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Biocoiff' Marseille Prado
352, Avenue du Prado - Marseille 13008
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Score : 4,8/5

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Biocoiff' Marseille Baille
61 Boulevard Baille - 13006 Marseille
04 65 57 46 43
Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Score : 4,3/5

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Organic hairdresser Marseille Prado
Organic hairdresser Marseille Baille

Biocoiff' in Marseille: avenue du Prado and boulevard Baille

The hairdressers of the Biocoiff' hairdressing salon await you in their establishment in the eighth arrondissement in Marseille (352 avenue du Prado) as well as in the one located in the sixth arrondissement (61 boulevard Baille).

In a relaxed and professional atmosphere, you and your hair will enjoy a unique treatment.


The services offered

vegetal hair color

The biocolorists of the salons located in Marseille master to perfection the technique of coloring .

This type of coloring comes in the form of plant pigment powder that is deposited on the hair without opening its scales.

Application coloring

Because it is free of oxidants, it does not penetrate the heart of the fiber hair and only overlays the initial coloring without destroying the melanin.

This technique from coloring helps to strengthen the hairand make it more resistant with each application.

The whole process is also fully customised.

The highlight mineral

highlight is a bleaching technique that adds subtle shading to the hair.

The technique used by the Salon's biocolorists to achieve the highlight mineral is similar to that used for the classic highlight and the results are exactly the same, on light or dark hair.

highlight Biocoiff' honey

However, unlike the usual highlight , the mineral highlight is safe as it is essentially composed ofmineral agents.

Hair care

Two types of treatments can be offered by the salon, the deep treatment and the plant-basedtreatment.

They are both certified organic.

If your hair needs vigorous nutrition, deep conditioning is the way to go.

If they need a sheathing and extra shine, a plant-basedtreatment is just what they need.

Your colour expert will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your hair's health.

After a thorough hair diagnosis, a shampoo is performed to volumize and vitalize the hair and rebalance the scalp.

The hairdresser then applies the chosen treatment to the hair, part by part.

He chooses the treatment according to the result to be achieved - moisturising and nourishing (rose or jasmine balm), sheathing and protecting (Ayurvedic plant blend).

Cutting and blow-drying

In addition to natural treatments, the salon offers more conventional services, such as haircuts and blow-drying for women, men and children.

Trendy square cut

To ensure that you are completely comfortable with your hairstyle and that it reflects your personality, the experience and professionalism of the Biocoiff' team of hairdressers will ensure that your haircut and styling are perfect and enhance your look.

The Box color

The colorboxes (Start and Comme d'habitude) remain particularly popular products in the Biocoiff' range.

They allow many women to make their own personalizedcoloring at home, with the help of an explanatory guide and all the necessary materials.

These boxes allow them to reproduce the experience of coloring in the comfort of their own homes.


Biocoiff' products

All the products offered by the Salon are of plant origin and come from organic farming, for the well-being of its customers, its employees, the animals, the environment and the planet.

The salon has its own range of hair products that are Cosmebio and EcoCert Cosmos Organic certified, vegan and Cruelty Free and made in France.

Shampoos and conditioners

Whatever your hair type - dry, fine, oily, combination, dehydrated... - Biocoiff' brand shampoos and conditioners, made from plants, include everything they need to cleanse them.

These products are perfect for use in the salon or as a regular treatment at home.

A wide range of liquid shampoos are available to treat all hair types: Calendula (nourishing), Aloe Vera (moisturising), Nettle (volumising), Tea Tree (purifying) and Ylang-Ylang conditioner.

There is also an interesting range of solid shampoos, such as fenugreek, lemon and jojoba, hibiscus, cedar and lavender shampoos and more, not to mention the marshmallow conditioner.

Accessories and styling products

Many other items are available, in shop or online, such as styling products and a host of accessories to make your job easier.

Indeed, for short hair, Biocoiff' Hair Wax will be perfect to help you on a daily basis. 

For long hair, you can fix your hairstyle with Biocoiff' Hair Spray with geranium.


A hair salon that makes a difference

It is sometimes difficult to find a good hair salon and even more difficult to find one that shares the same values as ours.

The Biocoiff' hairdressing salon has banned all products and hair care products containing chemical agents that attack the hair in favour of those that treat it gently.

The results are convincing.

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