Our certified organic and vegan anti-hair loss shampoos

Your scalp is precious. So are our shampoos.

Anti hair loss shampoos are very popular hair care products, and for good reason! Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women. Fortunately, there are natural natural and effective solutions to fight against this phenomenon.


Among the most recommended products, we find the Nettle Shampoowhich tones and restores volume to soft, fine and fragile hair while preventing hair loss thanks to the proteins contained in nettle. The Certified Organic Tea Tree Shampoo is also an interesting option, because it treats oily dandruff and cleanses the scalpwhich helps to slow down hair loss. Finally, the DETOX mask shampoo with 3 clays is ideal for fight against dandruff and regulate the production of sebumwhile purifying the scalp in depth.


Our professionals recommend these products in three-month treatment for optimal results. If you are looking for natural solutions to fight hair loss, these organic anti hair loss shampoos are an excellent choice.

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Fatigue, stress and seasonal changes affect hair and sometimes cause it to fall out. hair loss. To slow down or prevent hair loss, start maintaining your hair by washing it with 100% natural organic and vegan anti-hair loss shampoos. Fortifying and energizing, these hair products will tone the scalp to try to limit hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

Everyone loses hair. It's part of the normal fiber hair cycle and we all lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, without realizing it, To limit these losses, we can modify our hair routine by combining an anti-hair loss shampoo with a shampoo that corresponds to our hair type so as not to create a habit. The best thing to do is to ask a professional for advice about hair care and frequency. Very often, an excess of sebum is the cause of this loss. Too much seborrhea will cause an accumulation of impurities at the roots which will be little by little asphyxiated. The appearance of oily dandruff is one of the symptoms of hyperseborrhea, which manifests itself as itching and redness on the scalp.

Which organic anti-hair loss shampoos should I choose to stop hair loss?


We want to answer you: Shampoos that do not contain certain chemical agents. You should avoid products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This aggressive surfactant scours the hair too much and will dry it out, It causes both irritation to the fragile scalp and a reaction of the sebaceous glands. The effects are disastrous and can harm hair growth. Similarly, shampoos that use methylchloroisothiazolinone as a preservative should be avoided. Both MCI-MI and parabens can cause allergies and irritation. There is no point in aggravating any itching. To wash fragile hair, you should use organic anti-hair loss shampoos formulated without dyes, preservatives or chemical surfactants. Biocoiff offers a range of quality shampoos made from natural elements selected for their effects on the growth and regeneration of the scalp.

  • Nettle Shampoo is recommended for toning and restoring volume to soft, fine and fragile hair. The proteins contained in the nettle have the particularity to cleanse and prevent hair loss.
  • The certified organic Tea Tree Shampoo is also recommended to slow down hair loss. The antifungal properties of tea tree will treat the fungus responsible for oily dandruff and cleanse the scalp. Our professionals recommend using this shampoo as a three-month treatment, alternating with the three-clay shampoo. A treatment that they also recommend to fight against dandruff.
  • The Shampoo mask DETOX with 3 clays allows to fight against the films, to absorb the excess of sebum, to regulate its secretion in depth and to purify the scalp. It reduces irritation caused by hyperseborrhea. Our hairdressers also recommend this shampoo before each coloring or highlight to remove all traces of chemical agents.


Organic solid shampoos against hair loss

Organic anti-hair loss solid shampoos are free of any aggressive or allergenic elements. Rich in oils and butters they are highly concentrated in active ingredients. For very fragile and irritated scalps, we recommend alternating organic liquid and solid shampoos. The jojoba oil contained in Biocoiff' solid shampoos is the gentlest and best tolerated by oily or dandruff-prone hair, because its composition is similar to that of sebum. Thus, it supports its regulation while nourishing and hydrating the hair.

  • Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Sulfur, Cedar and Lavender cleanses and protects your hair. The active ingredients of sulfur play a detoxifying, toning, purifying and rebalancing role. It is indicated for washing oily hair and treating dandruff. Like cedar, it plays a role of seboregulator and combines with the soothing and cleansing properties of lavender. You can complement it by taking sulfuric food supplements that stimulate hair growth.
  • Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Basil and Neem will stimulate and give a boost to tired, flat and lacking volume hair. This nutritive concentrate restores tone and resistance to the fiber capillary. The presence of neem limits the appearance of dandruff and soothes irritation of the flaky scalp.


To enhance the effects of anti-hair loss shampoos, we recommend pairing them with hair masks and 100% natural styling aids. You will continue to strengthen and protect the scalp. Rebalancing sebum production will slow down hair loss.

Frequently asked questions


  • Is the anti-hair loss shampoo effective?

    A shampoo that regulates seborrhea and dandruff without attacking the scalp can only be beneficial against hair loss. The key is to integrate it into an overall hair routine with deep care and styling products that respect the fragility of the scalp.

  • What are the vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss?

    A deficiency in vitamins B12, D, E or zinc will affect your hair. affect your hair. Poor oxygenation of the blood in the scalp and a lack of iron can also accelerate hair loss accelerate hair loss, especially in the case of a disrupted hair cycle or androgenetic alopecia.

  • What is the best organic anti-hair loss shampoo?

    Organic shampoos against hair loss that gently cleanse, strengthen the fiber capillary and rebalance the seborrhea are the best shampoos against hair loss, because they act on all aspects of this problem.