Rosewood Balm

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Biocoiff's Rosewood Balm is recommended for very dry and damaged hair.

Rose essential oil combined with shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter and castor oil make this balm a rich treatment for thick and/or very dry hair. It strengthens the scales of the hair to make it waterproof and resistant.

The rosewood Balm is used as a mask, repairing hair that has undergone the use of chemical colors or other aggressive products for the hair and scalp.

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Rosewood Balm


rosewood balmvegan and organic shampoo





  • Very dry hair
  • For damaged and brittle hair



  • Provides nutrition to very dry hair
  • Strengthens and regenerates keratin in damaged and brittle hair
  • Adds shine

The balm with rosewood is a concentrated treatment of rare effectiveness on very dry and damaged hair.

Applied in the form of a mask, it will act in depth on your hair that has been subjected to the use of chemical colours.

It will also act after the use of other aggressive products but also after exposure to the sun or cold which considerably dries your hair.

It's doubly effective because it regenerates scalp cells to restore strength and health to your hair. Your hair will regain shine, softness and will be easier to style.

It is also suitable for dry hair but oily at the root because it does not stimulate sebum secretion. sebum secretion.

It can also be applied as a styling wax to dry hair on tips .

In all the uses you will give it, the organic and vegan rosewood balm Biocoiff' will perfect your desires!

Capacity : 50mL

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Instructions for use

How to use Biocoiff's Rosewood Balm

  1. Keep your hair dry
  2. Melt a dab of balm in your hands
  3. Apply from bottom to top
  4. Repeat the action until all the hair is covered
  5. Let set for 25 minutes (minimum)
For very dry and thick hair, you can leave it on overnight and rinse it out in the morning.
The next day, do your Biocoiff' Shampoo + Ylang Ylang Conditioner.
The product becomes oily very easily, a dab is enough to cover the whole head.
This deep care should be repeated at least once a month.
If the hair is very damaged and brittle, do it once a week.
For even more effectiveness and nutrition, add 1 to 3 drops of Biocoiff'Geisha Oil.
The Rosewood Balm can also be applied in small amounts to hair after styling for protection throughout the day.

With which products should the Rosewood Balm be combined?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine the Rosewood Balm with the following products:


The Story

Rosewood is a medium-sized tree found in the Amazon rainforest. Its name is said to originate from the color of its wood.

It is one of the woods widely used in marquetry, medicine and perfumery.

Due to its industrial exploitation, especially for the extraction of linalool, this precious tree has become very rare and is now protected.


INCI: Shea butter*, Rosewood essential oil*, Rose Geranium essential oilµ, Tocopherol Vit E (*Controlled Organic Agriculture)

Frequently Asked Questions

1- I would like to order a rosewood balm but there are two different jars with the same name on your website, can you explain the difference between the two?

There is rosewood balm and rose balm ;-)

Rose balm is recommended for thick, curly hair and rosewood balm is recommended for very thick hair.


2- I would like to know if it is possible for me to use the rosewood balm for my hair, as I am pregnant (compared to essential oils...).

Our products are not contraindicated for pregnant women: the concentration of essential oils in the balms is much lower than 10%; the maximum threshold authorised for safe use by pregnant women.

Moreover, Biocoiff" balms are only applied to the lengths, so there is no risk of it getting into the bloodstream :-)


3- What are the differences between rose balm and rosewood? The quantity?

In terms of quantity, the rose and rosewood balms have the same capacity.

The rose balm is recommended for thick, curly hair and the rosewood balm is recommended for very thick hair.


4- The only small "downside" or regret if I may say so is your gift: the rose balm whose chemical smell is absolutely disgusting for me, I am pregnant and have never been able to stand the smell of roses since I was a child, it's really bad luck, and it does not correspond at all to my hair type (my hair is very fine)

The rose balm does not contain any chemicals or perfume, so the smell is natural, but we understand if you do not like it.

For your thin hair, we recommend jasmine balm, which is more suitable, as rose balm is more nourishing and could weigh down very fine hair.


5- I was wondering if it is advisable or not to apply rosewood balm when exposed to the sun this summer?

There is no contraindication to apply Biocoiff' balms in summer on hair exposed to the sun.

Even if their SPI (Sun Protection Factor) is low, they still provide your hair with protection from the sun and external aggressions.


6- Can rosewood balm be used as a treatment after colorings plant-based .

The 3 balms of the Biocoiff range are completely compatible with the coloring plant-based :)

10 reviews of Rosewood Balm

  1. Laeti -

    Great for dry tips. I use it every morning and every night, a small warmed dab in your hand is enough. My tips are nourished and not greasy at all.
    I also use it as a mask once a week followed by a calendula shampoo and my hair is nourished and rehydrated.

  2. myriam.serpin.cmd (confirmed customer) -

    A little surprised by the small size of the pot! I told myself that for a mask with long hair it might be a bit short! So I use it on the tips and to work the curls I put a small dab for all my hair and there is no need for more! Melting texture and not too greasy yet it's shea butter!

  3. karinebenitah1 -

    Very pleasant to use, nourishes the dry tips well.

  4. NAFTA (confirmed customer) -

    I love it, the great scent and perfect for my hair damaged by chemical bleaching.

  5. elise.barril (confirmed customer) -

    Great surprise, I saw the difference in drying my hair when I took the time to make a mask! The tips are softer and shinier with it!

  6. CLÉMENT -

    This product is great too! I'm wearing it right now on my tips, its smell humm, I personally love it! Its simple texture. The same goes for its application. I recommend +++.

  7. angelina.relin -

    This highly effective balm repairs, protects and strengthens the hair! Pleasantly surprised, and the size is justified: you need very little! I'm not a fan of the smell, but that's a matter of personal taste :)

  8. Dieuza (confirmed customer) -

    Smells good, hair feels lighter.

  9. Wacogne (confirmed customer) -

    Very pleasant scent!!!
    Seems to be effective on tips

  10. Verona -

    The rosewood balm, not bad, let's say it seems to be quite effective, but not necessarily easy to use because difficult to rinse, I have to get used to it... I think it's good for my hair

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