Our organic and vegan colored hair care

Your color is precious. So is our care.

Color-treated hair tends to become brittle and dull if not properly cared for. It's important when doing a coloring not to sacrifice your hair, and especially not to lose its color over time by using color-treated hair care products.

Biocoiff offers you shampoos for color-treated hairshampoos for color-treated hair, which cleanse your hair while preserving the shades of your color for a long time. To complement the effects of these shampoos, we recommend adding care to preserve your hair's shine and radiance.

Biocoiff gel with with aloe vera moisturizes color-treated hair and reduces frizz. The rose balm is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which help to protect color-treated hair from UV damage by UV rays and maintain their shine. Finally, you can use jasmine balma gentle, nourishing formula that improves the texture of color-treated hair by reducing the "rough" effect.



Dyed hair is inherently more fragile than natural hair. Between the products used to modify its color and the damage caused, in particular, by the heat of blow-dryers, pollution and UV rays, it endures a great deal. To protect it from root to tips, care for color-treated hair is both necessary and effective. Biocoiff' has formulated a complete range to help you protect highlights and prolong the radiance of your color.


Adopt our Biocoiff organic color-treated hair care products


Colored and highlighted hair needs more attention than natural hair. The fact that you've changed the color makes it more fragile, especially if you've opted for a chemical coloring . The chemicals used to transform the base color are particularly aggressive and stripping. What's more, the pigments are washed out and the shades fade. Hot water and unsuitable hair care products open up the scales that allow pigments to pass through. Strengthening fiber and preventing dehydration are the objectives of 100% natural color-treated hair care. To achieve this, you'll need to set up a complete hair routine, starting with the choice of a shampoo for color-treated hair followed by one of the following organic hair care products:

  • Aloe vera gel gel both coats and moisturizes color-treated hair. The properties of this plant will protect your hair from UV rays, heat and dehydration. Aloe veraaloe vera acts as a resurfacing treatment for all types of color-treated hair. It lightly coats the cuticle so as not to weigh hair down. It reduces scale opening and makes your hair shinier.
  • Ylang ylang conditioner is particularly suitable for color-treated hair. Applied after shampooing, it facilitates detangling of lengths and coats hair to lock pigment into the cuticle. It will prolong your color and preserve the shine of highlights.
  • Geisha oil is highly effective in protecting dry hair from dehydration. It is therefore also suitable for color-treated hair, which shares this water deficit with brittle hair. Geisha oil is also a thermo-protective leave-in treatment that adds shine to color and reduces the appearance of frizz.

Last advice, if you are not already a fan. Test the colorings plant-based with natural pigments. They will allow you to play with the color of your hair while preserving its texture. They are treating, covering and suitable for all hair types, including white hair.


Hair masks for hair damaged by the sun colorings


In addition to these treatments to be done after shampooing to facilitate styling and improve the hold of the blow-dry, you can perform deep hair care. The balms formulated by Biocoiff' laboratories contain exclusively natural elements chosen for their hair properties. Enriched with oils and butters of plant origin, they will nourish the hair. Our hairdressers use them regularly in the salon and you can benefit from the same formulations as a private individual. Push the door of their salon and follow their adviceyou will get the same good results as they do. Do not hesitate to come and ask them.

  • Rose Balm combines the subtle fragrance of essential oil of the Damask rose with the properties of mango butter, rosemary and castor oil. Combined, they deeply moisturize and regenerate hair. Recommended for color-treated, dry and curly hair.
  • Rosewood Balm is a cocktail of fats plant-based combined with rose essential oil. Applied once a fortnight as a mask, it will repair hair sensitized by colorings.
  • Jasmine Balm is a treatment for dry hair. This treatment, which combines rosemary, jasmine and coconut, will strengthen fiber capillary and sustainably repair damage caused by dehydration.




Leaf  How to take care of your highlight in summer?

Seawater is harmful to color-treated hair, as it opens the scales. It destroys keratin and UV rays weaken fiber capillary, not to mention iodine and the alternating dry/wet conditions. With all these external aggressions, fiber loses its protective film. The result is dull, rough hair with dry tips . Colored hair is even more sensitive to damage caused by these climatic conditions. To prevent your highlights from becoming dull after a highlight mineralyou need to think about :

  • Sheathe your hair with geisha oil;
  • Wear a hat to protect your hair length from UV rays;
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo for dry or dehydrated hair;
  • Apply a deeply nourishing treatment once a week with Rose Balm.

Leaf  Which shade is the most fragile?

Blondes and all their shades are more fragile than brunettes and chestnuts. To prevent your strands from becoming sun-kissed and turning an unattractive greenish highlights , it's essential to protect your hair with thermo-protective care products. You can apply to your hair the products we use before blow-drying or straightening. Aloe vera gel prevents pigments from bleeding out. You can also spray on geisha oil to moisturize your hair.

Leaf  Why is organic hair care better for color-treated hair?

Organic hair care products are more effective for color-treated hair, as they contain no drying or harsh chemicals. Silicones and parabens tend to suffocate fiber hair. These agents have an artificial effect on the hair which, in reality, harms its structure. Adopting a natural skincare routine will preserve your hair, its color and protect it from other problems such as brittle hair, dry hair, thin hair, etc.