Our organic and vegan curly hair care

Your frizzy, curly hair is precious. So is our care.

Frizzy hair tends to be drier, more brittle and more prone to frizz. This is due to its spiral shape, which makes it more difficult for the natural oils produced by the scalp to distribute along the hair shaft. For this reason, our organic frizzy and curly hair care products are adapted to meet the specific needs of this hair type.

Our organic hair care products are an effective solution for maintaining frizzy and curly hair, as they don't contain harsh chemicals that dry out and further aggravate frizz. Biocoiff hair care products use nutrient-rich natural ingredients such asaloe vera, rose or ylang ylang for moisturize, nourish and strengthen frizzy and curly hair.



Curly and frizzy hair needs the right care to maintain its curls. Biocoiff' offers you a range of organic care products for curly and frizzy hair, based on plants and mineral powders for daily care. Discover these products and adopt them without delay for a personalized 100% natural hair routine.


Characteristics of curly or frizzy hair


The curly hair is characterized by tight, highly elastic S-shaped curls, while frizzy hair frizzy hair has a Z-shaped curl. Curls give hair a light, mousse-like texture. Because of their shape, sebum flows less smoothly than in straight hair and often has difficulty covering the length and reaching tips. Curly and frizzy hair is therefore often drier and more brittle than straight hair. A good hair routine to moisturize and nourish hair starts with a specific shampoo for curly hair from the Biocoiff range range, followed by treatments to be applied to damp or dry hair.


Discover our range of organic frizzy and curly hair care products


You can include several products for curly or frizzy hair in your hair routine. Serum, oil, conditioner, mask, the Biocoiff' range is extensive so that you can personalize your routine and alternate treatments to avoid becoming accustomed to your hair type.

  • Aloe Vera Gel will beautify your curls while deeply moisturizing them. It also has an anti-frizz action that makes styling easier.
  • Ylang-ylang Conditioner will gently detangle your hair and eliminate tangles. It complements your cleanser and protects your fiber hair from external aggressions. Applying conditioner to curly or frizzy hair is an essential step in your hair beauty ritual.
  • Marshmallow solid conditioner formulated without essential oils, it is recommended for very dry, curly hair. Its complex of oils and butters with plant extracts makes it highly effective. It nourishes hair and regenerates fiber while making detangling easy.
  • Rose mist acts as a 100% natural hair lotion. A few sprays on the scalp and dry or damp lengths will rehydrate the hair and tone up your curls.
  • Geisha oil fortifies curly, shiny hair, leaving it soft and silky. This dry oil quickly penetrates fiber without leaving your hair greasy. It protects hair from the heat of the dryer and facilitates styling.


Enriched masks for more effective care


To maintain beautiful curly hair, you need to insist on moisturizing it, as it is naturally drier. In addition to moisturizing shampoos, Biocoiff has developed curly and frizzy hair care products with active botanical ingredients. The masks are silicone-, sulfate- and alcohol-free, and contain only shea, cocoon, castor and jojoba oils. How often you apply balms or masks depends on how often you wash. The more you wash, the more your hair needs to be moisturized and nourished. Among deep care products, we recommend :

  • Rosewood Balm is ideal for curly and frizzy hair. Its nourishing agents will deeply nourish hair and strengthen weakened curls. Its application reduces the appearance of frizz and treats dehydration at fiber.
  • Jasmine Balm will strengthen hair texture. Curls are better defined and hair is less dry and more supple to the touch. Your curls are soft and beautiful, and your hair is easy to style.
  • Rose Balm is a very creamy mask thanks to its complex of plant extracts. Its pleasant fragrance makes it addictive to use, enhancing curls and strengthening hair to reduce breakage.




Leaf  What are the enemies of curly and frizzy hair?

Curly hair is naturally more porous. In addition to aggression from the sun and pollution, curly and frizzy hair is highly sensitive to chemicals and heating appliances such as hair dryers. Alternate the application of moisturizing hair products with protein products plant-based and remember to spray your hair with rose mist from time to time.

Leaf  Why does curly hair need more care?

Curly hair requires no more care than other fragile hair. It is simply demanding, as its structure prevents sebum from circulating properly. By choosing products with sulfate-free, silicone-free and pH-neutral formulas, your hair will stay beautiful and supple.

Leaf  How to keep a beautiful afro hairstyle ?

Keep it simple! Start by washing with a suitable shampoo, then apply a moisturizing conditioner before drying naturally. From time to time, moisturize with an application of oil to hydrate and soften the hair. You can accessorize with a pretty barrette or scarf.