Our natural & normal hair care

Care. Moisture. Nourishment. Sublimation.

If natural and normal hair does not suffer from any particular problem, you should not neglect its maintenance. Regularly applying hair care products to keep your hair healthy is essential. Biocoiff offers you a complete range of masks and lotions to complete your hair routine. Discover the most suitable organic hair care products for normal hair to keep your hair looking great.


How to recognize normal hair?

Before choosing a hair care product for normal hair, it is important to know if your hair type is the right one. What are the characteristics of normal hair? Normal hair is characterized by its perfect balance. It is neither greasy nor dry. It is not plagued by dandruff and tips is not especially split. It looks and feels naturally shiny and soft. You can be satisfied with one to two shampoos maximum per week. This hair is easy to live with and a hairdresser's delight, as it is easy to style. However, this beautiful balance can be compromised by poor health, too much stress or simply too much heat. To avoid compromising its health, professionals recommend caring for it as you would fragile hair. The organic hair care formulated by Biocoiff contain only natural products. Plants, oils plant-based and mineral powders are used in their composition. These are the same products that Biocoiff hairdressers use in the salon to treat their clients' hair. So don't hesitate to ask them for advice, it's part of their their services.


What care for natural and normal hair?

Like all other hair types, normal hair needs deep conditioning once a month or two. once a month or every 15 days. The application of organic hair care products will not only treat the hair, but will also keep it in this state by preserving it from dryness and any change in texture. Biocoiff offers a complete range of shampoos and care for normal hair:

  • Ylang Ylang Conditioner brings softness and protection to normal hair and other hair types. It is applied on the lengths and tips to moisturize and facilitate their untangling. Formulated without chemical additives, it is very well tolerated and makes the hair soft and shiny.
  • The aloe vera gel is a leave-in hair care product to enhance hair. It will protect the hair against the heat of the hair dryer or UV rays. Its formulation allows to treat the lengths without weighing them down. Its natural agents make them supple and shiny without cardboard effect. The texture is pleasant and does not obstruct the fiber capillary.
  • Geisha oil acts as a heat-protecting serum on the hair. It has a nourishing, moisturizing and protective effect. This dry oil can be applied to wet or dry hair and also facilitates styling.
  • The rose mist is sprayed on the hair for an immediate burst of freshness. This spray, formulated with natural ingredients, refreshes and moisturizes without weighing down the hair.

Which deep hair care products for normal hair?

Balms and masks are rich in vegetable fats. Combined with essential oils, they coat the hair and release their active ingredients by penetrating the fiber capillary.

  • The jasmine balm nourishes the hair from the root to tips . It combines coconut oil with the properties of rosemary and jasmine. It will tone your hair and strengthen its natural shine. Your hair is more beautiful and more tonic.


Frequently asked questions

How to maintain your normal hair?

We recommend washing with a mild liquid or solid shampoo before applying our ylang-ylang conditioner, designed as a true treatment for normal hair.


How often should I apply a hair mask?

It is recommended to apply a balm once a fortnight. You can start with this one before proceeding to the washing and the application of a conditioner. 


Why choose an anti-UV product in summer for normal hair?

Normal hair, like all hair, fears UV rays and the drying effects of heat on fiber . Therefore, it is necessary to protect the lengths with a thermo-protective care as you do for your skin.