Why should you choose a sulfate-free hair care product?

Sulphate-free hair care is the best way to keep your hair healthy. Sulphates are substances used as foaming agents and surfactants. In this way, they contribute to the powerful cleaning of the scalp by means of a chemical action.

However, this foaming effect is not only present in shampoos, it is also found in most cleaning products, dishwashing products or even detergents. This suggests that sulphates are probably not suitable for hair, as they are too aggressive.

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The harmful effects of sulphates!

The harmful effects of sulphates: itching, irritation, allergies, etc.The sulphates found in common shampoos are the most harmful. These are sodium laureth sulphate and the sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).
Most shampoo brands have long included sulphates because their foaming power is unrivalled. For many people, however, lathering means effective cleaning. However, the scalp is not washed gently, on the contrary.

Most of the sulphates used are indeed very irritating, and can cause dryness and allergic reactions. Often, shampoos that contain sulphates also contain silicones, a harmful combo for the hair. The silicones will make the hair shiny and thus mask the damaging effects of the sulphates, which suffocate the hair and make it split.

In the long term, sulphates will weaken the scalp by weakening the keratin naturally present on the hair. This process can dry out the hair and sometimes even cause dandruff. In addition, sulphates are absorbed by our bodies, which can cause damage to certain organs, such as the liver, that can be irreversible. Adopting a sulphate-free hair care product is therefore both a beauty and a health tip!

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Our vision: sulfate-free hair careBiocoiff' vision: a sulfate-free hair care product

Biocoiff' hair care products are all guaranteed sulphate-free. The objective of our care is to preserve your scalp by offering natural products that will respect your hair. Whatever your hair type (dry, afro, oily, dehydrated, normal), you will find the sulphate-free hair care product that is designed for you and that will keep your hair healthy.