Is your hair falling out? Is it damaged or lacks shine? Is it dull, does it have difficulty growing or does it itch? Nature can help you. Today I would like to give you an overview of the different hair oils that can help you. natural hair oils Today I'd like to take a look at the different products that can help you.

Castor oil for making hair masks

Known for its stimulating properties for hair growth, this oil does not penetrate the hair but coats and protects it.

It is not very easy to apply and therefore needs to be mixed with another oil

Thus, it has fatty acids close to those naturally present in the sebum of the scalp, which makes it a very effective natural product.

Avocado oil in oil bath

The properties of avocado oil for the hair

Very rich in fatty acids, avocado oil intensely nourishes and promotes hair growth.

It adds shine and softness to your hair.

organic avocado oil

Using avocado oil on your hair

Avocado oil can be used with castor oil and applied to the scalp.

This application stimulates growth because it is applied at the root.

Alternatively, avocado oil can be added to your skincare routine and it will add its benefits.

It's easy to mix with a creamy conditioner, so your hair will be shinier and more supple.

Coconut oil perfect for a hair mask

Hair oil par excellence. Perfect for dry and damaged hair, it penetrates deep into the fiber hair. It intensely nourishes the hair. Ideal as a mask followed by an organic shampoo.

In addition, it also prevents hair breakage.

Little extra: very effective against lice!

Almond oil:

This oil revitalizes and strengthens your hair.

It is particularly suitable for combating dandruff. It has softening, nourishing and repairing properties.

Jojoba oil for dry hair

Perfect oil for oily hair. This oil regulates sebum production.

Dry and damaged hair will not be left out and can also use this oil to regain shine and flexibility.

It is particularly recommended for use in summer as a UV filter.

Hair oil

Argan oil:

Ideal for "limp", devitalized and dehydrated hair, this oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and polyphenols. It combats hair loss and reduces itching.

In addition to that, this list is not exhaustive but these are the main oils to use daily. There is no need to have a whole shelf of hair oils at home to take care of your hair naturally.

Biocoiff' dry hair oil:

Geisha Biocoiff' oil contains the magnificent camellia flower that grows on the volcanic island of Jeju off the coast of Japan.

Two years of research and testing have enabled us to develop this unique jewel:Geisha oil.

Organic geisha oil has been carefully formulated to nourish and protect dry, dehydrated, devitalized or weakened hair.

It is certified organic and Vegan & Cruelty free.