Organic Plant-based Hair Care Products

Care. Moisture. Nourishment. Sublimation.

Natural organic care for all hair types

Since its creation, Biocoiff' has enriched its range of natural organic care products for all hair types. Made from plants, it can be combined with our different products to create a personalized hair routine. Take care of your hair, we are committed to taking care of nature.

Our hair care products to moisturize and regenerate

You have to take care of your hair as you take care of your skin. To do this, we recommend using hair masks regularly. Depending on their formulation, they are intended for dry hair, dehydrated and weakened hair, thin hair or thick hair. Lack of hydration and exposure to UV rays, heat, pollution or chemical products modify the nature of the hair and tend to weaken it.

Rosewood Balm

Rosewood balm is specially designed to revitalize and strengthen thick and/or very dry hair. Frizzy, curly or wavy hair and long hair will benefit from the combination of coconut oil, mango and shea butters with rosewood essential oil. Renowned for its regenerating, astringent and purifying properties, this oil extracted from the shavings of the Aniba rosaeodora tree is generally used for beauty care. Our researchers have exploited its benefits by combining it with vegetable butters to create a rich treatment, perfect for strengthening the hair scale and making it more resistant and waterproof.

The rosewood balm is used as a mask to repair hair damaged by chemical colorings and to rehydrate in depth hair with a dry tendency like curly or frizzy hair.

Jasmine Balm

The jasmine balm is specially formulated to take care of thin hair and dry skin. Its subtle fragrance makes it almost addictive to use. It is combined with rosemary and coconut to regenerate the roots. Rosemary is a plant renowned for its hair care properties. Stimulating and antioxidant, it prevents hair loss and fights the appearance of dandruff. Coconut vegetable oil is indicated to treat curly or wavy hair, dull, limp and split hair. It nourishes and brings shine. Combined with rosemary and jasmine, it creates a powerful mixture to tone up the thin hair with oily or dry tendency. Otherwise, the thin hair are the consequence of the state of health or hormonal changes. Metabolic upheavals will change the constitution of the hair, which may become thin and bare.

Rose Balm

For dry, fragile, curly or frizzy hair, the rose balm is ideal. It combines the properties of three vegetable butters known for their hair care virtues with the essential oil of Damask rose. Widely used in Ayurvedic pharmacology, Damask rose is suitable for all hair types and restores shine, softness and radiance to your hair. We have added the principles of rosemary leaf, also known to stimulate the scalp and promote regrowth. Shea butter, coconut butter, mango butter and castor oil will deeply nourish and repair the hair and strengthen the lengths. This balm improves the curl of your hair and regenerates the fiber capillary. Weakened hair regains tone, suppleness and shine.

Organic hair care against heat and UV

The great enemies of hair are UV rays and exposure to heat from heating equipment. Hair dryers, brushes and straightening irons can damage the lengths and tips. To prevent the scales from opening due to lack of moisture, we have developed a conditioner and gel to preserve the moisture of the fiber while making styling easier.

Aloe vera gel

Our aloe vera hair gel will act as a protective agent against UV, heat and iodine. After rinsing out your organic conditioner, apply the aloe vera gel to the length and tips before styling. This leave-in treatment will moisturize and strengthen the hair. It stimulates the growth and cleanses the scalp. It will discipline your strands without fearing a "concrete effect" which harms the naturalness of a hairstyle. You put more easily in shape your brushing and you discipline rebellious strands . Aloe vera is beneficial for all hair types. It is used in combination with our organic shampoos and other hair care products. It also helps to keep color or highlight intact for longer by depositing a protective sheath on the hair.

Ylang-ylang Conditioner

Once you have shampooed your hair, you can incorporate the ylang-ylang conditioner into your hair routine. If your hair is dry by nature or has become dry due to colorings or overly aggressive highlights and is brittle or difficult to detangle, ylang-ylang will remedy these inconveniences. Concentrated in essential oil, this pleasantly scented plant can take care of all hair types. It will regulate the secretion of sebum and improve their hydration. It coats the hair to give it back its shine, strength and brilliance. Its regenerating properties will stimulate growth and slow down hair loss by boosting the microcirculation of hair follicles. It will close the scales of the hair and thus avoid that your color disgorges and dulls with the wire of the shampoos.

Protect your color from UV and aggressive products

Sweeps and colorings do not like external agents that cause pigments to bleed and colors to fade. To protect highlights and preserve the nuances of your color, it is necessary to protect it by using products which will close the scales and coat fiber without asphyxiating it.

Geisha oil

Thetwo-phase dry oil of camellia is formulated from essential oil of camellia known for its hair properties. The essential oil of camellia will strengthen and protect the hair by sheathing the tips and the lengths without greasing. It restores swelling and tone and will facilitate styling. It can be used as a serum, by spraying it on the tips or as a deep care. In this case, it should be applied to the entire hair and left overnight before rinsing. It can be integrated into a hair routine by adding targeted products according to the nature of the hair.

The rose mist

Rose mist is a refreshing and rehydrating treatment suitable for all hair types. A spray of this product helps to avoid the inconvenience of static electricity. It will close the scales and facilitate the disentangling of the long hair. It is formulated on the basis of Damask rose, which is also used in the rose balm. Its pleasant perfume is not heady. You can use this mist on your dry hair between two shampoos. It completes the ylang-ylang conditioner which is used on wet hair.

What hair care routine should I use?

How many products does an ideal hair routine include? Can we use only organic hair care products? When should you apply each product? Find out how to plan a hair care routine with natural and organic products.

Hair care products to maintain your hair all year round

There is no ideal hair routine, but there are targeted hair routines depending on the type of hair. However, here is a typical routine for dry hair that you can modify by substituting products according to your hair type:
Wash your hair a maximum of 2 times with a organic shampoo (shampoo with calendula)
Apply a ylang-ylang conditioner to the lengths and roots. Rinse out.
Apply aloe vera gel to detangled hair. Dry hair.
In the morning, spray a little geisha oil to moisturize hair. Alternate with the rose mist to style your hair or shape bangs.

Once a fortnight or every three weeks, give your hair a deep treatment with a mask. Ask our professionals for advice on which mask is best for your hair type.
In summer, carry a bottle of rose mist in your bag and rehydrate your hair whenever you feel the need.
The beneficial effects of our organic hair care products will be enhanced if you precede them with a liquid or dry organic shampoo from our range. Our complete range allows you to wash your hair with a phosphate and silicone free product. To hold your blow-dry or fix a movement, you will complete these by applying our styling treatments.

All Biocoiff hair care products are Ecocert/Cosmos organic certified. They are also guaranteed "cruelty free" and "vegan". All are formulated and manufactured in France.