Contrary to what some people believe, the colours plant-based last very well over time. The method is a little gentler than the chemicalcolorings but is no less effective.

The first reason: the coloring plant has a longer laying time

Under heat, the pigments have time to wrap themselves around the hair and adhere firmly to it.

Moreover, it is important to know that a coloring plant continues to work in the long term, after the installation.

At Biocoiff', we ask our clients not to wash their hair for 3 days after the coloring session so that it can reveal itself after this period.


The second reason: no root effect!

In the chemical colorings , clients often complain about having a "bad" hairline. white bar after a few weeks, with the colorings plant-based , you realise that you have a

(and clients frequently tell us this): this root effect does not exist.

As a result, you can stay longer with a coloring plant.


The third reason: a personalized color

At Biocoiff', the color is chosen according to the client's wishes and the condition and nature of the hair.

The color that is prepared here is personalised.

The dosage and mixtures must be adapted to the client, who will therefore keep her color longer.

Consequently, it is strongly recommended that you go to a salon that is an expert in coloring , such as Biocoiff', in order to have a color adapted to your hair and your desires.

It's like in love: the more affinity and compatibility there is, the longer the story lasts: it's simple!

So yes, colours plant-based work, and the more you do, the longer they last! At Biocoiff' in any case.



Below is a testimonial from a client who is satisfied with the maintenance of her color :


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