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Biocoiff' Montorgueil
10 Rue Marie Stuart - Paris 2è
01 88 33 49 77
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (229 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Bastille
42, Boulevard Henri IV - Paris 4è
01 42 77 00 05
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,5/5 (282 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Saint-Germain
5, rue des Ciseaux - Paris 6è
01 43 26 77 77
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (174 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Haussmann
192 Bld Haussmann - Paris 8è
01 45 61 14 05
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9am to 6pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (298 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Daumesnil
75 Rue Claude Decaen - Paris 12è
01 84 25 45 60
Tuesday to Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 9am - 6pm
Rating : 4,4/5 (151 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Jeanne d'Arc
19, place Jeanne d'Arc - Paris 13è
01 45 85 91 09
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9am to 6pm
Rating : 4,5/5 (248 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Convention
188 Rue de la Convention - Paris 15è
01 45 31 50 66
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Rating : 4,4/5 (171 reviews)

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Biocoiff' Levallois-Perret
5 Place d'Estienne d'Orves
01 47 37 16 24
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 9.30am - 6.30pm
Rating : 4,6/5 (150 reviews)

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Looking for naturalness? Try coloring in Paris


You want to change your color hair, but you are afraid of the consequences of chemical products that are too aggressive for your hair and you are looking for a gradual and gentle change of your color ?

It's time for you to try thecoloring practiced in Paris by the hairdressers of Biocoiff'.

And as the advert says: "To try it is to adopt it".

88% of customers who choose the coloring natural methods do not regret their decision and remain loyal to them.


All you need to know about coloring

The coloring vegetal in Paris is attracting an ever-growing clientele.

Many customers are environmentally conscious and want to care for their hair with shampoos, hair care products and colorings that make sense to them.

The colorings natural plant-based offered by the Biocoiff' hairdresser are composed of natural pigments from dye plants.

Unlike conventional products that penetrate the hair scales, they coat, thicken and protect the fiber hair.

The powders used to make strands, highlight or a particular coloring are mixed with water before being applied. 

The hair dye formulations are absolutely safe and completely harmless.

They are ideal for giving pretty highlights, natural shades, performing a coloring tone on tone while taking care of the hair which remains shiny and strong.

There is no risk of damaging the hair, making it drier and more porous.

strands The coloring products used to obtain blond or golden shades, for example, do not contain ammonia.

Biocoiff' hairdressers want customers to feel that they are really taking care of their hair every time they come to color or to give their natural colour a boost.


What color to get with a coloring plant?

Frequently asked questions on coloring concern the change of color.

The range of shades is infinite with coloring and the results really live up to the customers' expectations.

Blondes are natural, light or dark browns become warmer and deeper, by combining henna with dye powders chosen to personalize a color.

It is even possible to accentuate the coppery highlights (the famous red hair!) on auburn hair.

The tone of a color depends on both the original color of the hair and the application time.

Application coloring

On the other hand, blond hair cannot be obtained from brown hair with natural pigments. You have to bleach it.

Lightening brown hair to a blond is not possible with a coloring .

Bleaching products are formulated with oxidising agents that will open the scales of the hair and dehydrate it.

After bleaching, the hair should be nourished with a moisturising green clay mask or a Geisha hair oil treatment.

On the other hand, blonde or light brown hair can be lightened naturally.

Chamomile, neutral henna or rhubarb are plants known for their lightening properties.


Can you cover white hair with a coloring ?

This question is often asked by people who try coloring .

The answer is yes!

Clients who want to cover grey hair will be satisfied with coloring .

In addition, color is long-lasting and has a patina over time.

Another advantage is that they will no longer have the impression of having a saturated color that will bleed over the course of several shampoos.

A color can also be done behind a chemical color or a perm.

You simply have to respect certain rules that Biocoiff' hairdressers know very well and who are trained to obtain the best results with these product ranges.


How was the first Biocoiff' plant-based coloring born in Paris?

It was fate that gave birth to the story of Biocoiff' or, more precisely, of allergies.

In 2005, Charley, the founder of the brand, found himself unable to work as a colourist.

Like many hairdressing professionals, he suffered from health problems.

Not wanting to give up his profession, he looked for solutions and turned to the products used in India for coloring and hair care.

Biocoiff' result

He was inspired by Ayurvedic treatments to create his first lines of colouring products based on plant extracts and to develop a reliable organic coloring technique, which is now used by all Biocoiff' approved hair salons.

As the saying goes, it always takes a bad to make a good!

For Charley, his allergy to the conventional products he was using was the trigger for the 'Rebiolution'.

Biocoiff' now has a dozen hair salons in Paris where coloring is practiced and many satellites in France that all adhere to this philosophy.


Biocoiff' hair colorist teams in Paris

Biocoiff' hairdressers are passionate about hair and beauty.

To highlight the morphology of a face, to sublimate a color, they master the techniques of care and organic colours on the tips of their fingers.

Committed to the well-being of their clients and the environment, they see their salon as a place of relaxation where hair "cooks" create personalised shades and tailor-made treatments for each hair style.

These experienced professionals know all the combinations to improve and beautify the fiber hair.

These Biocoiff' ambassadors take care of each client.

They adhere to the values of Biocoiff' and distribute its range of products labelled vegan and not tested on animals.

They are regularly trained in Biocoiff' techniques, to ensure that every client is happy to have discovered coloring in Paris, thanks to Biocoiff'.



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