Natural colours are increasingly in demand. Offers are piling up and we are getting a little lost. Which hairdresser should you choose to do your naturalcolor ?

What is a 100% natural color ?

A 100% natural color focuses only on what nature offers us and nothing more. Thus, a 100% naturalcoloring is obtained by simply mixing water and pigments from different flowers and dyeing and ayurvedic plants (shikakai, amla, cassia, henna, indigo...).

Ayurvedic plants from traditional Indian medicine are ideal for naturally enhancing your hair.

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The colorings 100% plant-based, which are by definition 100% natural colours, offer a wide range of colours and meet the same requirements as the traditional colorings , while taking care of your hair, your health and the environment. It is an excellent alternative to chemicals.


Why choose a natural color ?

Choosing a natural color is above all, taking care of your health and your hair by opting for quality products, guaranteed without toxic ingredients. Less aggressive for the scalp, color vegetal does not penetrate into the hair, it sheathes and coats it to colour it.

The capillary fiber thus remains intact, which is not the case with the classic colorings .

The coloring plant acts as a care on your hair. The more you do, the thicker and more resistant your hair becomes.

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It brings shine, brilliance and perfect coverage to white hair and offers a color without root effects that lasts over time.

Choosing a plant coloring also means taking action for theenvironment. Indeed, it makes it possible to avoid the discharge of polluted products into the water.

The natural coloring is suitable for everyone, women as well as men and all hair types. It is ideal for people suffering from chemical allergies to colorings , pregnant women, but also for people undergoing heavy drug treatments such as chemotherapy.

If you are looking to lighten your hair, however, you will have to turn to the colorings of oxidations. Indeed, the coloring vegetal allows you to darken or add highlights to your basic color , but it does not allow you to lighten it.


Which hairdresser for his natural color ?

Specialist of the plant coloring in France since 2005, Biocoiff' welcomes you in its various salons in Paris and in Province.

The natural colorings are prepared to measure, by hairdressing professionals who master the technique to perfection.

Each coloring is unique.


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It is obtained by mixing 2 to 5 different plants that have been previously dried and crushed to powder and then mixed with hot water.

Biocoiff' products are entirely from organic production. They are not tested on animals and do not contain any substances of animal or chemical origin.