Certified organic shampoo + conditioner pack

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- Aloe-Vera for dehydrated hair

- Tea-Tree for oily hair

- Calendula for dry hair

- Nettle for thin hair without volume

- Herbs for normal hair and for the whole family


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Shampoo + conditioner pack

Discover the Biocoiff' organic shampoo + conditioner pack

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Aloe Vera for dehydrated hair, Tea Tree for oily hair, Calendula for dry hair, Nettle for thin hair, Herbs for normal hair

31 reviews of Pack Certified Organic Shampoo + Conditioner

  1. Leborgne (confirmed customer) -

    Hello !
    So I discovered biocoiff salons in October. I arrived with very damaged and dry hair after 10 years of colorings and chemical bleaching. I discovered coloring and the biocoiff products. I recovered my hair thanks to their products me it is the shampoo calandula after shampoo and ke care with the rose. It is perfect for my hair and I find my little curls. I have a question for Biocoiff, when will they have a biocoiff styling cream for curly hair? Thanks again to Biocoiff for giving me back my hair

  2. Grangeon -

    I would like to order for the first time the nettle shampoo pack and the yang yang shampoo pack, please tell me how to proceed.

    • Gary Admin -

      Just choose a shampoo and add to cart :-)

  3. Sandrine MAILIER (confirmed customer) -

    The Nettle Shampoo + Conditioner pack is really the best for both my coloring and for adding volume.
    I recommend it 100%!

  4. Myriam (confirmed customer) -

    Shampoos and detanglers are top notch! I've been using them for many months now and highly recommend them.

  5. Kareen FONG -

    What is the difference between dry and dehydrated hair?

    • Gary Admin -

      We help you to understand better: when we eat, we nourish ourselves and when we are thirsty, we drink water, we "hydrate". A dry hair needs to be nourished, and a dehydrated hair needs water! It's simple, isn't it? :)

  6. Sam (confirmed customer) -

    Just amazing! Never found an organic shampoo as great as this! It doesn't make your hair all dry and rough when you wash it and the after shampoo is just crazy. I have never had such soft and beautiful hair! I can't do without it anymore. It's quite expensive and the container is small, but in the end you don't need to use a ton, the bottle lasted me 2 months. I recommend +++.

  7. maillochon (confirmed customer) -

    Great shampoos and detangler! I've been using them for several years now and I highly recommend them!

  8. souvayaurore -

    The pack with nettle shampoo and ylang-ylang conditioner saved my hair after a bleaching that ended up being a chainsaw massacre on the border of the mullet contest. Thanks again Biocoiff!

  9. Viry (confirmed customer) -

    I've been ordering this pack for about 2 years and these 2 products (Nettle volume shampoo and Ylang conditioner) fit my thin hair and curly hair perfectly!

  10. Haezebrouck (confirmed customer) -

    I discovered the biocoiff salon and the great ylang ylang after shampoo and aloe vera shampoo products. My hair is soft and less greasy than before. I used to have atopic dermatitis issues which I don't have at all anymore! I love it and recommend +++

  11. Lilou (confirmed customer) -

    Excellent products, I can't use any more!

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