At a time when hair technologies allow for all kinds of fantasies, it is possible to change the color of your hair at will.

But this is not without risk to her health and that of her hair!

The composition of many colorings chemicals can be harmful to hair and health.

It should be noted that vegetable dye is a safe and interesting alternative for people who want to take care of their body.

It is a coloring that is gentle on the hair and respects your health.


coloring Chemicals: which components attack our hair?

First of all, it is important to know that 80% of hair is composed of keratin, which is present in the form of scales.


The colorings chemicals contain ammonia or a similar product.

The role of this chemical agent is to spread the scales to allow the other components to penetrate the hair.

In fact, the artificial pigments of the coloring chemical will replace the natural pigments of the hair.

Then, the postcoloring shampoo will help close the scales.

Unfortunately, this type of coloring damages the hair.

As a result, the scales are less flattened and this encourages knots and loss of shine in the hair.

substances that attack the hair

As a bonus, ammonia irritates your scalp.


PPD is also a fixative that stabilises the artificial pigment within the hair.

This product, in addition to promoting allergies, is potentially carcinogenic as it comes into contact with your hands and scalp.

By using a coloring chemical containing this product, you dry out your hair and increase the risk of bladder cancer.


Resorcinol is the actual dye.

resorcinol coloring

It is suspected of causing endocrine disorders.

To put it simply, it disrupts the thyroid while irritating the skin and hair.

The list is long and other toxic products could be added.

To reduce the risks, try switching to coloring which is gentle on the hair: coloring .


Vegetable dye: the only solution that does not harm the hair and is safe

The coloring is made from natural products that do not harm your hair and are safe for your health.

It consists solely of powdered plants to which hot water is added.

These plants are very diverse: henna, indigo, hibiscus...

It does not penetrate the hair.

The natural dye works directly around the hair to form a long-lasting and effective protection.

In addition, this protective sheath not only colours the hair but also cares for it.

It strengthens it and gives it shine

You take care of your body while respecting your health.