To give your hair relief or to brighten it up, there are techniques to be recommended at coloring . These include strands and the highlight are the most popular.

However, many women still do not see the differences between strands and highlight.

Find here the best explanations to help you make your choice.


What is strands?

The strands are made to give relief and create contrast in your color hair.

They are more visible than the highlight, as they are much more pronounced.

To get the right contrast, you need to choose the right coloring.

Often, the aim is to dye larger strands to personalise the hairstyle without going over the top.

differences between the two highlight

In this case, choose a tone close to your natural color to get the desired result.

On the other hand, the more daring can opt for a very different color or even several colours.

It all depends on your taste. The strands is best on long or medium-length hair.

Its effect can be unsightly on short hair.

You should also go to the hairdresser every 2 months to correct any markings caused by regrowth.


What is highlight on your hair?

There are several differences between the meches and the highlight : the highlight is more discreet and natural than the strands.

It consists of dyeing very fine strands with a bright shade very close to the natural color .

highlight natural result Biocoiff'

The highlights can be seen throughout the hair and gives a more voluminous visual effect, as well as shine.

This technique is perfect for all lengths and textures .


Differences strands or highlight chemical vs natural?

  • Make strands or a highlight chemical

Whether it's for strands or highlight, the hairdresser often uses a more aggressive product containing ammonia or hydrogen peroxideon your hair

The first component opens the scales and the second alters the hair's natural melanin to giveit a completely new colour.

It is true that more and more products are certified ammonia and peroxide free, but the constituents are just replaced by others, less denigrated in the eyes of the public, but still just as aggressive as oxidant or resorcinol .


  • highlight or strands to mineral products

The organic products are all the rage at the moment and they are not sparing the hairdressing world.highlight Biocoiff' blonde

strands or highlight with clay can achieve the same results as chemical products but with much less sensitivity.

They are free of PPS, SLS, EDTA, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Sodium persulfate .

A highlight or strands to provide gentle lightening without damaging your hair.

Indeed, a gentle, natural product based on plant ingredients and minerals may suffice.

These are natural minerals that will not damage your hair. On the contrary, it will be softer and stronger.



Examples of strands and natural highlights, made at Biocoiff':