Biocoiff hairdressing accessories: the essential allies of your hair

To take with you everywhere.

Discover our range of Biocoiff hair accessories, designed to offer you effective and environmentally friendly hair care. Our natural bamboo hair brushes offer gentle brushing and prevent electric hair, while our bamboo combs are perfect for gentle detangling for all hair types. For deep hydration, our flaxseed heating cap lets you get the most out of our hair care products, while our wooden hair massager stimulates blood flow and hair growth. Try them out and share your opinion with us!


Some styling accessories are essential to take care of your hair and keep it in shape. To make it easier for you and get the most out of our shampoos and Biocoiff' shampoos and hair care productsshampoos and hair care products, we offer you a complete range of accessories that combine efficiency and ethical values. Discover them and let us know your opinion once you have tested them.


The natural bamboo hairbrush for a gentle brushing.

Our bamboo hair brushes are your best ally to style your hair and tame your strands. Made of bamboo, they avoid the inconvenience of electric hair thanks to their antistatic properties. You will appreciate their lightness and their hypoallergenic quality. The wooden spikes detangle the hair and activate the circulation of the scalp. You don't heat up the roots and you limit the formation of dandruff if you secrete it. Entirely made of bamboo and rubber, these brushes are bioset vegan accessories like all the products of the Biocoiff brand. They are available in two sizes to fit all palms.


The bamboo comb: for gentle detangling for all hair types.

The bamboo combs share the advantages of hair accessories made from natural, eco-friendly materials. They are light and antistatic unlike horn or plastic combs. We have made them in several sizes to suit your needs and to allow you to take them everywhere. The large wide-tooth comb is best used for detangling and styling dense, curly hair. The wide teeth better respect the waves and tight curl of frizzy hair. The small bamboo comb is best used to style thin hair or to carry in your bag when traveling.


The heated cap for a deep hydration of the hair.

To get the most out of our hair care products, we offer a heating cap with linseed. Its use allows you to open more easily the scales of the hair to make penetrate the assets contained in the hair balms or the dry oil. You will thus obtain the same results as in a salon when you put your hair under a dryer diffusing hot water vapor. You can keep your heated cap on your head and go about your business without getting your clothes wet. The heat is evenly distributed. The elastic band ensures a good fit without being too tight. The Biocoiff heating cap is heated in the microwave in less than two minutes. Follow the instructions on the leaflet.


The wooden hair massager: stimulate blood circulation and hair growth.

Our wooden hair massager allows you to massage your scalp. Easy to use, it eliminates stress and fatigue in a few minutes. It improves the blood circulation of the scalp and boosts hair growth. You can also use it to reinforce the properties of Biocoiff hair care products. We advise you to use it when you shampoo your hair or after coating your hair with a deep conditioner or dry geisha oil. You can also use it without a product for a moment of relaxation. You will immediately find the pleasure of a scalp massage performed by Biocoiff hairdressershairdressers, even if we know that you would much rather be in their professional hands!


Frequently asked questions

Why is it advisable to brush your hair every day?

Brushing your hair keeps your hair healthy. Brushing removes dead hair and activates blood circulation at the roots. We lose an average of 120 hairs a day and if you don't get rid of them, they will get tangled up with others and cause knots. 


Why should I brush my hair every night?

Just as we brush our teeth and remove our makeup at night, we should also brush our hair. This removes dust and residue from styling products and pollution that clings to the hair. To boost blood circulation and get rid of traces of gel or styling spray, brush your hair upside down. 


Why use a bamboo hairbrush?

We suggest and recommend the use of the bamboo brush, because it is a 100% natural material that does not fear humidity and does not produce static electricity. In addition, it allows us to make light and manageable hairbrushes. Resistant, its spikes mounted on a rubber cushion eliminate knots and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.


Is it true that it takes 100 brush strokes to get good hair?

The 100 brush strokes are not a legend, but the signature gesture of the Carita house created in 1945 in Paris. These famous hairdressers had developed this technique to accompany their styling treatments. They are performed with two pimpled brushes like the ones we offer and take about 2 minutes. A regular practice brings volume and shine to the hair, and smoothes the fiber. 


How to clean your bamboo brush?

Once the dead hair is removed, you can soak your brush in water with Marseille soap or in this mixture with white vinegar. You will clean and disinfect your bamboo hairbrush at the same time. Then let it dry in the open air.


How to brush your hair without damaging it?

If you have long hair, take a cue from hairdressers. Start with the lengths by holding your strands with one hand and brushing with the other. Then work your way up to the roots. If you have curly hair, using a bamboo spike brush will help you style without breaking the curls or hair.


How long does a scalp massage last?

It is recommended to massage the scalp for about 5 minutes starting from the nape of the neck and working up to the top of the head. 

Our advice: Once a week, combine your scalp massage with a relaxing and moisturizing face mask. You'll feel like you're on cloud nine after this wellness interlude. 


What is the technique of the anti-hair loss massage?

It is recommended to massage the scalp daily to boost microcirculation in the hair follicles. You can add a few drops of essential oil of cedar or rosemary. 


How long should I wear a heating cap?

It is recommended that you leave a hair treatment on for 30 minutes. Try to stay close to this time, or even longer if you have time before rinsing your hair with clean water.