As we all know, coloring can degrade hair texture if the wrong product is selected.

In order to maintain the quality of the hair, it is necessary to check the active ingredients of the product to be adopted.

Here are some tips to keep this important part of the body healthy.


Ammonia-free colorings

First of all, you should know that ammonia is a very common active ingredient in coloring permanent products.

Originally, he was the one who allowed the hair fiber to take in the pigment from the hair dye, which made the hair less shiny.

Ammonia is known to be aggressive and irritates the scalp.

In other words, in order to fix the coloring on the hair, it temporarily stops the natural barriers at this level.

coloring less harmful

Weakened by the chemical reaction, they will not be able to fully perform their role.

To keep hair healthy, it is therefore recommended to choose an ammonia-free product.

Indeed, without this product, the hair is less damaged. Without the presence of ammonia, the hair does not have unpleasant odours during and after the coloring.

Also, dyes without this chemical provide brighter and softer results.


The strands

Although the ammonia-free colorings are to be preferred, it should be noted that other dye products are also composed of aggressive chemical elements.

To ensure healthy hair, less complex processes such as strands with clayshould be favoured.

This type of highlight is part of the permanent methods in dyeing.

Example of strands / highlight with clay realized in BIOCOIFF' show:


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However, instead of covering the entire hair of color, apply the product to thin strands.

In other words, the color of the strands differs from the set by little or by far depending on the choice of the person concerned.

Thus, thanks to this technique, there is less aggressiveness.

This partial coloring of the hair allows to give relief to the whole.


colorings harmful


Plant-based coloring

Contrary to the previous techniques of coloring consisting in passing through oxidation, the vegetable coloring does not penetrate deeply.

It acts on the hair by coating it with a natural product. Without this chemical technique, the risks of aggression are reduced.

The advantage of this process also differs from the two types of colorings, because instead of being aggressive, it is presented as a hair care product.

In other words, natural dyes strengthen the hair's protective barrier , make it thicker and shinier and are not harmful.

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Better yet, the natural product is ideal for those who want to colour their hair safely.

Indeed, it has fewer allergenic elements, which makes it usable for everyone, even pregnant women.

There are many types of colorings on the market. Some offer permanent effects while others offer more or less temporary results.

And like all cosmetic products, there are dyes that are less harmful than others.

Among them, coloring plantoffers a very satisfactory visual result and protects the hair from aggressions.