Our organic and vegan hair loss treatments

Your fortified hair is precious. So is our care.

Hair loss is a recurring problem at various stages of life. It can occur as a result of illness, stress, pregnancy, the wrong products, thin hair, etc. Our hair is an important factor in our self-confidence, and it's important to preserve it. That's why we've created a range of organic anti-hair loss products! 

Our selection of natural care products helps to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Our products are formulated with extracts ofaloe vera, ylang ylang, jasmine and other hair oils to nourish and strengthen hair follicles. Our hair care products are recommended to help you restore healthy, abundant hair without the need for aggressive treatments. A 3-month care routine will give you optimal results.



Adopt a good anti-hair loss routine by choosing organic hair care products. Hair that has become devitalized and weakened by poor hair treatments or external factors, such as an emotional shock or hormonal upheaval, needs to be toned and pampered. Biocoiff' offers a complete range of organic and vegan hair loss treatments developed by our aromatherapy and phytotherapy specialists.


Prevent hair loss effectively


Hair loss is a natural phenomenon. Hair has a growth cycle that extends over several years. Losing up to 100 hairs a day is nothing to worry about, as long as they are replaced. However, when this loss accelerates and is not compensated by regrowth, we need to be concerned. A diagnosis can confirm whether this is androgenic or temporary alopecia. 

From there, you can implement a treatment to stem hair loss. In the case of temporary alopecia due to illness, medication or dietary deficiencies, dietary supplements are combined with hair care products and lotions. In all cases, we recommend avoiding brushing hair too vigorously, or using colorings or other treatments based on particularly aggressive chemical products. Instead, pamper your hair with 100% natural shampoos and care products, and prefer the absolutely harmless coloring techniques.


Our Biocoiff anti-hair loss range


Our organic anti-hair loss care products will stimulate growth and boost vascularization of the hair follicle as well as keratin production. In addition to washing your hair with anti-hair loss shampoosshampoos, you can add to your hair routine.

  • Ylang-ylang Conditioner brings the soothing, sheathing and beautifying benefits of this plant to your hair. A genuine anti-hair loss complex, ylang-ylang stimulates hair regrowth.
  • Aloe vera gel acts as a resurfacing and restructuring treatment for fragile, tired hair types. The benefits of agave provide long-lasting moisture and compensate for missing minerals to restore vitality. Hair is less dull, more supple and toned.
  • Rose mist is the equivalent of a treating hair lotion. It is applied to dry hair to moisturize it and prevent it from drying out and devitalizing.
  • Geisha oil will treat hair from root to tips. It will revitalize, protect and care for your hair in need of energy.

Natural masks to stimulate regrowth


To combat hair loss and promote regrowth, professionals recommend regular masques. Biocoiff' has formulated several richly formulated balms for hair with a tendency to fall out. These fortifying anti-hair loss balms will deeply nourish and strengthen hair. Enriched with plant extracts, they will make your hair softer and stronger.

  • Rosewood Balm is formulated to treat weakened hair and tips dry hair, which struggles to grow back when weakened by various factors. It helps them recover strength and resilience by combining the active ingredients of different plant trace elements. Hair is nourished and preserved.
  • Jasmine Balm combines jasmine, coconut and rosemary to revitalize hair. The benefits of rosemary boost microcirculation. Hair grows better and more radiantly.
  • Rose Balm contains ingredients chosen for their reparative and regenerative properties. Damask essential oil combined with rosemary stimulates fiber capillary growth.




Leaf  Is there a miracle treatment for hair loss?

There is no miracle cure for hair loss. Hair products can slow down or promote regrowth, but in some cases of hair loss (androgenic alopecia) only implants can replace missing hair permanently. Before considering a treatment for hair loss, have a diagnosis performed by one of our by one of our professionals or a dermatologist. or a dermatologist.

Leaf  Does hair grow back after alopecia?

In the case of transient alopecia, the hair grows back. It can occur following an illness, a hormonal upheaval (pregnancy, menopause), a significant weight loss, or a psychological shock. A balanced diet, gentle shampoos with a neutral pH and revitalizing care products will promote the regrowth and regeneration of the fiber capillary.  

Leaf  How to avoid hair loss during pregnancy?

Hair loss during pregnancy is not unusual. Some women even claim to have beautiful hair. It all depends on the individual. Generally speaking, more hair is lost after childbirth than during pregnancy. Often, hair becomes drier. In the event of hair loss, there's no need to be alarmed. It will grow back a few months after the baby's birth. To prevent or slow down hair loss, we recommend :

  • Massage the scalp with dry oil to improve microcirculation.
  • Give preference to certified certified organic free of chemical additives and essential oils
  • Dry hair naturally or as little as possible using heated equipment.