Our organic and vegan hair care products

Your repaired hair is precious. So is our care.

Damaged hair has very often suffered damage caused by colorings, the sun or the various chemicals that pass through our hair. Fortunately, there are organic hair care products specially designed to to help restore and protect. This page features a selection of products and tips to save your hair and keep it healthy.

Geisha oil used as a serum or oil bath, deeply nourishes hair and facilitates styling. Aloe vera gel moisturizes and regenerates damaged strands .

We have also made for you a repair box which naturally heals chemically damaged hair. Whether your hair is dry, brittle or dull, Biocoiff treatments help you to hair full of vitality again without having to go through the scissors.



Does your hair look bad? The tips are split, the lengths damaged? It is time to apply an appropriate treatment. Biocoiff' hair care products, 100% natural and vegan, will allow to regenerate the fiber capillary so that they have more tonicity and flexibility. Applied regularly, these hair care products will provide the moisture they need. Your hair will regain its shine and hold. To repair your hair in depth, discover the right care for your damaged hair.


Causes of damaged hair


Several causes can sensitize hair, leaving it porous and vulnerable. External aggressions such as colorings, perming, balayage, overly aggressive hair care, pollution and poor lifestyle hygiene can damage the cuticle and unbalance the scalp's seborrhea. In such cases, the first thing to do is to avoid or put on hold certain habits. 

Starting with blow-drying or straightening sessions too close together and the use of shampoos that are too aggressive.the use of shampoos and hair products containing silicones and parabens. If you have long hair, don't tie it up too often, and use hair-friendly elastics. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, avoiding any iron or magnesium deficiencies.


Adopt our Biocoiff damaged hair care products


Let's start by reminding you that a shampoo for fragile or damaged hair is already a treatment. Especially if you choose one that is organic and free of chemicals and surfactants. Once your hair is washed, you can apply a conditioner like the one with ylang-ylang from Biocoiff'. You can alternate between rinse-off and leave-in treatments.

  • Geisha oil can be diffused on your lengths and tips before blow-drying, or you can use it as an oil bath. Moisten hair up to tips and leave on for several hours before rinsing. Dry geisha oil acts like a serum on the hair. It impregnates fiber to deeply nourish it and make styling easier. Make Geisha Oil a part of your daily hair routine for healthy-looking hair.
  • Aloe vera gel takes advantage of the plant's moisturizing and regenerative properties to treat damaged hair. It reduces the porosity of fiber hair by closing the scales, allowing you to style your hair more easily and straighten it without drying it out.


Our organic hair masks for damaged hair


To treat damaged hair, you need to use organic hair care products rich in plant-based oils, which provide their regenerative and sublimating properties. Among hair care products for damaged hair, our professionals recommend masks based on coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter or mango oil. These natural ingredients contain numerous highly effective greasy and moisturizing agents. For very damaged hair, shea butter and jojoba oil work wonders.

For even greater effectiveness, you can apply your deep treatment for damaged hair before washing. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, as you would in a salon, wrapping your hair in a warm towel or transparent film. Rinse with clean water, shampoo and finish with an aloe vera conditioner, which you leave on for a few minutes. For soft, supple hair, we recommend these organic masks:

  • Rosewood Balm will protect the keratin in damaged hair, leaving it supple and shiny. It provides missing nutrients for dry, dull or brittle hair.
  • Rose Balm with its oil-rich formulation plant-based helps strengthen hair scales, making them less porous and fragile. It combines the properties of castor oil, coconut, shea and mango, all highly appreciated for their hair care benefits.
  • Jasmine Balm is ideal for treating damaged or brittle hair. Rosemary strengthens the fiber capillary structure, while coconut provides deep conditioning to restore hair texture and make it less porous and brittle.




Leaf  Why are natural treatments effective for damaged hair?

Organic hair care products contain no chemicals. They contain no parabens, preservatives or surfactants that are detrimental to healthy hair. They will care for hair weakened by styling products or colorings containing substances undesirable for fiber hair.

Leaf  My hair is burned, what care to save it?

Unfortunately, the only emergency solution is to cut off burnt lengths before starting hair care to restore life and tone. Before making any decisions, make an appointment with your hairdresser to make the best decision for your hair.

Leaf  Which hairdresser's care to choose to treat damaged hair?

The Biocoiff' products used in our salons are strictly the same as those you will use at home. We did not want to make a difference so that you get results as conclusive as the professionals if you use them in good conditions. Professional treatments are generally more concentrated in active ingredients. This way, you will be sure to restore your hair and obtain the same suppleness and shine as after a hair appointment.