Sun protection for hair
organic after-sun care

Care. Moisturizing. Nourishment. Sublimation.

It is as important to protect your hair as it is to protect your skin from the sun. To keep your hair shiny and soft, and to ensure that your hair color stays bright, Biocoiff's 100% natural sun protection products are perfect. Adapt your hair routine to summer and make your hair shine.


Your hair deserves 100% natural UV protection

To take care of your hair and protect it from UV rays and heat, adapt your hair routine and act before, during and after exposure. We reserve protective oils and sprays for the period when we are in the sun to limit the damage caused by UV rays, wind, chlorine and iodine. After exposure, wash your hair with a protective shampoo and finish by repairing the fiber with after shampooing and repairing hair masks. Finally, remember that colored or bleached hair are particularly sensitive to the sun. To prevent your chestnut color from fading or your red hair from turning to carrots, apply treatments that will keep the pigments in the hair.


Our organic hair care products to protect your hair in the sun

The sun protection products proposed by Biocoiff' contain exclusively natural and vegetal agents. They are recommended for natural or colored hair types.


  • Ylang-Ylang Conditioner can protect your hair and its color from the sun. Its pleasant texture to apply completes the action of the shampoo. Its complex based on coconut oil and ylang-ylang preserves the hair's pigments and nourishes it.
  • Marshmallow Conditioner is also excellent for detangling and moisturizing hair. Without essential oil, this solid hair care is a concentrate of repairing agents for the fiber capillary.
  • The aloe vera gel offers multiple protection to the hair. It regenerates and moisturizes it. It avoids the opening of the scales which makes the hair fragile and porous. It makes the hair shiny and facilitates its styling. You can complete its action by associating it with a Biocoifff' styling product. This way, your blow-dry will hold better without the risk of applying a product that will suffocate it.
  • Geisha oil is a perfect leave-in treatment to protect hair exposed to the sun. It can be applied before, during or after exposure. It can be applied to wet or dry hair. Its multiple benefits reduce the harmful effects of UV and the appearance of frizz.
  • The rose mist is applied as a hair lotion to protect hair from UV rays. It is best to always have it in your bag to spray on your hair. It leaves no residue on the hair and gives an immediate feeling of freshness.

Hair masks for sun protection

To avoid having hair like straw, in addition to shampoos and leave-in care against the harmful effects of the sun, Biocoiff' suggests you apply hair balms with plant extracts. Developed by our aromatherapists and phytotherapists, they allow you to treat your hair without risk after a highlight. These balms contain no chemical ingredients, dyes or preservatives. You benefit from the properties of the selected plants to restore the shine and strength to your hair.


  • Rosewood Balm is enriched with shea, coconut, mango butter and castor oil to care for dry, porous lengths and tips hair that has been damaged by UV rays, chlorine and wind. Apply this deep conditioner to damp hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with clean water. Your hair is supple, soft to the touch and shiny.
  • Jasmine Balm is active to revitalize hair that has been damaged by heat and sun. The active ingredients of rosemary and jasmine are combined with those of coconut. Its pleasant fragrance makes this mask even more pleasant.
  • Rose Balm is remarkable for treating dry hair. You benefit from the benefits of coconut oil combined with castor oil and mango butter. This complex will restore the fiber capillary and make less breakable the porous and fragile hair. You can apply this mask in addition to the Biocoiff' calendula shampoo.

Frequently asked questions

How to avoid damaging your hair when exposed to the sun?

When you're in the sun, regularly spray a moisturizing mist like our rose water. Reapply and, if you're swimming, combine it with geisha oil, which contains natural sun filters.


Which oil protects hair from the sun?

The oils plant-based are recommended to protect colored hair. Coconut, argan or castor oils protect hair from the sun, as their Significant Sun Protection Factor (SPF) against UV rays is about 28.


What are the effects of thermoprotective hair care products?

Light and invisible, the function of this care is to protect the hair which tends to dehydrate and become brittle in contact with heat. In addition, it also has an anti-frizz action and lengthens the hold of a blow-dry.