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100% Plant-based Coloring has been our core business since 2005.

In the salon, our biocolorists have all been trained under the watchful eye of Charley, founder of Biocoiff' and expert in colorings plant-based .

Whether you want to cover up your grey hair, add a beautiful highlights, or simply change your color, the coloring is for you.

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how does it work?

The coloring plant:how does it work?

Finally! A coloring that is good for you.

Did you know that? Plant-based coloring is advised or even recommended if you have allergies to traditional colors.



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Plant-based coloring

  • Coats and sheathes the fiber hair
  • Does not penetrate the scalp but covers it like a soothing mask
  • Provides resilience, shine and volume. Like a woodstain, it acts as a semi-transparent coating and creates rich, natural shades.
  • Is composed of plants only (no chemical components)
  • Is strongly recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Has a longer application time (but everything good takes time, doesn't it!)

Chemical coloring

  • Requires peroxide bleaching beforehand: coloring chemically modifies the pigmentation of the hair
  • Contains (among others) toxic aromatic amines, which can be absorbed through the skin 
  • Permanently damages the hair, whether for permanent or temporary coloring . 
  • Can cause allergic reactions, sometimes severe
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or women in poor health (under heavy treatment, etc.)


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Our plant-based colors are certified ORGANIC and VEGAN.


Eco cert cosmos organic

Certification according to the international COSMOS standard.
Guarantees that the products contain 20% organic ingredients and that 95% of the plants are organic.

cruelty-free and vegan

The largest animal rights group in the world.
We have been supporting Animals since the opening of our very 1st salon in 2005. All our products are Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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Recommended for pregnant women




Our colours are safe for you and your baby.
Discover our special file Pregnancy and coloring.

More about pregnancy and breastfeeding

The details of Charley, the founder of Biocoiff'.


It's time to go 100% plant-based.

Don't wait any longer to do yourself some good.


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