Organic and vegan hair care Biocoiff

Your hair is precious. So is our organic care.

Welcome to organic cosmetics enthusiasts and professionals. Discover a wide range of organic hair care products to enhance your fiber hair. Nutrition? Moisturize? Hair repair? Our treatments are designed to meet every need and suit every hair type.

Because beauty care should never be at the expense of our planet or our health, we have developed this range based on100% natural ingredients. The plants and oils plant-based contained in our care products will not only considerably improve the appearance of your hair, but also repair it in depth. With Biocoiff, dare to embrace true natural beauty.

All Biocoiff hair care products are Ecocert/Cosmos organic certified. They are also guaranteed " cruelty free " and " vegan ". All are formulated and manufactured in France.



Organic hair care for all hair types


Since its creation, Biocoiff' has enriched its range of natural organic skincare products for all hair types. Made from plants, it can be combined with our various organic shampoos to create a personalized hair routine. Take care of your hair - we're committed to taking care of nature. Discover organic hair care by Biocoiff.


Our organic skin care products to moisturize and regenerate


Hair should be cared for in the same way as skin. That's why we recommend regular use of hair masks. Depending on their formulation, they are suitable for dry hair, dehydrated and weakened hair, thin hair or thick hair. Lack of hydration and exposure to UV rays, heat, pollution or chemicals modify the hair's nature and tend to weaken it, which is where Biocoiff comes in.

Rosewood Balm

Rosewood Balm is specially designed to revitalize and strengthen thick and/or very dry hair. Frizzy, curly, wavy and long hair benefit from the combination of coconut oil, mango and shea butters with rosewood essential oil.

Renowned for its regenerating, astringent and purifying properties, this oil extracted from the shavings of the Aniba rosaeodora plant is generally used for beauty care. Our researchers have exploited its benefits by combining it with other plant ingredients to create a rich skin care product.

Rosewood balm can be used as a mask to repair hair damaged by colorings chemicals, and to deeply rehydrate hair with a tendency to dryness, such as curly or frizzy hair.

Jasmine Balm

Jasmine Balm is specially formulated to care for thin hair and dry skin. Its subtle fragrance makes it almost addictive to use. It is combined with rosemary and coconut to regenerate roots.

The coconut vegetable oil in this balm is indicated for treating curly or wavy hair, as well as dull, limp and split ends. It nourishes and adds shine. Combined with antioxidant and stimulating rosemary and jasmine, it creates a powerful blend to tone both oily and dry thin hair hair.

Rose Balm

For dry, brittle or frizzy hair, Rose Balm is just the thing. It combinesthe properties of three plant butters known for their hair care benefits with essential oil of Damask rose.

Widely used in Ayurvedic pharmacology, Damask rose is suitable for all hair types, restoring shine, softness and radiance to your hair. We've added the principles of rosemary leaf, also known to stimulate the scalp and promote hair regrowth. Shea butter, coconut butter, mango butter and castor oil nourish and repair hair deep down.


Organic hair care to protect and nourish


The great enemies of hair are UV rays and exposure to heat from heating equipment. Hair dryers, brushes and straightening irons can damage lengths and tips. To prevent scales from opening due to lack of moisture, we have developed a conditioner and gel to preserve moisture on fiber while making styling easier. after-sun shampoos for the perfect result.

Aloe vera gel

Our aloe vera gel for hair will act as a protective agent against UV, heat and iodine. After rinsing out your organic conditioner, apply the aloe vera gel to the length and tips before styling. 

This leave-in treatment moisturizes and strengthens hair. It stimulates growth, cleanses the scalp and disciplines your strands hair without the worry of a "concrete effect". You shape your blow-dry more easily and tame unruly strands hair..

Aloe vera is beneficial for all hair types when combined with our certified organic shampoos and other hair care products. 

Ylang-ylang Conditioner

Once you've shampooed your hair, you can add ylang-ylang conditioner to your routine. If your hair is dry by nature, or has become dry as a result of colorings or over-aggressive balayage, and is brittle or difficult to detangle, ylang-ylang will remedy these inconveniences. 

Concentrated in essential oil, this pleasantly scented plant can be used to care for all hair types. regulate sebum secretion and improve hydration. Its regenerating properties will also stimulate hair growth and slow hair loss by boosting hair follicle microcirculation.


Our organic care products to repair the damage caused by aggressive products


Sweeps and colorings don't like external agents, which cause pigments to bleed and colors to fade. To protect highlights and preserve the nuances of your shadeyou need to protect it with products that will close the scales and coat fiber without suffocating it.

Geisha oil

L'geisha two-phase dry oil is formulated with camellia essential oil, renowned for its hair care properties. Camellia essential oil fortifies and protects hair, coating tips and lengths without greasing. It restores fullness and tone, and facilitates styling..

It can be used as a serum, by spraying it onto tips or as a deep treatment. In the latter case, apply to the entire head of hair and leave overnight before rinsing. It can be integrated into a hair routine by adding targeted products according to hair type.

The rose mist

The rose mist is a refreshing refreshing and rehydrating for all hair types. A spray of this product helps avoid the inconvenience of static electricity.. It will close the scales and make long hair easier to detangle. It is formulated with Damask rose, which is also used in Rose Balm.

You can use this mist on dry hair between shampoos. It complements the ylang-ylang conditioner, which can be used on wet hair.