Organic and vegan anti-hair loss shampoo

Your fortified hair is precious. So are our shampoos.

Le anti-hair loss shampoo shampoo is a very popular hair care product, and for good reason! Hair loss is a common problem that affects affects both men and women. Fortunately, there are natural and effective solutions to combat this complex phenomenon.

Among the most recommended products are nettle shampoonettle shampoo, which tones and restores volume and vitality to limp, fine and fragile hair, while preventing hair loss thanks to the proteins contained in nettle.

Tea tree shampoo shampoo is also an interesting option, as it is a treatment for oily dandruff and cleanses the scalp, helping to slow hair loss.

Last but not least, detox mask shampoo with 3 clay extracts is ideal for combating dandruff and regulating sebum production, while deeply purifying the scalp.

If you're looking for natural solutions designed to combat hair loss and reveal their beauty, these shampoos are an excellent choice. Our professionals recommend these organic products as a three-month course of treatment for optimal results.

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Fatigue, stress and seasonal changes all have an impact on hair, sometimes leading to hair loss. To slow down or prevent hair loss, start by washing your hair with organic anti-hair loss shampoos. Fortifying and energizing, these hair care products will tone the scalp to try to limit hair loss, and stimulate it to promote hair growth.


Causes of hair loss 


Everyone loses their hair - it's part of the normal fiber capillary cycle. We all lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, without realizing it, which may or may not be immediately replaced.

To limit hair loss, you can modify your hair routine by combining an anti-hair loss shampoo with a mild shampoo suited to your hair type, so as not to become accustomed to it. The best thing to do is ask a professional for advice on hair care products and their frequency of use. 

Very often, excess sebum is the cause of this loss. Too much sebum causes impurities to accumulate at the roots, gradually suffocating them. The appearance of oily dandruff is one of the symptoms of hyperseborrhea, which manifests itself as itching and redness of the scalp.


Which organic anti-hair loss shampoo is right for curbing hair loss?


Our answer: shampoos that don't contain chemicals. In general, we recommend avoiding hair cosmetics that do.

Products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) should be avoided. This aggressive surfactant over-strips the hair and dries it out, causing both irritation of the fragile scalp and a reaction of the sebaceous glands. The effects are disastrous and can impair hair growth.

Similarly, shampoos using methylchloroisothiazolinone as a preservative should be avoided. Both MCI-MI and parabens can cause allergies and irritation. There's no point in aggravating any itching.

To wash fragile hair, you need organic anti-hair loss shampoos formulated without colorants, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or chemical surfactants. Biocoiff offers a range of quality shampoos made from natural ingredients (plants, oils plant-based and essential oils) selected for their effect on hair growth and scalp regeneration.

  • Organic nettle shampoo is recommended for toning and restoring volume to limp, fine and fragile hair. The proteins contained in nettle have the particularity of cleansing and preventing hair loss.
  • Organic tea tree shampoo is also recommended for curbing hair loss. Tea tree's antifungal properties treat the fungus responsible for oily dandruff and cleanse the scalp. Our professionals recommend using this shampoo as a three-month course of treatment, alternating with the Three Clays shampoo. This treatment is also recommended to combat dandruff.
  • Detox mask shampoo with 3 clays fights dandruff, absorbs excess sebum, regulates its secretion deep down and purifies the scalp. It reduces irritation caused by hyperseborrhea. Our hairdressers also recommend this shampoo before every coloring or highlight to remove all traces of chemical agents.


Organic solid shampoos against hair loss


Organic anti-hair loss solid shampoos are free from aggressive or allergenic ingredients. Rich in plant oils and butters, they are highly concentrated in active ingredients. For very fragile, irritated scalps, we recommend alternating liquid and solid organic shampoos. The jojoba oil contained in Biocoiff' solid shampoos is the gentlest and best tolerated by oily or dandruff-prone hair, as its composition is similar to that of sebum. It stimulates sebum regulation while nourishing and moisturizing the hair.

  • Organic solid shampoo with sulfur, cedar and lavender cleanses and protects your hair. The sulfur components play a detoxifying, toning, purifying and rebalancing role. It is specially indicated for washing greasy hair and treating dandruff. Like cedar, it acts as a seboregulator and combines with the soothing and purifying properties of lavandin. It can be complemented by sulfur-containing dietary supplements to stimulate hair growth.
  • Organic solid shampoo with basil and neem has a stimulating action that will give a boost to tired, flat and lacking volume hair. This nutritive concentrate restores tone and strength to fiber capillary tissue to promote hair growth. Neem reduces the appearance of dandruff and soothes irritation.

To enhance the effects of anti-hair-loss shampoos, we recommend that you combine them with hair masks and products from our brand to facilitate 100% natural styling. Hair becomes stronger and more protected. Balancing sebum production slows hair loss.




Leaf Why choose organic shampoo?

Because you use it every day, you probably no longer pay attention to the composition of your shampoo. But you should take a closer look.

Many manufacturers tend to include ingredients in their shampoos that are controversial for their effects on health. These products contain parabens, silicones and sulfatesThese products contain parabens, silicones and sulfates, powerful endocrine disruptors that dry out hair and scalp and cause severe irritation, particularly to the eyes.

They are also a problem for wastewater treatment, which in its current state cannot eliminate all non-biodegradable chemical components, leading to pollution of waterways.


Leaf What's the best organic shampoo?

If you're looking for a shampoo that cleans and cares for your hair without damaging it, opt for an organic cleanser. The best organic shampoo is a liquid or soap shampoo free of harmful products (parabens, sulfates, fragrances, etc.).

Gentler on the scalp, the best organic shampoo is the one that suits your hair type. If you have dry hair, choose a shampoo with aloe vera, known for its moisturizing properties. If you have oily hair, choose a shampoo with lemon and jojoba to help reduce sebum production.

In the absence of specific hair problems, we recommend choosing a mild or ultra-gentle shampoo with a pH close to that of the skin (6.5 or 7). Organic shampoos with herbs or jojoba and shea are suitable for the whole family and all hair types. 


Leaf Which is the healthiest shampoo?

Organic shampoos are the healthiest, as they contain no chemicals harmful to the scalp or the user's health. Shampoos to avoid are those formulated with :

  • parabens and derivatives used as preservatives
  • sulphates as foaming agents
  • polyethylene glycol which is used to give the shampoo its thick texture
  • silicones that make it easier to detangle the hair


Leaf What's the difference between organic and conventional shampoos?

The essential difference between organic and conventional shampoos lies in their composition. Organic shampoos are a return to nature for your hair! They are formulated with natural ingredients, often organically grown, and free from harsh chemicals. This means a gentler, more respectful approach to your scalp, reducing the risk of allergies and irritation. 

By opting for an organic shampoo, you're not only choosing to care for your hair in a healthier way, but also to conserve the environment. It's a beauty gesture that makes sense!


Leaf How do I use my organic shampoo to wash and care for my hair?

To get the most out of your organic shampoo, start by thoroughly wetting your hair with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips.

Unlike conventional shampoo, organic shampoo lathers less, but that's normal! It cleanses just as effectively without damaging your hair. Rinse thoroughly. If necessary, wash a second time for perfect cleanliness. Over time, you'll notice that your hair regains its natural balance, shine and health.


Leaf What should I use in addition to organic shampoos to keep my hair and scalp healthy?

To complete your organic hair routine, consider organic conditioners and masks. These products reinforce the action of the shampoo, providing extra moisture and nutrition. Choose products adapted to your hair type for optimum results. 

For example, dry hair requires oil-rich care plant-based. And don't forget to protect your hair from external aggressors such as the sun or pollution, and to maintain a balanced, moisturized diet, essential for your hair's health.