampoo

From an ecological point of view, there is no release into the environment since during the cold saponification process, the olive oil and the base used are entirely consumed. They are transformed into soap and glycerine.

This solid shampoo lasts longer than a liquid shampoo: it's a money-saver!

It is easy to carry around thanks to its small size, which is very practical when flying or going to the gym.

Women's Shampoo


Cold saponification preserves and retains the properties and quality of the oils, because yes, the principle of solid shampoo is to be as effective as liquid shampoo.

In addition to this, the ingredients used respect the hair, the products are without any additives and are labelled:

Without essential oils, it is perfectly suitable for pregnant women and people with fragile health.


How to use our organic solid shampoos?

Before using a solid shampoo, you should detangle your hair. 

It is quite possible that your hair will be more tangled than with a conventional shampoo.

Next, shampoo the wet hair directly and massage the scalp, the lengths and finally the tips.

You can repeat the step until you have a nice lather.

Finally, you can rinse your hair. Only one shampoo is necessary. A second shampoo is not necessary.

In addition to shampooing, it is strongly recommended to apply solid conditioner with hibiscus on the lengths and tips and detangle.