Our organic and vegan curly hair care

Your defined curls are precious. So is our care.

Curly hair needs the right products to maintain its texture and elasticity. Our organic curly hair care products with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jasmine and marshmallow are the perfect allies for your curls.

Aloe vera gel is a natural solution for moisturize curly hair and provide optimal definition without weighing down curls. The jasmine balm is rich in nutrients that helpurrir and protect curly hairwhile giving it a natural shine and softness. Andmarshmallow solid conditioner is a gentle, nourishing formula that helps detangle curly hair without damaging it.

Combined with our organic curly hair shampoos, you get the perfect hair routine for healthy, defined curls.



Spring, volume... that's what curly hair is all about. To achieve these effects while taking care of your hair's natural fragility and dryness, Biocoiff' offers a complete range of hair care products for curly hair, 100% natural and made in France. Get bouncy, shiny curls even in humid weather.


Treating curly hair 


Wavy hair needs to be looked after. While its shape makes it particularly attractive, it is also its first enemy. Its "twisted" appearance prevents sebum from distributing itself properly throughout the hair. As a result, hair quickly becomes dehydrated, dry and brittle. And since hair is no stranger to giving us "the curl", humidity is also what causes frizz. The keratin molecules in curly hair tend to tighten on contact with water and start to curl. Your hair is invaded by frizz and becomes difficult to detangle and style. 

To keep curls well defined and shaped, hair scales need to be closed, and hydration must always be perfect. A good routine therefore starts with a specific shampoo for curly hair and continues with regular care.


Our Biocoiff 100% organic curly hair care products


Biocoiff' makes it easy with organic and vegan organic and vegan treatments for all hair types. Formulated without silicones, sulfates or chemical preservatives, they won't weigh hair down. After washing your hair with organic shampoos (preferably), you can complete your regimen with the following organic hair care products:

  • Marshmallow conditioner is recommended for its high moisturizing power. Formulated without essential oils, it is particularly suitable for very dry hair. Apply to lengths and tips after shampooing, it detangles without breaking.
  • Aloe vera gel will help define curls without the worry of a cardboard effect. It moisturizes curls and leaves hair silky soft. Finally, it protects your curls from the heat of the dryer and the sun. This moisturizing gel for curly hair is a leave-in treatment. Aloe vera extracts retain water in the hair shaft and reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier.
  • Geisha oil based on jojoba oil and tsubaki oil from the Japanese camellia tree, it works to deeply moisturize your curls. Use on damp or dry hair. You can apply it all over your hair or simply to tips to make your curly hair shine. This natural leave-in treatment is versatile and can be used on all hair types. You can add a styling treatment to your routine for better curl hold.


Herbal masks for beautiful curls


On a weekly basis, apply a balm to deeply nourish your curls. With our range of certified organic hair care products, you can give your curly hair the moisture and essential nutrients it needs to radiate health and natural beauty.

  • Rosewood Balm is an intensive moisturizing mask developed to treat curly hair. It's the same one our hairdressers use in the salon. This balm acts both on hair hydration and on its hydrolipidic barrier, which it will strengthen. Mango, shea and coconut butters are highly concentrated in lipidic agents and vitamins. Combined in a single complex, they have a remarkable effect on hair and scalp.
  • Jasmine balm is another natural hair balm recommended for curly hair. Its composition is very rich in essential fatty acids lauric acidand myristic acid and lauric acid, a fatty acid similar to hair proteins, will deeply nourish and moisturize hair. What's more, its film-forming properties protect hair from external aggressors. Your hair is less porous and less sensitive.
  • Rose BalmRose Balm not only has a very pleasant fragrance, it also nourishes and moisturizes hair thanks to plant extracts selected by our phytotherapists and aromatherapists. Its melting texture is rapidly absorbed by fiber capillary. Its floral scent adds a sensual floral touch that makes its use even more addictive.




Leaf  How do you make curly hair bouncy?

The best thing is to nourish the hair after each shampoo with adapted care to control its hydration and avoid that it dries out and that the lengths and tips become brittle and split. You should also prefer the colorings plant-based if you dye your hair. They do not contain chemical agents that dry out and make the fiber hair porous.

Leaf  Which oil to apply to curly hair?

Oils plant-based are recommended for curly hair. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter are well-known hair care products. You can use them pure in an oil bath or as a complex, as when you opt for a Biocoiff' balm.

Leaf  Why is my curly hair dry?

Unfortunately, curly hair is more prone to dryness than straight hair due to its structure. It is important to avoid aggravating its natural condition by choosing unsuitable treatments. Hair professionals recommend compensating for this weakness by treating it with hair care products for dry or curly hair.