Today, in this new article, we're going to talk about home hair masks.

The pharmaco-toxicologist expert Sylvie Hampikian, co-author of the book " J'embellis mes cheveux", published by Terre Vivante helps you to choose the one that best suits your hair type or your desires.

Many of you are wondering which home-made mask to choose for your hair, as hair is an important part of a woman's beauty.

It is essential that you take care of your hair and do not neglect it.


Have beautiful, soft and shiny hair 

To have soft, shiny, well-styled hair, you need to pamper it.

You won't spend a penny on grandma's recipes, they're made entirely by you!

All you need is a little time, a little desire, a dash of magic and a lot of common sense to concoct these little magic recipes.

Sylvie Hampikian reveals some easy homemaderecipes that care for, repair and nourish hair.


homemade hair mask


Homemade avocado-banana mask: ultra nourishing

The best repairing care is very easy to prepare yourself. It gives your hair suppleness, strength, shine and volume. Just two natural ingredients to repair your hair: a ripe avocado and a banana.

Preparation: Blend one ripe avocado and one banana together to obtain a pomade-like consistency. Apply parting by parting all over the hair and leave under a warm towel for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Yoghurt mask, for those in a hurry

Very easy to prepare and apply:

Mix one egg yolk with 3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse well with vinegar water.


Oil masks

They should therefore be reserved for tips in particular, and in very small quantities to avoid greasy hair, as they tend to weigh the hair down.

Recommended oils: coconut oil, desert date oil or grape seed oil.

homemade hair mask


Shine care

We recommend a mixture of 1 tsp of vegetable oil and 1 tsp of aloe vera gel to be applied to the hair after shampooing and rinsing. Rinsing with cider vinegar is also recommended, especially if the hair is coloured with a vegetablecoloring .


Anti-itching scalp care

Try aloe gel and apply directly to the scalp, cider vinegar rub or a mixture of 1 cc aloe gel and 2 drops of lavender essential oil.


The clay mask 

Green clay is known for its sebum regulating properties. After several uses of this mask, the hair will regenerate less and especially less quickly.

Apply the clay to the roots only and leave for 15-30 minutes, then rinse.

Natural care, the tricks of our grandmothers, should not be neglected.

Natural will do you and your hair good !