Our organic and vegan hair oils

Your hair is precious. So are our oils.


UV rays, seawater, wind, sun, dryness, blow-drying, straightening... All these factors weaken hair, making it brittle, dull and unmanageable. Among all hair care products available to care for your hair oils plant-based are among the most natural and effective.

They are suitable for all hair types and can be applied as a daily treatment or hair bath. Biocoiff' hair oils contain numerous active ingredients to restore shine, strength and tone to your hair and scalp. tips. Which organic hair oil should you choose according to your hair type and needs? We take stock and explain how to incorporate it into your hair routine.




Discover the effectiveness of plant-based hair oils 


Oils plant-based are extracted from seeds, fruits, flowers or oleaginous plants. Rich in fatty acids, plant-based oils are used for skin care and are also ideal for hair care. They are harmless to fiber capillaries.

Some hair care products have only a temporary cosmetic effect. Others, on the other hand, deliver natural, essential nutrients to the hair's keratin. These nutrients improve the hair's structure, strengthening the scales and making it stronger and healthier. Oils plant-based are recommended to counter the effects of stress, hormonal changes or pollution. 

Biocoiff' oils are specially designed for hair care. They are applied in small quantities to the hair. They are multi-purpose, combating dehydration, intensely nourishing, strengthening hair, enhancing shine and protecting against damage. These oils are organically grown and formulated by hair specialists. 

Let yourself be tempted by the ideal complements to our organic liquid or solid shampoos and our range of hair masks and styling products.


Our plant-based organic oils for Biocoiff hair


Geisha oil

Biocoiff' Geisha oil is one of the best oils plant-based and required two years of research before being used in our salons. Formulated with camellia flowers, it is based on an ancestral recipe used by geishas since the 8th century.

Its ingredients include jojoba oil, reputed to nourish, revitalize and protect lengths and scalps. tips. This vegetable oil adds shine and suppleness to hair. Used in a capillary complex, it is particularly suitable for treating fiber. It is then combined with bitter orange leaf and twig oil and pink grapefruit peel oil, both of which are fortifying and sheathing. fortifying and sheathing, helping to restore thickness..

Geisha oil is a two-phase dry hair oil which is rapidly absorbed by fiber and leaves no residue on the hair surface. It can be used as a hair bath, as a day treatment, or as a finishing treatment after blow-drying or UV exposure.

Actions of geisha oil :

  • Provides nutrition;
  • Sheathes the fiber capillary;
  • Protects against dehydration;
  • Adds shine;
  • Reduce the appearance of frizz.

Leisha oil is recommended for :

  • Dry hair;
  • Damaged hair;
  • Brittle hair;
  • Dehydrated hair;
  • Colored hair;
  • Curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.


CBD oil

L'hemp oil is an extremely interesting plant oil for hair care. Its composition is similar to that of skin lipids and is one of the plant-based oils richest in essential fatty acids. Rich in omega-6 and omega-3, it has undeniable emollient and revitalizing qualities.

Our laboratories wanted to incorporate it into a hair scrub and a treatment shampoo for dry, anemic hair that's difficult to style. Biocoiff' laboratories have worked with CBD oil in synergy to optimize its effects. They have combined it with hemp oil, castor oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Used as part of a hair care routine it slows hair loss and activates hair growth..

Regular use of CBD oil hair scrub purifies the scalp and activates microcirculation. Used in conjunction with a conditioning hair care product, hair is nourished and strengthened.

Actions of CBD oil:

  • Nourish fiber hair and improve its elasticity;
  • Increase hair volume;
  • Make styling easier;
  • Enhance hair shine.

LCBD oil is recommended for :

  • Dry, brittle hair;
  • Dull or limp hair;
  • Curly and frizzy hair;
  • Hair that tangles easily and is difficult to style.

The hemp seeds selected by Biocoiff' contain no psychotropic effects. You can use our CBD oil shampoo or hemp body scrub without fear of health side effects.


Our balms with oil blends plant-based


Rosewood Balm

Le Rosewood Balm Biocoiff' is recommended for treating very dry, damaged hair. Although this hair care product comes in the form of a creamy ointment, it is made from plant-based oils (coconut, mango, castor and shea). Their combination helps to heal dry hair and close the scales, giving hair a silkier, smoother feel and a shinier, healthier appearance.

You can incorporate it into your hair routine by applying it once a week as a mask. To enhance its properties, leave it on under a Biocoiff' heated cap. 

Actions of the rosewood mask:

  • Nourishing hair
  • Increase hair shine
  • Regulate capillary hydration
  • Reduce the risk of damaged tips and split ends

Lrosewood balm is recommended for :

  • Dry, brittle hair;
  • tips damaged.


Rose Balm

Our laboratories have designed rose balm from plant-based oils renowned for their hair care properties. They have combined shea, castor, coconut and mango oils to create a particularly rich and complete complex for treating hair.

Applied to the lengths, Rose Balm is a complex of nourishing oils. It can be integrated into a hair routine adapted to your specific hair problems. 

You can combine it with a conditioning organic shampoo and other hair oils, such as Geisha dry oil, before blow-drying.

Actions of rose balm:

  • Nourish dry hair;
  • Strengthen keratin;
  • Increase gloss;
  • For easy styling of curly and frizzy hair;
  • Improves hydration.

Lrose balm is recommended for :

  • Dry, brittle hair;
  • Curly hair;
  • tips forked.


Jasmine Balm

Like other creamy hair care products, Jasmine Balm is made from a complex of hair oils. For its formulation, our researchers combined the properties of coconut oil with those of jasmine. The qualities of coconut oil enable a broader spectrum of hair treatments.

Biocoiff' Jasmine Balm is applied in addition to a treatment shampoo and specific styling product to improve the hair's natural condition and protect it from external aggressions that can damage its appearance and health.

Actions of jasmine balm :

  • Moisturize and nourish dry hair 
  • Strengthen keratin in hair that has become brittle and fragile
  • Enhance hair shine

Lrose balm is recommended for :

  • thin hair;
  • Dry hair; 
  • Weakened hair.




Leaf  Is it good to put oil on your hair?

Applying oil to the hair can have several benefits. Natural oils, such as essential oils and plant-based, can deeply nourish hair, making it softer, shinier and more manageable. They can also help moisturize the scalp, reduce frizz and prevent tips split ends.

As for oily macerates, although the idea of adding oil to already oily hair may seem counter-intuitive, some light oils can actually regulate scalp sebum production, helping to balance oil levels and reduce sebum overproduction. However, it's essential to choose the right oils and use them sparingly to avoid weighing hair down or clogging hair follicles.

Leaf  How to use plant-based oils on hair?

Once you've chosen a Biocoiff' hair oil, it's time to use it. It can be used as a daily heat-protecting treatment to keep hair healthy. Simply apply it to the palm of the hair and work through. It can also be used as a hair mask once a month, leaving it on for 30 minutes, then shampooing. Finally, as an oil bath, plant-based oils are perfect for making the most of all the benefits and vitamins of organic oils. The method depends on the objective.

Leaf  How to make a good oil bath?

For an effective oil bath, start by selecting a vitamin-rich organic oil suited to your hair type and specific needs. Warm the chosen oil slightly in a bain-marie or by rubbing it between your palms to make it easier to apply. 


Next, spread the oil generously over your scalp and hair, massaging gently to stimulate blood circulation and promote oil absorption. Wrap your hair in a warm towel or shower cap for at least 30 minutes, or even overnight for an intensive treatment. Finally, wash and condition your hair as usual to remove excess oil and enjoy the nourishing benefits.

Leaf  Which products should I combine with my hair oils?

Hair oils can be combined with other hair care products to maximize their benefits. For example, you can add a few drops of oil to your usual hair conditioner or mask to boost its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Likewise, mixing a few drops of oil with water in a spray bottle can create a light moisturizing and detangling spray for everyday use. 

You can also incorporate oils into your home beauty care routine, such as masks or styling lotions, to personalize your care routine to your specific needs. By experimenting with different combinations and application methods, you can find the best way to incorporate oils into your hair routine for optimal results.