Organic Shampoo + Conditioner Pack

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Special offer: your shampoo + conditioner for 30€!

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- Aloe Vera for dehydrated hair

- Tea-Tree for oily hair

- Calendula for dry hair

- Nettle for thin hair without volume

- Herbs for normal hair and for the whole family



Shampoo + conditioner pack

Discover the organic shampoo + conditioner pack Biocoiff'.

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Aloe Vera for dehydrated hair, Tea Tree for oily hair, Calendula for dry hair, Nettle for thin hair, Herbs for normal hair

26 avis sur Pack Shampoing bio + après shampoing

  1. Anne Sauray (Confirmed customer)

    Very good products, it's now been 4 months of use and my hair looks great! Very pleasant perfume, easy to rinse, the conditioner allows to untangle the hair with ease :) only the most

  2. Lucie (Confirmed customer)

    I've never seen conditioner that works so well. You don't have to use a ton, the hair detangles itself. Shampoos are the best.

  3. nathalie (Confirmed customer)

    After a huge misadventure at a hairdresser who uses the very aggressive classic products from coloring , which resulted in a large part of my hair falling out, the biocoiff tant range in coloring and shampoo got me out of this impasse.I have blonde hair and naturally curly.
    A hairdresser in my area took care of me with great intelligence, since then I do a color biocoiff every month, which covers the few white hairs and gives me a very bright golden blond without attacking the fiber of my hair.
    my husband uses my new shampoo and I also see it on his hair they are very beautiful and shiny.
    I recommend with great pleasure this natural organic range that cares about the health of the customers.

  4. fleurdelegie (Confirmed customer)

    excellent products! the hair looks great after a gentle treatment! i recommend it for those like me who like natural products.

  5. Elise (Confirmed customer)

    These 2 products are at the top: I have thin hair and fragile, so I use the nettle shampoo that suits me very well. My hair is not "rough" when I get out of the shower, especially with the conditioner in addition. Moreover it lathers well so I don't need to use a lot of it, so the bottle lasts a long time.

  6. pesquet.mathilde (Confirmed customer)

    Package finally received! Good quality products, but a bit long delivery time for 2 products!

  7. Elo (Confirmed customer)

    I tested the tea tree shampoo. It's really great for oily hair!

  8. florence (Confirmed customer)

    I tested the aloe vera shampoo and conditioner. My long, fine and dehydrated hair by chemical colorings regains softness and shine. Impressive efficiency! I finally found a shampoo that respects my fragile hair! I am delighted and I highly recommend these 2 products.


    Very good products!


    Very good products, to be used without moderation!


    Very good products to use without moderation!


    I strongly recommend the use of nettle shampoo!


    I recommend the use of nettle shampoo!

  14. Géraldine (Confirmed customer)

    I'm really excited about the aloe vera shampoo and ylang ylang conditioner pack. It's flawless, my hair comes out all soft. The product smells great and it's really nice, I feel my hair breathes. Nothing to say and the delivery is fast.

  15. Aurora (Confirmed customer)

    Very good products.
    When will they be available again?
    thank you

  16. laetitiabbsn (Confirmed customer)

    I love these shampoos, I usually use the conditioner with herbs or nettles.

  17. Bouzar (Confirmed customer)

    Les produits sont top
    J’utilise le shampooing aux orties qui redonne vie à mes cheveux très fin. L’après shampooing est super. Il facilite le démêlage et rend les cheveux doux.
    Je recommande +++

  18. Camille (Confirmed customer)

    Je ne saurais que ce Ayer les mérites du duo cheveux sec shampoing aloe Vera et après shampoing Ylang Ylang Fidèle cliente depuis 2015, mes cheveux sont doux et hydratés et produit Bio

  19. Geneviève Lions

    Very good product, I used to have psoriasis and now it has totally disappeared with aloe vera

  20. Emilie (Confirmed customer)

    Very good quality products! My thin hair and dull hair have become shiny and soft again! The conditioner detangles perfectly! I leave it on for 20 minutes as a treatment.

  21. Leborgne (Confirmed customer)

    Bonjour !
    Alors j’ai découvert les salons biocoiff en octobre. Je suis arrivée avec des cheveux très abimés très secs après 10 années de colorations et décoloration chimique. Unau découvert la coloration végétale et les produits biocoiff. J’ai récupéré mes cheveux grâce à leurs produits moi c’est le shampoing calandula après shampoing et ke soin à la rose. C’est parfait pour mes cheveux et je retrouve mes petites bouclettes. Petite question à Biocoiff à quand une crème coiffante biocoiff pour cheveux bouclé. Encore merci biocoiff de m’avoir rendu les cheveux

  22. Grangeon

    I would like to order for the first time the nettle shampoo pack and the yang yang shampoo pack, please tell me how to proceed.

    • Gary Admin

      Just choose a shampoo and add to the basket :-)

  23. Sandrine MAILIER (Confirmed customer)

    Le pack shampooing Orties + après-shampooing est vraiment le meilleur à la fois pour ma coloration et pour donner du volume.
    Je recommande à 100% !

  24. Myriam (Confirmed customer)

    Shampoings et soin démêlant tip top ! Je les utilise depuis de nombreux mois maintenant et je recommande vivement.

  25. Kareen FONG

    Quelle différence entre cheveux secs et déshydratés ?

    • Gary Admin

      On vous aide à mieux comprendre : quand on mange, on se nourrit et quand on a soif, on boit de l’eau, on “s’hydrate”. Un cheveu sec a besoin d’être nourri, et un cheveux déshydraté a beson d’eau ! C’est simple, non ? :)

  26. Sam (Confirmed customer)

    Juste incroyable! Jamais trouvé de shampoing bio aussi génial que celui-ci! Il ne rend pas le cheveux tout sec et rêche au lavage et l’après shampoing est juste dingue. Jamais eu de cheveux aussi doux et beaux! Je ne peux plus m’en passer. Certes c’est assez coûteux et le contenant est petit mais au final pas besoin d’en mettre 1 tonne, la bouteille m’a fait 2 mois. Je recommande +++

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