As the years go by, the first grey hairs appear and we want to hide these signs of ageing . However, it is important to choose organic and natural products for healthy hair. It is important to cover up grey hair naturally.


What does it mean to hide or camouflage grey hair "naturally"?

Covering up grey hair naturally simply means using a natural coloring based on plants only.

The roots, flowers or bark of the plants are ground into powder.

This powder will be diluted with water at the time of coloring.

It is therefore a question of applying a coloring 100% plant-based to mask white hair.

cover white hair naturally

The mixture of vegetable colour pigments is mainly composed of dye plants (henna, indigo, amla, etc.).

It can be combined with ayurvedic herbs (turmeric, brahmi, fenugreek...) to provide hair care.

Vegetable dyeing allows for a coloring without any chemicals.

It is made without ammonia, oxygen or resorcinol.


Why is it important to use natural colours to hide or camouflage your grey hair?

What could be healthier than natural?

Just like the chemical colorings , the 100% vegetable coloring covers white and grey hair perfectly.

However, the big difference is that color actually takes care of the hair.

It does not weaken the hair.

colouring white hair naturally

The pigments contained in the vegetable dye cover the surface of the fiber hair, they do not open the scales to make the color penetrate; this allows to coat and protect the hair.

The benefits of the plants give the hair a soft, shiny and voluminous appearance.

The natural coloring is also a harmless coloring , without any health risks, because you are not exposed to harmful components.


The concept and the colorings Biocoiff' : cover white hair 100% naturally

Created in 2005, Biocoiff' specialises in colorings plant-based certified organic and Vegan.

coloring is a method of hiding grey hair naturally.

It is a natural product for camouflaging hair.

Biocoiff' hair salons offer their clients natural solutions to enhance their hair in a healthy way.

Several colour tones are possible: brown, chocolate, red, gold, etc.

In addition, doing a naturalcolor will help to avoid marks when the hair grows back.

coloring henna Biocoiff' white hair before  coloring henna Biocoiff' white hair after

As an organic hairdresser, Biocoiff' is committed to ethical beauty by offering its customers a guarantee on health protection.

Its biocolorists use plant-based ingredients, without any animal products.

In addition, its natural colorings methods contribute to the preservation of our environment.

To cover your grey hair naturally, you can go to a Biocoiff' salon.

Or, if you wish, you can make the coloring at home.

You will love it