Organic Calendula Shampoo for dry hair

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A hair can be dry naturally or become so as a result of chemical actions (coloring, fading, perming, straightening), or by lack of care.

Dry hair is first and foremost a sick and weakened hair.

It suffers from a lack of sebum, a natural component produced by our body which has the particularity of protecting the hair shaft.

Calendula Shampoo provides all the necessary nutrition to restore health and softness to the hair.

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Certified organic shampoo for dry hair 

cosmebio shampoovegan and organic shampoo





  • Dry and dull hair, coloured or natural
  • For damaged and brittle hair
  • For the scalp that tugs



  • Provides nutrition to dry hair
  • Preserves and strengthens the keratin of damaged and brittle hair
  • Soothes tightness 
  • Relieves eczema
  • Adding shine

Biocoiff' Calendula shampoo has a great nourishing power and is very effective on dry hair.

Very mild, with extracts of calendula, chamomile and horsetail, it's also softening and soothing.

Our Biocoiff' Calendula shampoo has great nourishing power: designed with a clever blend of calendula extracts mixed with those of chamomile and horsetail, it will surround your hair to protect it, just as sebum does.

It also has other very interesting benefits for this type of hair and fights against irritations and itching of the scalp, a symptom of dry hair. It is very effective on European hair but also on Afro hair.

No more hours spent in front of the mirror trying to detangle your hair.

Your hair will regain all its beauty, shine and flexibility.

Capacity : 200mL

Additional Information

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Instructions for use

How to use the Organic Calendula Shampoo for Dry Hair?

  1. On wet hair, pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand.
  2. Spread the product in both hands and apply it to the scalp.
  3. Massage it gently in circular movements with the fingertips. Do not massage the hair too much.
  4. Slide the foam onto the lengths
  5. Rinse

What products should I use this shampoo with?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine Organic Calendula Shampoo for Dry Hair with the following products

The Story

In phytotherapy, Calendula is used for its softening and healing properties on the skin.

It calms psoriasis, eczema, cradle cap and other skin diseases.

It also preserves the hydrolipidic film, the skin's main protector.


INCI : Aqua, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Coco-betaine, Sodium coco-sulfate, Calendula officinalis flower extract (Calendula), Chamomile recutita extract (Chamomile), Glyceryl oleate, Cuco-glucoside, Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi), Trigonela foenum-graecum extract (Fenugreek), Hydrolyzed sweet almond protein, Sommondsia chinensis seed oil (Jojoba oil), Cedrus deodara wood oil (Cedar), Cananga odorata flower oil (Ylang ylang), Lavandula hybrida oil, Litsea cubeba oil, Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver), Pogostoman cablin oil (Patchouli), Citrus reticulata oil (Mandarin), Benzyl alcohol, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Citric acid, Dehydroacetic acid, Sodium benzoate. Natural components of essential oils: citral, linalool, limonene, citronellol.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- I wanted to know if calendula shampoo is safe for use by a pregnant woman (3rd trimester) because of the composition which contains essential oils?

The concentration of essential oil in Biocoiff shampoos is well below the authorized limit and does not represent a danger* for pregnant women.

All products that are not recommended for use during pregnancy must be labelled with a symbol such as this.

*If you are not allergic to one of these oils or to one of its components. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult an allergist.


2- I have dry hair and I took the calendula shampoo but apparently I should have taken the aloe vera one. Can we make the switch please?

The primary function of a shampoo is to wash.

At Biocoiff, the added active ingredients have the function of gently washing while respecting the needs of the hair and scalp.

ALOE VERA: Washes while preserving the moisture of the hair and scalp 

CALANDULA : Washes while preserving the nutrition of the hair and scalp 

ORTIES: Washes and tones the scalp and hair 

HERBS: Washes while preserving the balance of the hair and scalp 

TEA TREE: Cleanses and purifies oily and dandruffy scalps 

CLAY SHAMPOO: Detoxifies and cleanses the hair and scalp

Apart from Tea Tree and clay, which have a specific purifying and detoxifying function, all the other shampoos are suitable for all hair and scalp types and should be alternated regularly to meet the different needs: moisturising, nourishing, toning and balancing according to the needs of the moment.

Since the purpose of a shampoo is to wash, it is the conditioner that will provide the desired care effect.

In your case, the calendula shampoo combined with the Ylang-Ylang conditioner may well suit you

If in doubt, you can have a hair diagnosis in one of our salons:


3- Can calendula shampoo be used on a baby? Does it sting the eyes?

Under the age of 3, the child's skin is not yet mature, which means that its pH is between 6.5 and 7 (close to neutral pH)

An adult with a pH of about 5.5 = acidic

Baby shampoos/shower gels have a pH adapted to their skin (i.e. between 6.5 and 7) and as the pH of the eye is neutral, this is why they do not sting the eyes.

The shampoos in the biocoiff range have a pH between 5.5 and 6 to suit the natural pH of children over 3 years and adults, but it is preferable to avoid the eyes otherwise it will sting a little


4- I wanted to know if your calendula shampoo was compatible with pregnancy because of the essential oils it contains.

The concentration of essential oil in Biocoiff shampoos is well below the authorized limit and does not represent a danger* for pregnant women.

All products that are not recommended for use during pregnancy must be labelled with a symbol such as this.

*If you are not allergic to one of these oils or to one of its components. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult an allergist.


5- Since using your colorings and shampoos, my hair is very dry. Should I use the Aloe Vera or Calendula shampoo instead?

coloring is a sheathing coloring , which protects the hair from external aggressions. It is also purifying and tonic. On the other hand, it is neither moisturising nor nourishing.

A shampoo will wash but it will not treat. The shampoos in the Biocoiff range wash gently thanks to the active ingredients they contain, but they do not replace the moisturising and nourishing care needed to provide what the hair and scalp need.

In your case, we advise you to use the Ylang-Ylang conditioner after each shampoo.

→ On towel-dried hair, apply the treatment starting with the tips, gradually working up to the lengths and then massaging the scalp 

> Untangle > pause while soaping > rinse.

15 opinions on Organic Calendula Shampoo for Dry Hair

  1. Virginie (confirmed customer) -

    I use this shampoo once a week, which is a real pleasure. My hair is shiny and less dry.
    Thanks to Lyla for this biocoiff discovery

  2. marina (confirmed customer) -

    This shampoo is really great, my hair is shiny and less dry! The products smell very good and very fresh, it's very pleasant!
    Thank you to Naturellement Lyla who made us discover this brand and Peau Neuve!

  3. Geneviève Konieczny (confirmed customer) -

    Undeniable results from the first use, hair less dry, I think the result will be even more obvious in the long run. I'll continue.

  4. saux -

    As I have dry and curly hair (mixed race hair) I was just delighted to discover this shampoo that brings softness during the application (does not strip unlike classic products) and after. The result is really there. A very big thank you to Biocoiff!

  5. Marlène GUYOT (confirmed customer) -

    Pleasant shampoo that rinses well, a little less itchy after two shampoos

  6. Marlène GUYOT (confirmed customer) -

    Shampoo effective against itching

  7. Kenza Medahi (confirmed customer) -

    Very good product, I have dry lengths and tips and with this shampoo my hair is very soft, a real pleasure. The only thing is that I have a sensitive scalp, with itching and some dandruff, and it seems to me that this shampoo has slightly accentuated my dandruff problem... Since then, I have been using the nettle shampoo and I have much less problems in this area.

  8. karine -

    good product, meets my expectations

  9. karine -

    pleasant and effective shampoo

  10. Marie -

    Shampoo bought from biocoiff Chantilly very effective corresponds to my expectations.
    I will order it❤

  11. Herrman (confirmed customer) -

    Recommended by my hairdresser for my daughter and me post color it's great!

  12. Marie-Josée Gonnet (confirmed customer) -

    Great product, I would love the free shipping

  13. Faress (confirmed customer) -

    I have been using it for over 5 years now and I wouldn't change my shampoo for anything in the world, it's just perfect.having very dry and frizzy hair, I couldn't find the ideal shampoo but when I discovered Biocoiff and their products, I became a fan of all their products. This shampoo leaves my hair soft, nourished and shiny.

  14. Marc Demuth (confirmed customer) -

    Very good product, promise kept

  15. Céline (confirmed customer) -

    I have tried many organic shampoos but this one is a wonder. Having done chemical colorings for years, I lost a lot of hair and my lengths were brittle. After trying many organic shampoos for over a year but not finding the one that suited me, I discovered coloring and the shampoos from biocoiff. Knowing that you need to give your hair moisture and nutrition, I alternate with the one with aloe vera...

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