Organic shampoo for oily hair

Your healthy hair is precious. So are our shampoos.

Dive into the world of revolutionary hair care with Biocoiff's Biocoiff organic and vegan shampoos for oily hair. Do you suffer from excess sebum? Let our exclusive range provide you with the perfect solution. Developed by experts from essential ingredients, our shampoos are more than just cleansers: they're real jewels of nature, certified organic and specially designed to naturally regulate sebaceous gland activity.

Discover the power of our organic tea tree shampooa gentle fragrance and soothing balm that purifies irritated scalps. And for complete detoxification, try our three-clay shampoo. It cleanses gently and thoroughly, while nourishing and revitalizing your scalp.


Are you ready to revolutionize your hair routine with a organic shampoo specially designed for oily hair ? At Biocoiff', we've created a green range with 100% organic active ingredients to meet your most demanding needs. Our professionals offer you innovative organic shampoos.

Imagine being able to space out your washes and still keep your hair full of vitality and volume. Our shampoos give you this freedom, transforming your hair from a heavy, oily texture to light and airy. 


Your oily hair deserves Biocoiff


If you notice that your hair quickly becomes oily after washing, you're facing a challenge that many are familiar with: excess sebum production. This phenomenon is caused by excessive overactivity of the sebaceous glands, which disrupt the scalp's equilibrium. Pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance and heredity are just some of the causes of greasy, unattractive hair. It becomes heavy, makes it difficult to work with volume and gives a neglected appearance that's hard to bear. 

But don't despair! Our unique formulas rebalance your scalp's sebum production, restoring your hair's natural lightness and ideal volume. We know that one formula doesn't fit all, which is why we recommend that you vary your shampoos to best meet your specific needs for healthy hair.


Which shampoos for the treatment of oily hair?


Looking for the perfect treatment for oily hair? Our expert range is here to transform your hair routine.

  • Organic tea tree shampoo with tea tree essential oil is recommended for treating excess sebum production. Our hair care professionals recommend a three-month course of treatment. This ingredient is effective for treating itchy scalps caused by dandruff, fungal infections or excessive seborrhea. Rich in terpinen-4-ol (30% to 50%) and ?-terpineol (3%), tea tree is a broad-spectrum antifungal product.
  • Three-clay detox shampoo is also a treatment for oily hair, to be used alternately with tea tree shampoo. The clay used in the shampoo's composition is an active ingredient that removes excess oil. It also nourishes, purifies and purifies to deeply cleanse the scalp. Our three-clay formulation allows you to benefit from all the virtues of each of these mineral powders.


Discover the solid shampoo for oily hair


Reinvent your hair care routine with Biocoiff' solid shampoo for oily hair, a real revolution in the world of natural hair care.  

  • Certified organic solid shampoo with sulfur, cedar and lavender is ideal for treating oily hair. Sulfur is a natural component of keratin. This element is recognized for its antifungal (psoriasis, eczema) and hair-strengthening properties. Cedar and lavender moisturize, purify and dissolve excess sebum. This powerful trio makes this shampoo an essential solution for quickly treating oily hair.
  • Certified organic solid shampoo with basil and neem, a perfect alliance to purify and soothe your scalp. Basil, with its purifying and soothing properties for itching and dandruff, combines harmoniously with neem, recognized in Ayurvedic medicine for its effectiveness against lice and skin irritations.

To complete your natural hair care routine, we recommend using a ylang-ylang conditioner or our rose mist from among our hair care products dedicated to this hair type. Our products also protect your hair from external aggressions to prevent further imbalance in sebum production.




Which shampoo for oily hair?

Organic purifying shampoos are ideal for treating oily hair. They contain no harsh chemicals and will naturally rebalance seborrhea, allowing you to wash your hair less frequently. They can be used alternately with pH-neutral shampoos such as our shampoos for normal hair.

Why do I have greasy hair?

Hyperseborrhea will clog the pilosebaceous follicles. Unable to absorb sebum, it covers the roots, which take on a shiny and sticky appearance. Heredity, certain pathologies and medical treatments or a poor diet can be the cause of greasy hair.


How do I know if I have oily hair?

If your hair becomes heavy and shiny, or if you notice the appearance of small white dusts on your shoulders, your hair is oily and producing dandruff. It's important to do something about it to keep your hair healthy.


How can I get rid of greasy hair?

In addition to applying an appropriate hair routine and sebum-regulating shampoo, it is recommended to avoid fatty or sugary foods and to space out washings to avoid stressing the sebaceous glands. It is important to break the vicious circle.


How do I wash greasy hair?

To wash oily hair, start by choosing a mild, sebum-regulating shampoo, apply it to wet hair with lukewarm water, massage gently without aggressing the scalp, and finish by rinsing thoroughly with cold water. Rinsing with cold water will stimulate the scalp to revitalize the hair. Once dry, apply a non-greasy conditioner to the lengths and tips , and avoid heavy products when styling.