DETOX shampoo mask with 3 clays

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The new 3-clay shampoo mask gently purifies the scalp and hair.

Many of us know the virtues of green clay on the skin but few imagine being able to use it on our hair and yet... the benefits it brings to our skin are similar on our hair.

This clever blend of 3 clays developed exclusively at Biocoiff' helps to fight dandruff, absorb excess sebum, regulate its secretion in depth and purify the scalp. This shampoo is also used before each Biocoiff' organic hair color to purify the hair of all the chemicals accumulated over the years.

In stock


Shampoo DETOX Mask with 3 clays


  • Hair choked by chemicals 
  • For greasy hair and greasy dandruff
  • For women with natural hair (no plant-based hair coloring)



  • Removes all occlusive chemical residues
  • Cleanses and purifies oily and dandruffy scalps


The 3 Clay Shampoo Mask is perfect for hair choked by chemicals 

This 3-clay shampoo mask removes all occlusive residues, which are largely responsible for hair degradation.

It is the 1st important step to remember in your transition to a range of colorings plant-based .

This is the product we use in Biocoiff' salons.

Without it, chemical and cosmetic residues act as a barrier and limit the quality of the results. 


The 3 Clay Shampoo Mask is useful for oily scalps and those with oily dandruff

Combine the Biocoiff' Tea Tree Shampoo with the 3 Clay Shampoo-Mask allows the 3 clays that compose it (clay montmorillonite, white clay and green clay) to complete the treatment by gently exfoliating the "grease" and dandruff to allow the action of the Biocoiff' Tea Tree shampoo.


The 3 clay Shampoo Mask is also suitable for natural hair (without coloring).

It is important to detoxify your hair and scalp at least once a month from pollution, styling products and the natural secretions of your scalp.

It allows them to breathe and to be more receptive to care. It is a real complement to the use of hair care products such as shampoo or conditioner.

The 3-clay mask shampoo will find its place in your bathroom!

Capacity : 200mL


Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg

Instructions for use

How to use Biocoiff's 3-Clay Shampoo Mask?

  1. On wet hair
  2. Pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand
  3. Spread the product in both hands and apply only to the scalp
  4. Gently massage it in circular motions with your fingertips. Do not massage the hair too much.
  5. Slide the foam onto the lengths
  6. Leave for 15 minutes
  7. Rinse

Biocoiff's 3-Clay Shampoo Mask should only be used once a month as a 2nd shampoo, preferably after a Biocoiff' shampoo.

 Which products can be combined with Biocoiff's 3-Clay Shampoo Mask?

For greasy and dandruffy scalps, alternate with the Purifying shampoo at the Tea Tree.

The Story

Used locally, on the skin and hair, clay (whatever its name color) is also used in phytotherapy to heal certain pains. 

Professor Laborde said in 1928:

Healing earth, taken regularly or periodically, has the periodically, has the gift of purifying, invigorating and balancing imbalances for healing...


INCI: Aqua*, Decyl Glucoside*, Lauryl Betaine*, Xanthan Gum*, Montmorillonite**, Kaolin**, Illite**, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil**, Glycine Soja Oil**, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract**, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder**, Panthenol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid*, Sorbic Acid*, Formic Acid*.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me if the 3-clay mask-shampoo should only be used for detox (before switching to coloring ) or can we use it every day, even after a coloring ?

The 3-clay shampoo mask purifies the hair and scalp. By leaving it on for 20 minutes, it gradually removes certain toxins from the hair.
You can use it once a month, alternating with the other shampoos in the range.

Apart from Tea Tree which has a specific function for oily scalp, all the other shampoos are adapted to all hair and scalp types and should be regularly alternated to meet the different needs: hydration, nutrition, toning, and balance according to the needs of the moment.
ALOE VERA: Washes while preserving the hydration of the hair and scalp
CALANDULA: Cleanses while preserving the nutrition of the hair and scalp
ORTIES : Cleanses while toning the hair and scalp
HERBS : Cleanses while preserving the balance of the hair and scalp
TEA TREE : Cleanses while purifying oily and dandruffy scalps
SILVER SHAMPOO: Cleanses while detoxifying the hair and scalp
NB: A shampoo allows you to wash, and the treatment allows you to care.
Each shampoo must be followed by a treatment. At Biocoiff we recommend Ylang-Ylang conditioner.

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