Specially formulated to boost the hair, the food supplement So that my mane shines regenerates the fiber and improves the growth of the hair by strengthening it. It is taken as well to treat the damaged, denuded hair as to maintain the good health of the normal hair. This nutritive supplement can be added to any hair routine. Developed from observations in our salons and the fruit of research in our laboratories, the peach flavored chewable tablets (SUGAR FREE) by Biocoiff' are hair enhancers. They participate in the maintenance of a healthy hair and prove their quality and their effectiveness. Their results confirm our expertise and reward our research efforts;

  • Growth & Regrowth observed in 78%* of users
  • Density : +15 %*
  • Volume : +32 %*
  • Hair loss -50%* observed in 91% of users
  • Dandruff : -73 %*
  • Dryness of the scalp : -75 %*

Biocoiff' chewable food supplements will restore shine and volume to your hair. You can take them as a treatment to reinforce the properties of our hair care products.

One box contains 60 tablets.

*Results of a scientific study and a satisfaction test carried out during 3 months with 60 Biocoiff' customers and users.