Organic shampoo for frizzy and curly hair

Your frizzy hair is precious. So are our shampoos.

Reveal the natural splendor of your curly or frizzy hair with Biocoiff shampoos, specially designed to pamper your curls. If you dream of hair washed with the utmost gentleness, our organic and vegan shampoos are the key to revolutionary hair care. Choose from our diverse range to give your curls exactly what they need, whether for perfect definition or effortless styling.

Biocoiff shampoos for curly or frizzy hair are a blend of natural ingredients, carefully selected to meet the unique requirements of your hair. Try our organic calendula shampoo designed to gently cleanse and purify your hair, or our organic shampoo with aloe vera for deep moisturizing. These highly-concentrated, gentle products cleanse your hair thoroughly without ever damaging it.


Looking for a shampoo for frizzy hair that will take care of your curls? Biocoiff has developed several organic and vegan cleansing products that will preserve the richness and shine of your hair. Each use of our Biocoiff' shampoos is a guarantee of protection and revitalization, ensuring that your hair texture remains as healthy as possible. Experience Biocoiff' care and enjoy radiant hair with volume.


Your frizzy and curly hair deserves Biocoiff'.


Do you have curly or afro hair and are looking for shampoos to gently wash it? Our products are specially designed to treat curly hair. Choose yours according to your needs to pamper your curls and make styling easier. Use our shampoos to discover the secret of defined, nourished hair.


Organic shampoos for frizzy and curly hair


Discover Biocoiff' organic shampoos specially designed for curly and frizzy hair. The result of our passion and expertise in hair care, these shampoos are a treasure trove of natural goodness. Each ingredient, whether a plant or a vegetable oil, has been carefully selected for its exceptional properties, responding perfectly to the unique needs of your curls. All products in the Biocoiff range are highly concentrated to cleanse without stripping your curls and frizz:

  • Organic calendula shampoo shampoo thoroughly cleanses your curls and scalp, removing dust and residues accumulated over the course of the day. The properties of calendula will gently cleanse and purify your lengths while nourishing them. Its light foam is easily removed with clear water.
  • Organic shampoo with aloe vera is also recommended for washing dry or damaged hair. Vegetable glycerin is a humectant that retains water and moisturizes textured hair, leaving it shiny and toned.


Wash curly hair with organic solid shampoo 

You'll be amazed at the effectiveness of solid shampoos for curly and frizzy hair. Our formulations are designed to compensate for the lack of sebum. They act as hair care products to repair, nourish and facilitate the detangling of your hair.  

All shampoos recommended for the treatment of curly hair can be combined with Biocoiff' conditioners and organic hair masks to care for curls and facilitate styling.




How do I wash frizzy or curly hair?

Our professionals recommend washing your hair once a week with gentle shampoos that contain no sulfates or silicones, to preserve the hair's moisture levels without damaging the sebum. Opt for a shampoo enriched with night-nourishing oils (shea, coconut, jojoba, etc.), and wash by gently massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation and promote healthy hair.


How often should I wash my curly hair?

The right frequency for washing curly hair, including afro hair, is generally less regular due to its texture. These hair types have a fiber capillary that doesn't grease quickly, reducing the need for frequent washing. A wash every 7 to 10 days is often enough to maintain the hair's health and hydration without drying it out.


How to soften frizzy or curly hair without chemicals?

A well hydrated curly hair gains in flexibility. The use of hair products based on oils plant-based will help relax the curl and gain flexibility. A hair routine consisting of shampoos, masks and moisturizing dry oils provide intense nutrition and hydration.