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Biocoiff' Montorgueil
10 Rue Marie Stuart - Paris 2è
01 88 33 49 77
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (229 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Bastille
42, Boulevard Henri IV - Paris 4è
01 42 77 00 05
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,5/5 (282 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Saint-Germain
5, rue des Ciseaux - Paris 6è
01 43 26 77 77
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (174 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Haussmann
192 Bld Haussmann - Paris 8è
01 45 61 14 05
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9am to 6pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (298 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Daumesnil
75 Rue Claude Decaen - Paris 12è
01 84 25 45 60
Tuesday to Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 9am - 6pm
Rating : 4,4/5 (151 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Jeanne d'Arc
19, place Jeanne d'Arc - Paris 13è
01 45 85 91 09
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9am to 6pm
Rating : 4,5/5 (248 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Convention
188 Rue de la Convention - Paris 15è
01 45 31 50 66
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,4/5 (171 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Levallois-Perret
5 Place d'Estienne d'Orves
01 47 37 16 24
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9.30am - 6.30pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (150 reviews)

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Biocoiff': nature takes care of your hair

Are you tired of having itchy eyes at coloring or dry hair for weeks on end?

The ammonia-based products used by hairdressers are probably no longer suitable for you. You should try a professional who prefers bio-products for the hair.

Since 2005, Biocoiff' salons have been offering their clients a range of exclusively natural products developed by Charley.

A pioneer in his field, he opted for organic after noticing the amazing properties of plants and natural pigments on hair.

Natural hair products for personalised care

The Biocoiff' adventure began in Charley's first hair salon in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Forced to abandon traditional hairdressing products, he turned to powders plant-based based on dye plants from India.

He developed his first formulations to personalise each care product and coloring according to the nature of the hair.

In contrast to industrial dyes containing chemicals, an organic hairdresser will prepare coloring according to the client's scalp and hair condition.

What motivates Charley and all the hairdressers who adhere to her philosophy is the well-being of the client and their hair over time. The approach of these professionals in organic hairdressing salons is above all qualitative and benevolent.

Hair care and Ayurveda

Charley, the founder of Biocoiff' salons, has put into practice the principles of Ayurveda.

In India, great attention is paid to the beauty and care of the hair. Massages and good moisturising improve blood circulation and regulate nervous tension, among other things.

The use of plants or oils plant-based is targeted according to the needs of the hair. This range of products regenerates damaged hair, treats tips, fights against alopecia and dandruff.

The personal advice and natural products used in an organic hair salon will make your hair stronger and shinier over the course of your appointments.

Ayurvedic treatments for the "Rebiolution" of the hair

Only natural ingredients and powders are used in the composition of the products used and marketed by Biocoiff'.

They are dosed and mixed at the moment the hairdresser or colourist needs them to perform a treatment. In contrast to conventional products, the products, masks or colorings plant-based dye, treat and care for the hair in depth without damaging the scalp or causing allergic reactions (eczema, itching, malnutrition of the fiber hair).

They are recommended for anyone suffering from skin reactions as Biocoiff' products are formulated without ammonia or derivatives, without sulphates or other chemical agents.

Customers no longer have to choose between beauty and health.

Pregnant women or women undergoing treatment for serious illnesses (chemotherapy) can make an appointment with a Biocoiff hairdresser without fear of health side effects.

Biocoiff' hair salons have undertaken the "rebiolution" of hair by opting for natural and vegan products not tested on animals.

Organic shampoos are less foaming because they do not contain sulphates and conditioners do not contain silicone.

Shea butter, essential oils such as ylang-ylang or rose hip, which are known for their exceptional properties on fiber hair, or clay masks are regularly used to pamper the hair.

Before a treatment, a coloring or strands, the hair is diagnosed and the lengths examined. The condition of the hair will determine the choice of natural treatments to make the hair shiny, to obtain a color with beautiful highlights.

These beauty rituals for hair protect it from any aggressive treatment with chemical dyes and start a detox to regain healthy, silky hair with remarkable texture and hold.

The organic salons in Paris all offer a wide range of services and treatments:

  • coloring plant-based to change your style, mask grey hair, treat the scalp
  • highlight mineral for natural, discreet and elegant highlights
  • Moisturising, sheathing, caring hair care, adapted to the hair
  • Shampoos, cuts and blow-dries on short, medium or long hair
  • Makeover to change your look.

Effective and long-lasting hair care

Ayurvedic hair care products are not only effective, but also long-lasting. The colorings herbal hair care products are as covering as the colorings chemical hair care products, contrary to what some people claim.

The coloring organic perm covers white hair perfectly. The application times can be longer to achieve the desired result, but this depends on the color base.

Everything is possible at an organic hairdresser's except bleaching. Peroxide blonde is the only colour that is impossible to achieve, as it requires the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Apart from the famous platinum blonde immortalised by Marylin Monroe, all natural colorings colours are possible to achieve a new look or follow the latest fashion trends. A pretty polar blonde or an ash brown will give shine to the hair and perfectly match the skin tone of the face.

Biocoiff' shampoos, dyes and treatments are all labelled and certified. The brand is committed with the PETA association not to use any animal products. The shampoos have obtained the COSMEBIO label.

The Biocoiff' salons in France allow their clients to continue the treatments carried out in the salons at home thanks to the "Plant Repair" kit which treats hair damaged by chemical treatments

Meeting at an organic fair in Paris

Choosing to make an appointment in an organic salon in Paris means taking care of your health while respecting environmental values. Becoming an organic hairdresser is part of a responsible approach. The products used in an organic salon do not contain any chemical agents, and the water used does not contain any polluting ingredients. Nature returns to nature.

Now it's your turn to test the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments and natural beauty for your hair and body by making an appointment in one of the Biocoiff'salons in Paris and in many other cities in France.

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