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Hair is one of the first things we see about someone. It defines us physically and often says a little more, revealing a facet of our personality or mood.
personality or mood. Taking care of them means taking care of yourself and enhancing an undeniable beauty asset. However, it is important to choose the right solutions to
not to harm ourselves by wanting to do good...
This book is a complete introduction to hair. Rich in historical anecdotes, it will teach you everything you need to know about the science of hair: its structure, its life cycle...
This guide is also full of good advice on how to have beautiful hair with 100% organic and natural hair care - the only sustainable solution for our hair, our health and the
and the planet. From diagnosis to tailor-made care (oily hair, hair that falls out, hair that is too dull...), you will find tips, homemade recipes to make your own care and advice on how to buy the right products and how to use them.
advice on how to buy the right products and apply them properly...

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Book Biocoiff' Charley Assoun

Charley Assoun is the founder of Biocoiff, one of the first hair salons entirely plant-based. Simon Assoun, Charley's son, is in charge of developing the brand. They are deeply committed to making the benefits of natural and organic hair care known to as many people as possible, not only for our hair but also for our health and our planet.
With the collaboration of Claire Sejournet, journalist. Foreword by Sylvie Hampikian, pharmacotoxicologist. "This book is not a simple compilation of good advice for taking care of your hair.
hair. In these pages, we wanted to share with you our passion, hair, and our conviction that 100% organic and natural hair care is the only sustainable solution for your hair, your health and your health care.
your hair, your health and the planet. Talking about "hair" has a frivolous connotation in our society. This is to misunderstand the universe that lies behind this seemingly innocuous word.

In this book, we invite you to take a cultural journey to discover some of the treasures it contains.

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