Why not take advantage of pregnancy to take a break from bleaching your hair? A few months of detoxing would be beneficial to your hair, as well as protecting the baby that's coming.


What is chemical bleaching and what is it to do with strands or highlight ?

In conventional salons, bleaching is necessary if you want to lighten and if you want to colour your hair.

In the case of coloring or color , the hair must first be bleached to remove the natural color .

In a second step, the artificial pigments will penetrate the fiber to chemically colour the hair.

Making strands or highlight consists in opening their scales by oxidation, which allows tolighten the fiber capillary.

In both cases, chemical dyeing or bleaching, the hairdresser changes the fiber hair.

This type of bleaching process weakens the hair.

The more times this process is repeated, the more damaged the hair is, as the scaleshave been opened several times.

bleaching for pregnant woman 

By dint of coloring, the hair dries out, breaks more easily and split ends are multiplied.

In addition, the chemical coloring carries a risk of allergy andirritation of the scalp.

Indeed, the scalp is irritated and can suffer from itching, redness, eczema...


What are the risks of discolouration or highlight during pregnancy for your child?

Why should you not use bleach during pregnancy ?

The composition of the colorings chemicals or chemical bleaches

Chemical dyes are composed of chemical solvents, among other things.

However, it is generally recommended to minimise the use of chemicals on the skin during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Indeed, it is important to understand that pregnancy leads to a major hormonal upheaval.

So your body may react differently even if you keep using the same products.

However, there is no medical contraindication to coloring during pregnancy.


coloring pregnancy

The transmission of these dangerous chemicals to the child

When bleach or coloring is used on the hair, the product is applied to the scalp.

Absorbed by the latter, and then by the blood that irrigates it, the dangerous chemicals circulate throughout your body.

The danger is that they will get to your baby.

Depending on what the products contain - solvents, ammonia, formaldehyde - the risks are numerous and serious: malformation, developmental delay, damage to the nervous system, etc.

It is therefore recommended not to chemically colour or bleach the hair during the first three monthsof pregnancy.


During breastfeeding, is coloring chemical, discolouration or strands dangerous for the child?

As with pregnancy, it is not recommended to use chemical colorings during breastfeeding.

The coloring contains dangerous chemicals.

These absorbed products can reach the breast milk.

Therefore, it is a risk for the child.

The same applies to discolourationstrands or highlight If the product is applied to the scalp, there is a danger.


Why not try colorings plant-based instead of highlight or chemical bleaching?

If you want to take care of your hair, coloring is not contraindicated.

These products from coloring are made from natural elements.

The natural, vegetablecoloring contains only powdered plants and water.

Pregnant woman

This makes them safe for your baby's health and also for your hair. 

The natural color does not penetrate the hair.

It sheathes and coats it.

This protective layer strengthens your hair and is a real care for your hair.

It adds thickness, volume and shine.

Of course, there is no danger to your child!

Since color contains no chemicals and no essential oils, your child is safe.

If the product is organic, all the better!

You will love it