Organic shampoo for curly hair

Your curls are precious. So are our shampoos.

Did you know that curls have their own character and require special attention? The The aggression of chemicals and additives can dull their shine and trigger unwanted frizz. That's why Biocoiff' offers you a natural natural specially formulated to pamper your curls, whether slightly wavy, curly or frizzy. By opting for these products, you can be sure that your curls will be well-moisturized, supple and shiny.

Discover the power of our shampoos enriched with calendula and aloe vera, nature's treasures that moisturize and soften your curls, making them easy to style. You can also alternate the use of liquid and solid shampoos to maximize the benefits of plant-based oils on the suppleness of your curls.

For healthy curly hair, choose organic products organic and natural products adapted to their texture and nature, and don't forget to nourish and moisturize them regularly.

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Do your curls lack definition and volume? It's time to adopt a hair routine capable of giving them a boost. Our organic shampoos for curly hair gently cleanse hair without damaging it, to promote the formation of beautiful, supple, plump curls.


Your curly hair deserves Biocoiff


Your curls, whether naturally curly or frizzy, deserve care that enhances their beauty. To care for curly hair, it's best to use products that products without chemical additives. Our natural and organic shampoos offer gentle, respectful cleansing without damaging the hair or disturbing its natural moisture.

When you choose Biocoiff', you're choosing more than just a shampoo. You're opting for a complete care experience, guaranteed to leave your curls defined, supple and shiny curls. This range is your assurance of freedom from frizz and tangles, and the rediscovery of healthy hair.


Select the best shampoo for your curls


The 100% natural organic shampoo range natural Biocoiff allows you to wash your curls and maintain their movement. Depending on your hair's needs, you can choose between different formulations. Visit professional diagnosis will enable you to apply the care products and shampoos that are best suited to your hair's texture and nature, without damaging your scalp. You need to know how to nourish and moisturize your hair without weighing it down excessively, so as not to interfere with its waves.


Our liquid shampoos for curly hair

Our liquid shampoos are rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. They combine several oils plant-based renowned for their qualities, and promise well-moisturized, supple hair. Choose a classic format with :

  • Organic calendula shampoo to soften and moisturize dry hair, so it regains its movement and doesn't tangle too quickly. The properties of calendula respect the hair's fiber and make your lengths easier to style.
  • Organic shampoo with aloe vera which is also highly effective in protecting your hair from dehydration. Rich in amino acids and moisturizing agents, aloe vera adds superb definition to curls, leaving them shiny and toned.

If you have other hair problems such as dandruff, you can alternate with the application of anti-dandruff shampoos to treat your problem while maintaining your curls. This way, you won't become accustomed to them, and you'll gradually build up to a totally healthy head of hair.


Our solid shampoos for curly hair

Solid shampoos are naturally highly concentrated in active ingredients. Easy to use, they are very practical for zero-waste enthusiasts and nomads. They also combine oils and other plant ingredients renowned for their moisturizing and nourishing properties:




Which shampoo for curly hair?

For curly hair, choose moisturizing, nourishing shampoos enriched with ingredients like argan oil, shea butter or aloe vera. These components help define curls and control frizz, while maintaining hair's natural moisture. It's also important to wash curly hair with natural shampoos free from sulfates or silicones, which tend to weigh down and smother fiber capillary.


What cut for curly hair?

For curly hair, consider cuts that emphasize the natural texture and volume of your curls. Also consider your curl type and face shape to choose a cut that will enhance them. It's important to have your curly hair cut dry to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Can you lose your curly hair by straightening it?

Careless use of heating equipment is never recommended for curly hair, as it can lead to weakening and even loss of texture in the long term. Excessive heat without adequate protection can damage hair proteins and alter the natural structure of curls. It's crucial to use a heat protector before straightening your hair to minimize damage.


How to care for curly hair

Treating curly hair requires specific hair care products to keep it healthy. You can continue your hair routine by adding care products and styling products (mousses, sprays, etc.). Before blow-drying, take the time to apply an appropriate detangling treatment to nourish your lengths and tips. Once a week, apply a deep conditioner and leave in. Don't forget to apply a leave-in treatment to help with styling and protect your hair from UV rays and other external aggressions.


How do you care for your curls when you have a sensitive scalp?

The secret to caring for your curls with a sensitive scalp is to opt for gentle, moisturizing products, preferably vegan, that minimize the risk of irritation. It's also important to filter out products containing sulfates and silicones, which can be too harsh for a sensitive scalp. Hydration is the secret to maintaining healthy curls and a soothed scalp.