Thus, with age, white hair arrives and many women can't stand having it! In this case, the best thing to do is to go to coloring to hide them. There is an alternative solution to chemistry: coloring , which covers white hair 100% without damaging it.

What is coloring for white hair?

A coloring is made up of three ingredients:

Dye plants for colouring white hair

Dye plants have the property of containing colouring pigments.

Among the best known, to obtain browns and chestnuts, are henna, safflower and annatto.

For the blond, camomile, turmeric, saffron or Canada fleabane are used, among others.

Ayurvedic herbs for hair care

Ayurvedic plants do not contain pigment.

Ayurvedic plants coloring natural

Therefore, they will not colour the hair.

They will only provide care for the hair and scalp.

The Ayurvedic herbs in coloring will coat and strengthen the hair.


The two types of plant powder are mixed with water.

It will help to achieve a fairly thick consistency.

It also allows the pigments to be distributed evenly over the entire head.


Can we cover white hair with a coloring ? YES!

If you have white hair, even up to 100%, you can cover it completely withcoloring .

colorings plant-based issuitable for all hair types.

colorings plant-based  cover white hair example

In addition, the formulas must be tailored to the individual woman.

It is also good to know that there is no root effect as with chemical colours.

The only drawback is that colorings & plant-based cannot lighten the hair. This necessarily requires a chemical operation!

Discover our file coloring Plant to find out everything you need to know before you start.


Possibility to make a natural and vegetal color after a chemical dyeing: detoxify the hair 

If the hair has been chemically coloured before, a clay mask should be used first.

This will clean the hair and remove toxins.

The colouring phase can then begin.

application coloring plant

It takes between 1h30 and 2h30.

Organic colours improve the quality of the hair by caring for and coating it.

The organic dye covers white hair and makes the hair of women who use it thicker.

Moreover, it maintains them until the next coloring.

Examples of the results we get in the salon with an organic coloring :

You will love it