Jasmine Balm for Dry and Fine Hair

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If you have dry, thin hair, our Biocoiff' Jasmine Balm will be ideal: your hair will be nourished from root to tip, thanks in particular to the subtle blend of jasmine, rosemary and coconut.

Dry, thin hair becomes brittle over time and tends to fall out more easily and in greater numbers. Rosemary has this ability to strengthen the hair fiber and stimulate regrowth.

Coconut is perfect for dry hair and will deeply condition it to give it more body.

Dedicated to thin hair and used as a deep care product, it will bring shine to your hair, which will regain visual and tactile health and tone.

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Biocoiff' Jasmine Balm



  • Dry and thin hair
  • For damaged and brittle hair 



  • Provides nutrition to dry hair
  • Strengthens the keratin in damaged and brittle hair
  • Adding shine

The Jasmine Balm for dry and thin hair is a complete care with a formidable efficiency thanks to its three main organic ingredients.

Once you've tried it, you won't be able to live without it...

Capacity : 50mL



We use three components (jasmine, rosemary, coconut) that will make your hair shinier, deeply nourished, you won't believe your hair...

Dry hair needs to be moisturised and well nourished.

If you have dry and fine hair, our Biocoiff' jasmine balm will be ideal, it will nourish your hair from the roots to tips.

Thanks to the benefits of jasmine, rosemary and coconut, your hair will remain in perfect condition.



  • Some explanations about jasmine

Jasmine is native to Persia and Kashmir and is called the "Queen of the Night" because its scent is fragrant as soon as the sun sets.

White or lightly tinted pink, it has symbolised hope, happiness and love for thousands of years.

Jasmine is one of the most important plants in perfumery.

It is unique for its soft, floral, fruity and powdery fragrance.

  • Rosemary leaf extract

Rosemary can be used in cooking as well as in perfumery.

It is known for its beneficial effects on hair.

It effectively combats hair loss, strengthens the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Rosemary will also help to give your hair a shine.

  • Coconut alkanes

For thousands of years, Indian women have been taught to coat their hair with virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft.

It penetrates and repairs the hair in depth. It is recommended for dry and brittle hair.

Additional Information

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Instructions for use

How to use Biocoiff' Jasmine Balm

  1. Keep your hair dry
  2. Melt a dab of balm in your hands
  3. Apply from bottom to top
  4. Repeat until all hair is evenly covered
  5. Leave for 30 minutes (minimum)
For very dry and thick hair, you can leave it on overnight and rinse it out in the morning.
The next day, do your Biocoiff' Shampoo + Ylang Ylang Conditioner.
The product becomes oily very easily, a dab is enough to cover the whole head.
This deep care should be repeated at least once a month.
If the hair is very damaged and brittle, do it once a week.
For even more effectiveness and nutrition, add 1 to 3 drops of Biocoiff'Geisha Oil.
Jasmine Balm can also be applied in small amounts to the hair after styling for all-day protection.

Which products should I use Organic Jasmine Balm with?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine Organic Jasmine Balm with the following products

The Story

Since the 17th century, jasmine has been cultivated in the town of Grasse for its use in perfumery.

In phytotherapy, its essential oil is used to calm headaches.


INCI : Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Cocus nucifera oil*, Mangifera indica (seed) butter*, Ricinus communis (seed) oil*, Coconut Alkanes, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Jasminum grandiflorum (flower) extract, Rosa damascena (flower) oil, Arnebia euchroma extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (leaf) extract, Helianthus annuus (seed) oil, Tocopherol.

*Certified organicproducts

Frequently asked questions

1- Is Jasmine Balm for thin hair applied before or after shampooing?

Jasmine balm is only to be used on dry hair, before shampooing.


2- I don't understand the difference between jasmine, rose and other treatments. What do these different treatments correspond to?

The treatments differ according to the type of hair, the jasmine treatment is suitable for thin hair and dry hair, and the rose treatment for curly and damaged hair.


3- I wanted to know if you could use the jasmine balm as a leave-in product after the shower and every morning to style your hair a little?

Yes, that's the trick!

The balm can be used in very small amounts, applied with the fingertips to the ends of dry hair, after styling, to provide continuous protection to the hair.

4- I bought the jasmine balm last Saturday for thin hair. But I don't know how often I should use it. Can you please give me some information?

Thefrequency of use of this balm is at least once a month. If your hair is very damaged and brittle, you can use it once a week.

Alternatively, you can use it daily as a styling wax, spreading a small amount on your hair.


5- My hair is thick and dry but not curly. It is coloured with henna. I'm hesitating between the jasmine balm and the rosewood balm. Can you advise me?

We recommend you buy the Rose Balm for thick hair :-)


6- I bought the jasmine balm, can I use it on dry or wet hair?

Jasmine balm is only to be used on dry hair, before shampooing.


7- I have just bought the jasmine balm and I wanted to have confirmation that it is to be applied on dry hair?

Jasmine balm is only to be used on dry hair, before shampooing.

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