Our certified organic and vegan dry hair care products

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Dry, porous or brittle hair is generally caused by insufficient seborrhea. Sebum does not play its role in protecting the hair and does not sufficiently coat the hair shaft. How to restore strength and tone to dry hair? Biocoiff' dry hair care products help restore this imbalance and give your hair shine and suppleness.  


Dry or "straw" hair: hair lacking softness


Does your hair tangle easily and feel rough to the touch? Your hair is dry and looking more and more like straw, revealing dehydration that prevents you from having shiny hair. This dry hair is caused by insufficient sebum production. This deficiency leads to poor This deficiency leads to poor hydration of the scalp and less protection against all external aggressions: pollution, UV rays, dust, etc. The laziness of the sebaceous glands alters the quality of the keratin and the hair cuticle.

The lack of sebum can also be related mainly :

  • to a hormonal upheaval 
  • unsuitable hair products
  • of colorings chemicals
  • an excess of brushing.


Our 100% organic dry hair care products

Generally speaking, forget about products containing silicone, which clogs the hair and prevents moisturizing or nourishing agents from penetrating to the heart of the fiber capillary. On a daily basisour hairdressers advise you to adopt a hair ritual composed of


  • geisha oil can be applied to wet or dry hair. It acts like a serum and leaves no residue. Very pleasant to use, it is suitable for dry, damaged and weakened hair, straight, curly or curly.


  • The aloe vera gel does not require rinsing and will act as a moisturizer. It leaves a protective veil on the hair. Strengthened and nourished, your hair looks more luminous. You can discipline your hair by protecting it from frizz. Your hair will stay in place all day long.


You apply your oil alternately with a mask so as not to weigh down your hair and after having washed it with a special Biocoiff' dry hair shampoo

Which mask to choose to moisturize very dry hair?

A moisturizing hair mask helps restore suppleness and shine. The deep care products formulated by Biocoiff contain only natural products that are not likely to cause intolerance. Your hair is shiny, silky and healthy. The range of Bioicoiff' balms has been formulated to regenerate the fiber capillary from the roots to tips. They will moisturize the most dried out and damaged parts of the hair by time. They are recommended for hair that has been damaged or burned by hair styling equipment. They create a protective barrier without weighing down the hair and restore shine to dull hair.


It can be applied alternately:

  • A balm with jasmine, rich in moisturizing active ingredients. It contains coconut butter that will deeply heal and give more body to the hair.
  • A rosewood balm made to treat especially the tips dry and the appearance of split ends. It is applied only on the lengths and tips.
  • A rose balm, particularly indicated if you have curly or frizzy hair, naturally drier than other hair types. In addition to its nourishing properties, this deep treatment also reduces frizz.


To avoid losing active ingredients, we roll the hair over our head and leave it under a hot towel for 30 minutes, before rinsing with fresh water to tighten the hair scales. You can also rely on the advice of our pros to know how to how to properly moisturize your dry hair.

Frequently asked questions


How to save very dry hair?

It is imperative to respect these 7 rules:

  1. We avoid the chemical colorings .
  2. We space the shampoos.
  3. A mask is applied regularly.
  4. We put dry oil to protect tips and lengths.
  5. We slow down on the brushing.
  6. We choose a moisturizing conditioner.
  7. A vegetable oil bath is done once a month.


How to stop having straw hair?

When hair looks like straw, you should treat it with care products rich in plant keratin. Alternatively, you can wash your hair with a three-clay shampoo to purify the fiber capillary, before applying a ylang ylang conditioner to tone the scalp, close the scales and smooth the lengths.


How to moisturize dry hair in summer?

We regularly spray rose mist on our hair. Do not expose your hair to the sun without applying a thermo-protective treatment or protecting it with a hat or scarf.