Our organic and vegan shampoos for dry hair

Your scalp is precious. So are our shampoos.

Looking for an organic shampoo for dry hair? Our range of shampoos for dry hair should meet your needs. Developed in our laboratories from natural certified organic ingredients, they allow to nourish and rehydrate damaged, dull, soft and fragile hair. These specific organic shampoos wash your hair thoroughly without damaging it, while respecting the hydrolipic film of your scalp (protective barrier of your skin) and thus respecting the nature of your hair and your scalp, while preserving your health and that of the planet.

Your dry hair deserves Biocoiff

Does your hair lack shine, feel rough and break easily? You have dry hair. Generally, these effects also accompany tips split ends. The hair is denatured and becomes rough. Repeated mechanical aggressions caused by dryers or straighteners or chemicals contained in the colorings or classic bleaches are at the origin of these degradations. Dehydrated hair should not be confused with malnourished hair. From the appearance, they present this straw effect not very aesthetic. On the other hand, dehydrated dehydrated hair is a hair lacking water. It can be recognized by its numerous frizzes. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult one of our professionals. Often, dry hair is a family or age-related issue. As we age, the nature of our hair changes. The sebaceous glands are less active. A deficit in sebum will gradually change the structure of the hair shaft. To remedy this condition, it is necessary to use good hair products, starting with shampoos for dry hair that will restore shine and elasticity.

Our 100% organic shampoos for dry, dehydrated, brittle hair, subject to hair loss and lack of tone

organic normal hair shampoos

To take care of and wash your dry hair, Biocoiff' offers several 100% natural shampoos certified organic:

  • The shampoo with aloe vera preserves from deoxidation. Thanks to the virtues of this plant, your shampoo will wash and moisturize your strands and your scalp. The many qualities of this aloe make that we also advise this shampoo to wash the normal hair or curly hair or frizzy.
  • The certified organic shampoo with Calendula is intended to repair the misdeeds of the capillary malnutrition. Calendula will calm irritations and tone the hair. By stimulating the fiber capillary, it restores radiance and health. Calendula is also used to fight against hair loss.
  • The certified organic nettle shampoo will strengthen keratin and bring tone and health to hair. It helps to fight against hair loss. The vitamin PP contained in the nettle will improve the blood circulation of the scalp and reinforce its oxygenation.


Why not use an organic solid shampoo for normal hair?

If you find it more convenient to use solid shampoos for dry hair, you can choose between :

  • The solid shampoo with fenugreek allows both to fight against the fall of hair and to tone up the capillary fiber . Called trigonella or senegrain spread, fenugreek has many capillary virtues. The mucilage of fenugreek contains nutrients, proteins and lecithin which will hydrate and nourish the dry and dehydrated hair.
  • The solid shampoo with horsetail and jojoba is also recommended for washing dry hair. Horsetail is known to prevent hair loss and activate hair growth. It will tone the scalp and restore shine. Jojoba is very effective in revitalizing hair. Combined with horsetail, these two plants form a particularly effective cocktail to rebalance the fiber capillary and combat the straw effect of dry hair.

Liquid or solid shampoos for the treatment of dry hair can be used alternately with other hair products. You can also combine them with with the liquid conditioner with ylang-ylang and the Biocoiff' hair balms. To reduce the effect of dehydration, spray regularly with rose mist and don't forget to diffuse geisha oil before blow-drying.


Frequently asked questions

  • Which shampoo to use for dry hair?

    It is best to use BIOS shampoos for dry hair. They do not contain any chemical agents that can damage the fiber hair and dry out the hair shaft.

  • Why is my hair always dry?

    Repeated dyeing, bleaching and the use of shampoos and hair products formulated with chemical agents contribute to drying out the hair and making it fragile. Similarly, intensive use of a hair straightener or blow dryer will damage hair in the same way as exposure to the sun without UV protection.

  • How to naturally moisturize my dry hair?

    Make a habit of using hair care products and moisturizing masks for dry hair. Remember to protect your hair with a thermoactive product to preserve it from the heat of heating appliances. Choose hair products containing shea butter, aloe vera, egg yolk.