Our organic shampoos for normal hair

Your scalp is precious. So are our shampoos.

If you have normal hair, you're in luck! It's relatively easy to care for, but don't neglect it. To keep your hair shiny, soft and dense naturally, it is essential to choose the right shampoo. Organic shampoos for normal hair are specially formulated to care for your hair by respecting its normal sebum secretion and preserving its natural balance. 


At Biocoiff', we have developed a complete line of organic shampoos for normal hair made with natural ingredients to meet all your needs. You can choose from several options, such as the Certified Organic Herbal Shampoo for gentle cleansing or the Certified Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo to moisturize and make your hair even softer. Complete your routine with our protective care and styling products for healthy hair. Discover now our range of shampoos for normal hair and take care of your hair with Biocoiff' !


Is your hair naturally shiny, soft and dense? You are lucky to have normal hair. It's not greasy or dry and doesn't get dandruff. You can wash it once or twice a week and style it without difficulty. However, you should not neglect it. On the contrary, you need to take care of them to keep them looking their best. It all starts with washing. Organic shampoos for normal hair are specially formulated to care for it. It's up to you to choose the one that's best for you from our range of shampoos and complete your routine with the right hair care products.

Your normal hair deserves Biocoiff

Normal hair has a normal secretion of sebum. It starts to oil after three days. It is soft and easy to detangle. Light, soft, shiny, flexible and easy to detangle. Can be thin or medium thick. To maintain their shine and moisture, you should wash them with a pH-neutral shampoo to strengthen the scalp and nourish the fiber hair without weighing them down. Natural-based shampoos are recommended for washing normal hair. They will preserve better than a classic shampoo your strands and tips, because they do not contain aggressive chemical agents. They do not strip the scalp and gently clean the hair.

Which shampoos for normal hair should I use?

organic normal hair shampoos

Biocoiff' offers you a complete range of shampoos for normal organic hair to be associated with protective care and styling products to take care of it. You have the choice between liquid shampoos or solid shampoos. They have in common that they are formulated with 100% natural agents chosen for their effectiveness.

  • The Certified Organic Herbal Shampoo (Gentle Purification) is perfect for washing normal hair and children's hair. Its properties allow to preserve the good health of the hair and the scalp. It washes gently and eliminates residues of styling products.
  • The Nettle Shampoo is to be used alternately with the herbal shampoo. It will improve the blood circulation of the scalp and give the hair a boost by promoting regrowth.
  • The Certified Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera washes the hair and protects it from dehydration. The aloe vera is recognized for its capillary benefits. It will make your lengths even more supple. Your hair is nourished and your tips moisturized to the ends to reduce the appearance of split ends.
  • The Organic Calendula Shampoo strengthens and nourishes normal and dry hair. It gently cleanses and also preserves the highlights of colored hair.


The benefits of organic solid shampoos for normal hair

Solid shampoo is a source of many hair benefits. Without chemicals and free of essential oils, it contains no chemicals or endocrine disruptors like silicones. It respects the nature of the hair and the seborrhea. It contains natural foaming agents, butters or oils from plants. Washing with Biocoiff solid shampoos makes your hair softer and stronger.

  • The Shampoing Solide certified Bio with Horsetail and Jojoba combines the properties of horsetail with those of jojoba seed. Without preservative, coloring agent or artificial perfume, its formula allows to nourish in depth the fiber capillary.
  • Shea and Jojoba Shampoo for normal hair is the counterpart of the herbal shampoo. The whole family can use it to wash their hair. Without essential oils, this shampoo is recommended for people with hair intolerances. It will protect the scalp and lengths without changing the pH.


You can complement the action of organic solid shampoos by using solid conditioners like the one with marshmallow from Biocoiff'.

Frequently asked questions


  • Are solid shampoos as effective as traditional shampoos?

    Yes, they are even more so, because they are more concentrated. In addition, those formulated without essential oils are much less allergenic.

  • What is the best shampoo for normal hair?

    It is the one that most respects the pH of your scalp. It must be neutral or almost neutral and without aggressive chemical agents or scourers.

  • How to use a solid shampoo?

    Start by moistening your solid shampoo before running it through your wet hair. Massage your scalp and wash your lengths before rinsing with clear water.